Blxbuds Reviews (2022 Update) Is BLX Earbuds Scam Or Legit? USA, Canada, Australia Update!

Blx Buds are wireless earbuds. Blx Earbuds promises to offer world-class audio performance without breaking the bank.

Blx buds are exclusively sold online at the official website where they cost around $50 per unit.

What are blx buds earbuds? How do blx buds work? Is blx earbud any good? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about blx earbuds.

(Blx earbuds reviews): What are blx buds ?

Blx buds are compact, lightweight earbuds-style headphones.

Like other wireless earbuds sold online today,

Blx buds come in a secured case for charging and storage.

Blx buds Include a microphone in each earpiece for the highest quality phone calls, Zoom sessions, and video chat.

Blx buds use Bluetooth 5.1 to pair with any device instantly without much power consumption. It can connect to smartphones, stereo speakers, television, gaming consoles, computers, or other electronic devices.

Blx buds also feature a frequency range of 20 to 20KHz with small, medium, and large silicone ear tips for unparalleled comfort.

Blx buds is compatible with iOS and Android phones and offers a connection distance of up to 10 meters.

Blx buds are extremely comfortable in the ear. It is designed with cutting edge technology with quality engineering and science. It is lightweight, very smart and durable.

How Does Blx Buds Work?

Blx buds offer superior sound quality. It works like most popular wireless earplugs.

Here’s how it works

Blx buds are paired with any device through Bluetooth with the help of a Bluetooth radio inside it, a chip that is designed to ensure a faster connection. Once the connection is successful, data transmission starts wirelessly.

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Blx Buds Specifications

1: Charging case input: DC 5V/300mA, Output DC 5V/100mA

2: Earbuds battery capacity: 40mAh.

3: Earbuds Charge time: About 1.5 hour.

4: Battery of the charging Case: 5V/300mAh.

5: Full charging Time for carrying case: About two hours (2hrs)

Earbuds input DC 3.7V/40mA.

6: Run time: Four hours thirty minutes (4.5hrs).

7: Size: (2.9 x 1.4 x 1.3)inches or (75.3 x 35.3 x 33.5)mm

8: Frequency response: 20 to 20KHz

9: impedance: 32 ohms.

10: Sensitive: 101.8 plus or minus 3db ( three Decibel)

11: water resistant rating: IPX4.

12: working Time: 4.5hours

Features And Before Of Blx Buds

The maker advertised the following features and benefits.


1: Compact and lightweight

2: Secured case

3: IPX4 water resistant protection

4: Three sets of silicones ear tips ( large, medium and small)

5: 5.1 Bluetooth technology

6: microphone on both sides of the earbud

7: Durable battery

Benefits of BLX BUds

Blx Earbuds Offers better sound quality at a fraction of what other earphones cost. It is one of the lightest earplugs ever. Being compatible with any device means that you can use it in any Bluetooth enabled device.

Blx buds are also selling at a discounted price so users pay less. It is ergonomically designed and connection with other devices is very fast.

Blx buds are pure wireless earbuds meaning that you can use them without the hassles of cables.

Blx buds are very small with futuristic designs. It is designed with special materials to ensure that you are totally comfortable with them. Free from anything that might result in a sore ear.

Battery Used in Blx Buds

Blx Buds features a quality battery that is rated around 40mAh. When fully charged, it can be used to update 4.5hours without interruption. It can be charged within 1 hours or 1.5 hours depending on the charging source. It doesn’t catch fire and it can withstand fast charging.

Blx Buds Carrying Case

Blx buds charging case or carrying case is a place to store them when not in use. It is very compact with stylish designs. It features an in-built battery rated around 5VDC/300mAh. It can be charged with a 5V DC power adapter. It can be charged for approximately two hours and can be used to recharge Blx Buds Earbuds.

Blx Buds User Guide

Here’s what the manufacturer advertised.

Step1: Remove them from the charging Case. it will turn automatically. The indicator lights keep blinking red and blue alternately until they are successfully paired with your smartphone, Stereo speakers or other device you wish to use.

Step 2: Pairing: To pair them, switch on your phone Bluetooth connection through settings and search for BLX Buds, click it to connect and it will blink blue shortly and stop to tell you that it is already connected.

Step 3: putting it back in the case: After using, kindly put them back in the charging Case and They will turn off automatically.

Step 4: to use them again, just bring it out from the case, they will turn on and connect to the last device you paired them with.

Note :BLX Buds will turn off automatically if they don’t pair within 60 seconds. To fix this, restart them by putting it back to the charging Case.

PROS ( Blx Buds Reviews)

1: it produce high quality sounds

2: it last long

3: Available online

4: No hassle return

5: Easy to control and it pair faster

6: it features quality silicone ear tips

7: very affordable when compared to its functionality

8: long range connectivity


1: No active noise cancellation

2: available only at the official website

3: limited stock

4: can’t be charged wirelessly

5: Blx buds are not waterproof

6: you can swim with Blx Buds

Why are Blx Buds so special?

1: single touch control: with just one button you can answer calls, play music, hang calls, pause and other things.

2: universal compatibility: Blx Buds paired instantly with any device

3: Affordable: looks costly but compared to others, it seems to be a cheaper alternative.

Blx Buds Price

Blx Buds are priced from $49.99 to $136.99

Here’s how it is arranged

One pair of BLX Buds is priced at $49.99

2X BLX Buds cost $99.99

three Pack of BLX Buds cost $111.99

Four packs of BLX Buds $136.99.

This is a discounted price as at the time of writing. The company might decide to sell at any other price without notice.

Check the updated price here

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What is included in the box ( Blx buds reviews)

1: One pair of BLX Buds

2: Three sets of silicone ear tips ( large, medium and small)

3: Charging case for storage and recharging

4: Charging cable

5: Instructions manual (English)

6: Warranty card

For any reason you didn’t see all, contact their customer care service.

Where to buy Blx Buds

Blx Buds are sold online at the official website. The company claimed to have enough customer service to attend to any potential buyers. They also claimed to offer faster shipping and have several secured payment platforms. You can check them here.

Blx Buds Return Policy

The manufacturer advertised that they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee in Case you don’t like the product provided that you meet their conditions.

Here’s is the condition that your return will be accepted

1:Returned products are undamaged and show no signs of wear.

2: Products are returned in the condition you received them including all packaging, accessories, and manuals.

3: For hygiene reasons, in-ear headphones cannot be returned unless they are faulty.

4:BLX Buds must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

Blx Buds Delivery Dates and Time

Order processing and delivery time at BLX Buds for the vast majority of customers takes 3-7 days from the date you placed your order. We will email you once your order has been shipped. note that it can take up to 48 hours for the tracking number to show activity.

Who should use Blx Buds

As advertised, it is a general product. Students, workers, Boys, Girls and old people.

The only people that might not use it are those with hearing loss who might need medically approved earbuds.

Fault Troubleshooting in Blx buds

See hints

Assuming you can’t see Blx Buds when you search them: try to turn it on again and research. Meanwhile, if 60 seconds has elapsed, Blx buds will switch off so restart it.

Another fault: If Blx buds suddenly disconnect : do the following and fix it back.

1: Check the battery, it might be very low.

2:Check your connection distance between your host, look like it is far greater than the recommended 10metres or 33ft

3:In some cases, there are signal blocking devices in-between them like very Thick Walls.

Assuming one Blx buds earbud is working: possible reasons and solution: you might activate one earbud, if so, double click on the right earbud to fix this. Also check if the other one is low.

see more information in the user manual

Blx earbuds reviews: Frequently Asked Question

How do I tell how much charge on the Blx buds?

Place them in their case with the lid open. If the light is , then they need to be recharged. The white lights indicate how much charge is remaining. Four white lights and you’re fully charged.

Can I Use BLX Buds For Phone Calls?

Yes Just press the side button once to answer an incoming call, and press it again to hang up.

How Long Will Blx Buds Last Before Shutting down?

BLX Buds will last for about 4.5 hours.

Is BLX Buds Waterproof?

No, don’t wear them while swimming, but if you get them wet while doing some sweating activities like jogging, washing and walking they won’t be damaged, as they are rated IPX4 (resistant to water splashed from any direction).

Is the USB Charging Cable Included?

Yes, Blx buds come with everything you need to charge your device using any USB port.

Will BLX Buds Pair with My iPad?

Yes! It is compatible with almost any device. Just open the case, and then select BLX Buds from your device’s Bluetooth settings. After your initial pairing, they will pair automatically with that device from then on.

What Satisfied customers are saying about Blx Buds

Tara K. Said that it is Amazing and Comfortable!

Not only do the BLXBuds sound terrific, but they are the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever used! My ears used to ache after just a few hours wearing earbuds, but I can wear my BLX Buds Earbuds all day in total comfort!. You might have the same experience with me.

Alfie S. Said that it offers High Fidelity Sound at a Reasonable Price

I love the sound of quality earbuds but the price was always out of my reach. Thank you Blx Buds.

Lisa Z. Said that it is Fantastic for my Workouts!

My physical appearance is very important to me so I’m working out all the time. Unlike some other earbuds I’ve used (and lost!), the BLX Buds stay firmly in my ears while I’m jogging or bicycling.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Jen. Y. Syracuse, New York said “I love to jog, and I also love to listen to music while I jog. It pumps me up, keeps me motivated. But my old headphones, the big-brand earbuds, fell out constantly. And nothing ruins a run quite like having to stop and pick up your headphones all the time. I made the switch to BLX Buds and WOW! Not only do they sound way better, I haven’t had a fall out Even Once.

See another one but from Frank.G. VANCOUVER,”I’m not a super vain guy, but the headphones with the little dongle thing sticking out of them just look dumb. And they don’t even sound best. BLX Buds are shaped like your outer ear, so you don’t even notice you’re wearing them, and neither does anyone else.

Final Thought On Blx Earbuds Reviews

By now we believed that you have seen everything about Blx Buds. The process, the cons, and other stuff.

It is true Blx buds earbuds have attracted positive reviews from customers and others and also another top rated brand in the market but might not be the best you have seen but. Many love it and some don’t.

There are others low-cost earphones to buy but the truth is that you will receive what you paid for. Blx Buds may not be the best but close to one.

In terms of purchase, we recommend buying from the official website where you will see it at discounted price and stand the chance for other benefits.

In conclusion, we recommend you try Blx Buds. They offer something special at a special price.

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