Biking Beauty Queen: Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Female Cyclists

If you live to bike, then you also know how hard it is to look glam after a multi-mile ride up a new trail. Guess what? You can look amazing and still ride to your heart’s content with these super-easy beauty secrets. How do you look good on a bike? It’s all about choosing the perfect accessories, high-quality products and learning to rock your athletic look.

Choose a Sleek Helmet or Customize Yours

Whatever your style may be, there’s a bike helmet out there for you. Customizing your own with stickers, paint and trims is also a fun way to connect with your hobby and feel your best on your bike. Even though you may worry about the dreaded helmet hair, nothing is more important than your safety. The alternative isn’t to go without a helmet but to instead make yours a certified part of your cycling aesthetic.

To keep your hair looking great, use elastic, no-tear bands to style a low ponytail or bun at the nape of your neck. Some hairspray can prevent flyaways, and you’ll find that the helmet actually keeps this hairstyle in place. For an added touch, you can make your ponytail sleeker by wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic band and securing it with a bobby pin. However, the ultra-80s scrunchies are back and better than ever, so you may want to start a collection that you can wear whenever you ride.

Get an Ebike

If you enjoy long rides but hate all the huffing, puffing and sweating, then an ebike could be the perfect solution. You gain the same level of durability with ten times more support. Ebikes are fast, flexible and last up to 50 miles on a single charge. If you enjoy even longer treks, then you can extend the range of your ebike with a secondary battery kit. Electric bikes still provide great exercise, but they come with the added benefit of assisted pedaling. This allows you to cut back on physical exertion and enjoy the ride without having to work up a serious sweat.

Wear Matching Athletic Pieces

For long-range cyclists, it’s important to have clothes that can manage the trip well. You can rock an amazing biking outfit for the full ride if you buy some matching pieces. Floral patterns are perfect for spring and summer while basic blacks, navy and grays are always in fashion. These types of outfits are also great because they’re designed to stretch and breathe.

Use Satchels or Fanny Packs

The cross-body satchel or fanny pack look is no longer for minivan moms. These accessories are officially in again, and they’re perfect for female cyclists who want to jazz up their look and carry all their essentials without hauling a bulky backpack around.

Stay Hydrated

That’s right. You need to keep plenty of fluid in your system if you want to sport a natural glow that no product could ever recreate. The biggest beauty secret out there is a great diet. Water is essential to good skin. Rather than worrying about your concealer running off while you ride, you can stay hydrated and have naturally glowing skin that makes you feel confident biking bare-faced. Before you ever head outside, though, make sure you apply a good moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher. This will offer you the greatest level of protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays while simultaneously creating a naturally luminous effect.

Photo by Coen van de Broek on Unsplash