The 8 Best Will Ferrell Movies, Ranked

Will Ferrell has been comedy’s main man since the late 1990s and all through the 2000s. From being a superstar on the main stage of Saturday Night Live to starring in multiple big movie roles and franchises, he has undoubtedly made us all laugh at one point or another. So, like our man Will Smith, we wanted to make you smile and take a look at, and ultimately rank the Top 8 Will Ferrell movies.

I’m going to be honest, narrowing it down to 8 was very difficult, but this was a personal list as much as an objective one. So, drop your thoughts on social, or get mad into the air because either way, this is the list of the 8 Best Will Ferrell Movies, Ranked.

8. Kicking and Screaming

Kicking and Screaming sits at eight on this list purely for what I call “my nostalgia factor.” Looking back on the movie from 2005, it has its dated moments. But the main cast of Will Ferrell, Mike Ditka, and Robert Duvall are all stellar in it. The supporting cast of kids and parents of the team also chip in their fair share of comedic genius. Just remember, PASS IT TO THE ITALIANS!!

7. Lego Movie

This movie came to mind because Ferrell’s performance as the evil Lord Business is very subtle. So much so that I didn’t realize it was him until the end of the movie where he is revealed. Lego Movie was also groundbreaking for its time in animation and was a massive worldwide success that has spawned numerous spin-offs.

6. The Campaign

Political satire is commonplace in the modern day but in 2012 it was still on the edge of entertainment. But not for Will Ferrell, seeing as his performances in SNL as George Bush is the stuff of legend. The Campaign is aggressively political and shows that low-level politicians will go to expose their counterparts. This is all fictional…or so we thought at the time it seemed so. We have seen where the word of politics has gone nowadays.

5. Old School

Frank the Tank doesn’t need much introduction. From the iconic streaking scene to the classic “YOU’RE MY BOY BLUE!” line. Will Ferrell playing a 30-year-old going back to college is always going to guarantee laughs. 

4. Elf

Having a holiday movie on this list may be a bit controversial, but for that one month, it is relevant you can catch it on repeat in my house. The naive character of Buddy the Elf contrast with James Caan’s rugged demeanor, making for a classic finding Christmas Spirit movie. It is a staple for every Christmas.

3. Step Brothers

This is the Mt. Everest of John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell comedy movies, and that’s saying something. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of these two grown men moving under the same roof and acting like children? So many classic one-liners, and so many classic scenes. The movie is so quotable and will never fail to put you in a good mood.

2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Another film with a star-studded cast and numerous quotable lines. Ron Burgundy is a legend on his own, the iconic mustache and 1970s vibe truly make jokes that write themselves. It’s playful and can be downright offensive at some points by today’s standards. But let’s be honest, we all enjoy its crass humor. Some will have this in their #1 spot, but regardless of where you rank it, you will be left in a glass case of emotions.

1. The Other Guys

This may be here because I was a 13 year old that loved semi-adult humor which I probably shouldn’t have been watching. But nonetheless, the chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell is unmatched. Watching the two of them in a buddy cop-style movie as they try to navigate through a massive case investigation is pure comedy. They are both way out of their element as cops and deliver countless laughs. 

Featured Image Credit: Elf