Board Meeting Software for Board Meeting Management

Board room software is used to allow board members to share a secure virtual space to work on documents. Thus, the directors and shareholders of the company can exchange data, set priorities, or jointly solve important issues. Data and corporate information stored in the service is available only to a limited number of people. This is a modern and convenient way to ensure the security of digital documents and prevent data leakage. In this article, we will explain how to use the board portal and what advantages this tool has.

A Detailed Look at the Capabilities of Board Room Software

In view of the digitalization of workflow, control by the authorities regulating this process has increased. Accordingly, it became necessary for the members of the board of companies to meet more often. This contributed to the fact that developers created more and more software for organizing such meetings, adding new features like a board meeting agenda template for taking notes, creating meeting minutes, etc. The board meeting management software includes the following features:

  •         customizable access level — users get access to important data depending on their role and responsibilities;
  •         messaging — a built-in communication tool ensures secure communication between members of the board of directors;
  •         voting tools — allow you to quickly resolve the most important issues on the agenda;
  •         tools for creating documents — you can create and edit documents, distribute meeting minutes, etc;
  •         the option of mass mailing of documents — important papers in digital format are transferred instantly between meeting participants;
  •         collaboration tools — comment and leave your comments using the board meeting software;
  •         data security — the software allows you to set access rights, use two-factor login and encrypt documents or messages.

Managing a board of directors is not an easy task that requires a multifaceted approach. The use of special software simplifies this task, allowing you to optimize many processes. With a secure and comprehensive board meeting platform, it’s easier for them to work together. In addition, you provide transparency to your team’s activities, making every step of the members safe and traceable if desired.

Optimizing Business Processes with a Virtual Boardroom

Document management with specialized software has many advantages. Traditional meetings in person require paper formats to convey information, and the organizational process comes with time costs, accompanied by many other complexities. Digitalization of the process frees you from the need to use paper copies of documents. All files are stored in a single electronic database – they are easy to find and print copies if necessary. In addition, you receive the following benefits:

  •         intelligent software — virtual boardroom software is developed to meet all the needs of board members;
  •         optimization of labor-intensive processes — providing members of the company’s management board with reliable information stored in a single database;
  •         reducing the number of complex tasks — the software is designed so that each meeting participant can achieve more and get the most out of team interaction;
  •         effective collaboration — making quick and informed decisions increases the effectiveness of board meetings;
  •         information security — get full control over access to data, opening it for limited users.

When you use the board of directors software, the distance between meeting participants does not matter. Time limits are also erased. The software makes the process safe by storing the history of actions and providing transparency of the operations performed. Viewing each user activity excludes the possibility of using the service for fraudulent purposes.

Efficient Management of Board Meetings

Software for holding virtual meetings of board members automates meetings at several stages. This includes setting the agenda, inviting participants, drawing up minutes, monitoring the implementation of decisions, etc. Automation of director meetings within a single system allows organizing the interaction of employees at the stage of preparing and holding a meeting or in the process of implementing decisions.

Online board meetings directions


Plan meetings and eventsThe system implies the use of personal and group calendars that display information on the dates of planned meetings.

It also displays the deadlines for completing assignments and preparing documents and other events.

The interface helps to choose the most suitable time for the meeting.

Forming goals and informing usersBefore the meeting, members of the board of directors get access to the materials of the planned events, as well as to archived data from previous meetings if necessary. The system provides a visual interface for the formation and approval of the meeting agenda.
Voting on current issuesVirtual boardroom allows you to record the results of meetings already held earlier, as well as to vote on agenda items. The system provides registration of decisions of the meeting with automatic counting of votes.
Task execution controlHolding a meeting of boards of directors within a single platform ensures maximum productivity. The system generates and sends for execution the relevant instructions based on the results of the meeting.

Each board portal has features to speed up the decision-making process on corporate issues. The service connects stakeholders in the corporate governance ecosystem to accelerate collaboration. It does not matter where each participant is. To join, you need a computer or other gadget with a stable internet connection. Never before has the process of planning and implementing a board meeting been so accessible and fast.


Virtual boardrooms are the modern way to host a board meeting. The service has many built-in features, including meeting scheduling and electronic signatures. Thus, each meeting of shareholders of the company becomes the most effective and fast. This is important for moving a company to a new level or for creating a strong and competitive corporation.