Best Things to Do and Places to Stay in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Every traveller hopes to visit and experience Victoria Falls’ most enjoyable location at least once. However, traveling anywhere costs a lot of money, and seeing Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is no exception. Naturally, you would also need to set aside some money for this. But how will you confirm that you have created the appropriate budget? Well, this inquiry is both pertinent and essential. Knowing every detail about the area is necessary to find the answer to this critical issue.

However, the second concern is where to find accurate and comprehensive information about Victoria Falls. Let’s congratulate you and say that this post is here to clear up any questions, worries, or misunderstandings you may have concerning this location. With the help of this article, citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) can find cheap flights to Zimbabwe. So let’s first look at Victoria Falls to see what it offers tourists, the ideal time to go, etc.

Overview of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It is one of the giant water blankets on Earth, more than two kilometres wide at this point, and it thunderously descends through several basalt canyons before dropping 108 metres into a small pit. It is Africa’s fourth-longest river. On November 17, 1855, Scottish missionary and physician David Livingstone made the discovery. He named it Victoria in honour of the UK’s Queen Victoria. Both the Mosi-ao Tunya National Park in Zambia and the Victoria Falls National Park, situated on the Zimbabwean side of the Zambezi River, are included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To do things in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

  • Victoria Falls National Park: On the Zimbabwean side, Victoria Falls National Park is a lush rainforest reserve with some of the best views of the falls. You can stroll along the park’s walkways, which wind through the rainforest and emerge with views from where you can see four of the five separate fall sections on this side. Crossing the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia is made simple by the Victoria Falls Bridge.   
  • Batoka Gorge Swing: Everyone like swinging, right? This raises the bar considerably. You step off the platform while standing 120 meters above the swiftly flowing Zambezi River below. (Or you can run, jump, or dive; your “bravery/stupidity” determines the alternatives!)
  • Cruise on the river: You may anticipate seeing elephants, hippos, crocodiles, vervet monkeys, baboons, and birds throughout your two-hour trip. A late-afternoon boat trip is a fantastic way to take in the peace of the upper Zambezi and witness an unforgettable African sunset.
  • Bungee Jump: Why not attempt the 111-meter Bungee Jump from the Victoria Falls bridge’s centre? Consistently ranked as one of the top 5 bungees in the world, you have just 4 seconds to admire one of the seven wonders of the natural world before hurtling down to the river below! It is among the most exhilarating activities in Victoria Falls!
  • A helicopter journey is a beautiful method to comprehend Victoria Falls’ enormous immensity. The Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “The Smoke That Thunders,” mist wall that gives the location its local name will be passed over as you soar over the cascades on flights 12 and 13. As you soar above the Zambezi River, you’ll take in the beautiful sights of Batoka Gorge and keep an eye out for hippos or elephants.

As a result, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, has more to offer than its counterparts here. Let’s shift to the essay’s next section, which discusses picking the ideal moment to travel there. You can find inexpensive flights from the UK to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, by using the following advice:

  • Weekday Flying: A low-cost airline must choose your flight dates, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. These weekdays were selected since they are frequently more affordable than other days. Getting the cheapet flight from the UK to wherever you worked during the week was more straightforward.
  • Stopover flights: It is recommended to go with airlines that provide indirect flights rather than direct flights. You might save a lot of money if you plan your trip. The cost of flying direct is prohibitive in comparison. Instead of squandering money, use the enjoyable “Indirect” mode of travelling.
  • Comparison: Another strategy to locate the most incredible travel deal is to compare flight ticket costs as much as possible. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to make decisions without hesitance or uncertainty. Because it broadens your knowledge and expertise, the comparison tactic is typically adequate. Compare all the airlines on your shortlist.
  • Being adaptable: If you live in the United Kingdom (UK) and want to visit Victoria Falls, you must choose the right time and dates for your vacation. You will pay more if you book a flight during a significant international holiday like Christmas or New Year’s. Flying tickets might sell out very quickly, depending on the circumstances.
  • Pre-booking: Book as far as you can to secure the best and most affordable flights. Almost always, making reservations three or six months in advance is a good idea. Travellers can benefit from substantial discounts, have plenty of time for reflection, add or delete any desired or unwanted items, etc.

Consequently, this article will assist you in reducing any confusion you may have about the location as it explains when to book your cheap flight, how to find inexpensive flights, how to keep your travel expenses down, and how to enjoy Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to the fullest. So, prepare for your path with clarity.