Best Marijuana Delivery Services in States with Recreational Weed

Finding the best weed delivery services in states with recreational marijuana got a lot easier this year. During a pandemic, the safest way to carry out shopping–for groceries, home essentials, and even alcohol and weed–is getting everything delivered.

Of the 11 states where recreational weed is legal, only four allow marijuana delivery services. But the industry attracts creative entrepreneurs, so some states have found unique ways to navigate legal issues.

Weed Delivery
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Maine Psychic Services

Maine’s on track for legalizing weed delivery services. But in the meantime, if you “lose” your weed, you can call psychics who will “find” it and return it. There’s a fee associated, but the company says that’s compensation for their psychics time and travel.

The Best (Totally Legal) Weed Delivery Services

Psychic services aside, there are four states where you can order ESP-free weed delivery.



Weed Delivery
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This marijuana delivery service is easy to navigate online and offers free delivery.

Northern California

Weed Delivery
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Earth Natural Remedy

There’s no storefront, but the online store offers plenty of prerolls, flowers, and edibles.

Weed Delivery
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Sacramento Area

Alpaca Club

First-time customers get 10% off their order, with an order minimum.

Weed Delivery
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Central Valley

Cloud9 Xpress

Deliveries have a $60 minimum, but you can pay with cash or Venmo.

Weed Delivery
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Greater Bay Area

The Sacred Stem

You can shop by strain on their website.

Weed Delivery
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Bay Area

Buzz Delivery

Browse premium concentrates, edibles, and flowers.

Weed Delivery
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Central Coast

Golden State Canna

First-time customers here get a gram for a nickel.

Weed Delivery
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FlyBuds focuses on high-quality products and fast delivery service.

Weed Delivery
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Palm Royale Collective 

Talk to their knowledgable staff about unique products before ordering.

Weed Delivery
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San Diego

HiKei Delivery

Self-titled “modern cannabis” store HiKei seeks to elevate life through marijuana.


Weed Delivery
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Breeze Botanicals

Oregon’s first authorized retailer of cannabis, they discount bulk orders.

Weed Delivery
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Creative Crops Rec

You can get same-day delivery from Creative Crops, with a minimum $40 order.

Weed Delivery
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Amazon Organics

Check their website for deals on both cannabis and CBD products.

Weed Delivery
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Kush Cart

Portland is a marijuana delivery service that allows you to pre-order for scheduled deliveries. In addition, you can get same-day orders within hours.

Weed Delivery
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Crush Cannabis

They offer free daily delivery, plus discounts for veterans and seniors.


Weed Delivery
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Carson City

Rise Cannabis

Their budtenders cater the shopping experience to both novice and experienced cannabis users.

Weed Delivery
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Silver State Relief

In addition to delivery, they offer curbside pickup for online orders.

Weed Delivery
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Essence Cannabis Dispensary

Besides traditional veteran and senior discounts, entertainment, bar, and cannabis professionals get 15% off their orders.

Weed Delivery
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Las Vegas


Piscos is a weed delivery service that offers over 50 different strains and just as many unique products.

Weed Delivery
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The Grove

They focus on hard-to-find strains of Indica, Sativa, and hybrids.

Weed Delivery
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As much a lifestyle company as a dispensary, they offer tinctures, topicals along with flowers and edibles.


Michigan dispensary available at jointlybetter.

Weed Delivery
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Ann Arbor

High Profile

The company’s focused on expanding across the state, so it’s likely there’s a store nearby.

Weed Delivery
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Bangor Township

Dank on Arrival Recreational Delivery

You can customize Majic Rice Treats with toppings and then get them delivered.

Weed Delivery
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Battle Creek


They offer customers free delivery, 15% off flowers, and daily deals on edibles.

Weed Delivery
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Nature’s ReLeaf

Chat with their honest budtenders about the variety of products they offer.

Weed Delivery
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The Flower Bowl Delivery

Every Millenial’s dream, you can text your order for curbside pickup and delivery.

Weed Delivery
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Evart/Honor/Walled Lake


Sign up for an online account for easy ordering from their expansive menu.

Weed Delivery
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Common Citizen

This weed delivery service offers strains and products tailored to how you use and experience marijuana.

Weed Delivery
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Homegrown Cannabis Company

Check their Facebook page for storewide sales before ordering.

Weed Delivery
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Meds Cafe

This company is focused on quality service and democratizing the recreation weed industry.

Weed Delivery
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Park Place Provisionary

Plan your weed order ahead of time and pick one of three daily timeslots for delivery.

Weed Delivery
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River Rouge

Herbology Cannabis Co

Orders placed online are ready within a half hour for pickup, check the website for daily deals and restocks.

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