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2023 will be a year of technological progress in the gambling and betting industry. With the advent of many new technologies, the sphere of gambling entertainment will develop and become more and more popular. Gamblers today can access virtual casinos and play games from the comfort of their own home, BetB2B clarifies.

“Over the past three years, online betting and gambling have been seriously developing, and the popularity of such entertainment is growing exponentially. 2023 will be no exception. Such popularity dictates its own conditions that require innovative IT solutions. That is why, along with the gambling industry, the demand in the market for providing products for online platforms is also growing,” said a BetB2B betting platform representative.

The rapid growth of the gambling and betting industry has been made possible by an incredibly large influx of young players due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, unprecedented restrictions were introduced around the world at that time. The average age of those who bet online is 27 years old. Moreover, more than 25% of all bets are made using mobile gadgets.

In addition, new virtual games have grown in popularity over the past few years. For example, esports gaming platforms such as Dota 2 and League of Legends have grown by 50% from 2021 to 2023. At the same time, the total number of bets placed on virtual sports events quadrupled.

It should be noted that the online gambling and betting industry is expected to remain highly profitable for many years to come. This is mainly due to the wide range of gaming options it offers, as well as the growing convenience and accessibility of online betting, according to BetB2B experts. With its success, online gambling and betting is set to become one of the fastest growing industries.

The role of IT companies in the gambling business – BetB2B

The competition in the gambling market in 2023 is very high. Therefore, in order to build a profitable business, you need to consider all development options. The owner of a custom-built platform focuses on making short-term profits, not thinking about the prospects. Even if he wants to be in trend, he will not have time to keep track of trends and changes that are made almost every day.

To make this possible, BetB2B works in the following areas:

  • Technical support and business support at all stages of cooperation.
  • Consulting and audit.
  • Full business optimization – from financial to design solutions for the platform.
  • Development of tools at the request of the target audience.
  • Creation and implementation of software products.
  • Market research.

Ready-made solutions bet-b2b com and market dynamics

To meet the needs of customers, casinos provide an increasing variety of gambling and betting options. Online marketplaces are becoming more and more popular, offering unique solutions, security, and accessibility. Many sites offer live betting. This leads to increased attention to game mechanics and increased competition between establishments.

In addition, advances in mobile technology have revolutionized the industry. There is now the potential for widespread use of mobile betting as customers are no longer limited to physical casinos. They can place bets from their phones anywhere, anytime, further boosting the demand for these services.

“The gambling and betting market is no longer just a risk with an opportunity to win or lose. IT companies develop and offer unique SaaS solutions for business”, said a BetB2B betting platform representative.

How and where to find the best gambling/betting products: BetB2B reviews

BetB2B has been on the market for over 12 years. The list of services for gaming platforms includes ready-made solutions that allow you to create a high-quality product with high conversion.

In order to somehow streamline its products and simplify the client’s task, the BetB2B betting platform offers unique software products for gambling and betting:

  1. Sportsbook iFrame. Suitable for platform operators on the Internet. An exciting and easy-to-use interface for betting on different events will allow you to customize the resource. With this iFrame, you can create a unique design, and use a multi-language, multi-currency interface. It allows you to quickly and efficiently integrate selected elements into an existing site. It also gives you access to options for accepting bets on more than 182 sports.
  2. Turnkey Solution. An ideal solution for companies that already have a license, as well as a legal and financial infrastructure. This comprehensive package of integrated products and services provides the ability to get your business up and running quickly. With a turnkey solution, businesses can be fully prepared and able to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. The solution involves access to unique BetB2B betting platform games; sportsbook; live casino; a huge number of slots; virtual sports; professional technical support 2-line support; back office; CMS and CRM; Toto.

Retail Solution suitable for online betting and classic betting shops. This end-to-end retail solution includes a Point of Sale (POS) system for managing funds in land-based establishments; online presence; advanced fraud prevention tools; data analytics to identify potential risks; comprehensive reports to understand bid trends, customer segmentation, loyalty program, and some other tools.


Image Credit: Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash