Breaking Down the Masters Payout: How Much Do Golfers Really Earn?

Golf is often seen as a lucrative sport, with many top players earning millions of dollars in prize money and endorsements. However, have you ever wondered how much golfers really earn from winning one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world – The Masters? Today, we’re breaking down the Masters Payout to give you an inside look at just how much money these golfing legends take home after their triumphs on the green. Get ready to be surprised!

What is the Masters Payout?

The Masters is one of golf’s four major championships, and it has the largest payout of any golf tournament. In 2020, the Masters purse was $11 million, with the winner taking home $2 million. The runner-up earned $1.2 million, while the third-place finisher took home $800,000. The rest of the prize money was distributed among the rest of the top 10 finishers and down to 60th place.

How Much Do Golfers Really Earn From the Masters Payout?

The Masters is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, and it comes with a hefty price tag. The total purse for the tournament is $11 million, with the winner taking home a cool $1.98 million. But how much do the other golfers really earn from the Masters payout?

The second-place finisher earns $1.18 million, while the third-place finisher takes home $792,000. The fourth- and fifth-place finishers both earn $552,000, and the sixth- through 10th-place finishers all take home $408,000. The 11th- through 15th-place finishers all earn $316,000, while the 16th- through 20th-place finishers all take home $252,000.

So, while the top prize at the Masters is certainly nothing to scoff at, there is still plenty of money to be earned by those who don’t come out on top. In fact, nearly half of the field will still take home six-figure payouts just for competing in this prestigious tournament.

Who Gets the Most Money From the Masters Payout?

According to the PGA, the Masters payout is the largest of any golf tournament. In 2018, the winner of the Masters earned $1.98 million, while the runner-up earned $1.18 million. The total prize money for the tournament was $11 million.

While the winner of the Masters takes home the lion’s share of the prize money, all of the golfers who make it to the weekend earn a nice payday. In 2018, those who made the cut (finishing in the top 50) earned at least $32,500. And even those who missed the cut still earned $10,000 just for showing up and playing.

So while Tiger Woods may have earned more than any other golfer at this year’s Masters, he’s far from being the only one making bank off this prestigious tournament.

How Does the Masters Payout Compare to Other Professional Golf Tournaments?

While the Masters payout is nothing to sneeze at, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only professional golf tournament with a huge cash prize. In fact, when you compare the Masters payout to other professional golf tournaments, it falls somewhere in the middle.

The PGA Championship has the largest purse of any golf tournament in the world, with a $10 million prize pool. The winner of the tournament takes home a cool $1.8 million, which is almost double what the Masters winner earns.

The Players Championship isn’t far behind, with a prize pool of $9.5 million. The winner of this tournament pockets a nice $1.7 million paycheck.

Even though the Masters has one of the smaller purses in professional golf, it still pays out more than many other sports tournaments. For example, last year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament had a prize pool of just over $38 million, with the winner taking home $2.9 million. That means that even though golfers don’t earn as much as tennis players do per match, they make up for it in quantity; there are simply more opportunities to win big money in golf than there are in tennis.


We hope that this article has shed some light on the Masters payout and how much professional golfers can potentially earn from it. Professional golf is a competitive and difficult sport, but for those who excel at it, there are great rewards to be had. It’s clear that many players find success in the Master’s tournament year after year, making them some of the most successful golfers in history. With knowledge of what goes into earning a paycheck during these big tournaments, players have one more piece to their puzzle as they strive to reach their goals on the course, professionally and financially.