BITCOINERS Are Aware of Something That You Are Not

Despite the tremendous opportunity that has been given, only a few have taken advantage of it, placing the world’s bureaucrats in a position of worldwide defeat. The longest chapter of Machiavelli’s masterwork, Discourses on Livy, is named “On Conspiracies,” It is the longest chapter in the whole book. Conspiracies, he believes, are the most effective means of toppling any government because, although “… the ability to wage open war… is given to a select few, the ability to conspire against them is available to everyone.” According to traditional Machiavellian principles, the chapter recommends using fraud, deceit, and lying to promote one’s own private benefit as the appropriate action method – that is, when one’s goal is to bring about a change in the status quo.

Contrast this with the theories of anarcho-capitalism, which are based on principles and deductions, with the fundamental concept of natural law as the foundation. It all starts with claims, with subsequent ethics, politics, and economics flowing out of that foundation. For decades, it seemed like their future was bleak. The study of natural law is accomplished a priori – that is, information gained only by deduction from principles, such as no two parallel straight lines can ever intersect, 2 + 2 = 4, and so forth. They made it very obvious what the consequences of these tyrants’ acts would be, as well as what they plan to do. It took the invention of bitcoin, a technology, to show the route with the most significant potential impact.

Here’s another one — a weapon designed to have the most significant possible impact in our plot to depose the ineffective ruling class of bureaucrats. As the Greek shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis once said, “The key of business is to know something that no one else knows,” and this is undoubtedly true. Replace the word “business” with the phrase “distributed monetary engineering protocols,” and you have the world of Machiavellian Bitcoiners who are solely concerned with the result rather than principle or ethics. We’re here now to win, and we’re going to win big.

What is it that you comprehend that politicians don’t know about? You can ask the question if you’re already buying bitcoin for any span of years. What are the things you do that bureaucrats do not do? Some of the more apparent responses include the ability to store value over time due to the hardness of money, the ability to achieve a final settlement without the involvement of a third party, and obtaining ownership over your property via the magic of encryption. For example, take the target markets on the opposite side of any of these investment strategies: out maneuvering the people who are devaluing money’s value data storage; circumventing any third – party; and making ownership seizure by bureaucrats difficult. As a counterpoint to the great thing’s bitcoin may achieve for an individual, there is something else bitcoin can accomplish for our collective: the defeat of a clearly defined adversary.


Bitcoiners can confidently state that thus far, this adversary has been swiftly defeated, even though the journey has been lengthy and not completed. With just around 2.5 million bitcoins presently floating around on exchanges, this implies that the overwhelming majority of bitcoins is already safe and held, most likely by people who were privy to information that their respective governmental superiors were not aware of. Given that there are millions of officials in the United States alone, if the bureaucrats had known, the price would have soared by now. Bitcoiners, by their persistence and capacity for reality, collectively assert that the whole globe is engaged in an arms race over just around 13 percent of the total supply, which is our waste.

As demand grows and prices soar, authorities will be left with just one choice: how to ingeniously persuade Bitcoiners to sell their digital currency in the face of soaring prices. I urge you to refrain from doing so so that, when the time comes, we can put our plan into action and create a society free of these parasites, and for once, we may claim victory. And before we end this guide, register yourself on the Auto trading software site and learn the safest way to earn bitcoin currency.

Photo by Executium on Unsplash


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