Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Top 5 Fake Pee Brands To Buy In 2023

Drug tests are common nowadays. Whether you’re in school, applying for a new job, or saving yourself from jail time or a fine, you never know when you’ll have to pass a drug test.

While one option could be to ask someone else for their urine, we have something to save you from that embarrassment, synthetic urine kits! After researching dozens of products in the market, we have selected the best synthetic urine kits that will help you clear your drug test with flying colors.

Even if you’re an occasional user, any substance you use can show up in your urine drug test for 24 days. Now that’s a long period of time. This means that even if you occasionally smoke weed on weekends, it can show up in your drug test as well. Now, this can cause some problems.

Save yourself from all that and ace your drug test with our fake urine kits that imitate real human urine. These urine kits contain everything you need to make a fake urine sample with minimal effort.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about them one by one.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits On The Market

  1. Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Overall #1 Synthetic Urine Kit
  2. Quick Luck – Premium 100% Effective Synthetic Urine
  3. Sub Solution – Undetectable Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit
  4. Urinator – State Of The Art Electronic Urine Warmer
  5. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit – Best Customer Reviews

#1. Clear Choice Incognito Belt: Overall #1 Synthetic Urine Kit

To start off, we have for you the overall number 1 synthetic urine kit in the market, Incognito Belt premixed synthetic urine kit by Clear Choice. A kit that comes with everything you need to effortlessly pass a drug test with safe results.

Drug tests are common nowadays. Even when recreational weed is getting legalized in so many states, a lot of companies require their employees to pass a drug test on a monthly basis. Moreover, if you’re a high school or even a college student, it is highly likely that you’ll have to face a drug test at some point. And a failed drug test can cause a lot of problems.

Clear Choice has the solution for you! And not just any little hack! The brand has released a product that comes with everything you need, down to instructions to help you avoid a positive drug test. Say hello to the Incognito Belt! A compact synthetic urine kit that has got you covered for good.

Clear Choice is one of the best synthetic urine brands out there and their Incognito Belt has been a huge sit! The kit comes with premixed liquid synthetic urine, a 3.5 ounces bladder bag, Velcro adjustable belt, 2 heating pads, a temperature strip, and complete instructions on how to use the kit properly for the best results.

There are a lot of synthetic urine kits out there on the market, but there are none that help you sneak the sample into a drug test. This is something unique only to Clear Choice Incognito Belt! With this amazing kit, you’ll be able to sneak in your sample without anyone getting the slightest hint.

The kit is extremely easy to use. Especially with the detailed instructions from the manufacturers, you’ll be able to use the kit like a pro.

The kit comes with a bladder bag that contains the premixed synthetic urine. The first thing you’ll have to do is heat this synthetic urine bag. After that, attach the bladder bag to the belt and tie it around your waist. The Velcro Belt is adjustable and you can easily hide it under your clothes.

You will also find a tube attached to the bag. Tie this around your waist, only to be used when you’re in private and ready to give the same. You’ll find a clip on the bladder bag. Opening this clip will release the synthetic urine into the sample cup. And just like that, you’ll have yourself a secure, drug traces-free synthetic pee sample! Take this to the lap attendant with confidence and you’ll have yourself a negative drug test.

The best thing about the Incognito Belt is that it is unisex, meaning that it is suitable for use by both men and women! You can use the kit for two drug tests, after which you’ll have to buy it again.

The whole kit along with complete instructions and a detox shampoo for hair drug test (just in case, because you never know) comes at a price of only 125 Dollars! You can easily use the kit twice.

Customer Reviews

Clear Choice Incognito Belt has been a huge success in the market due to its smart design. The product has thousands of amazing customer reviews, which you can check out on the brand’s official website or on 3rd party seller sites like amazon. Users especially loved the adjustable Velcro belt that can be used by anyone, irrespective of waist size.


  • Overall best synthetic urine kit on the market
  • Premium premixed synthetic urine
  • Complete kit with instructions
  • Best to sneak the sample into the drug test
  • Velcro adjustable belt
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Amazing customer reviews


  • The kit can only be used twice.

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#2. Quick Luck: Premium 100% Effective Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine that imitates real human urine like no other! At number 2, we have the Quick Luck synthetic urine kit by Clear Choice.

Clear Choice has years of experience in creating premium synthetic urine kits. Almost every product the company releases becomes a hit, and their latest hit is the Quick Luck synthetic urine kit.

Using their experience in the field, the company has created toxin-free synthetic urine that is as close to real urine as possible! The formula contains uric acid, urea, and even creatinine which makes the fake pee undetectable in a drug test.

The fake pee has a ph. that matches that of real human urine to make it as close as possible. Moreover, a lot of other compounds are included in the formula as well which improve the product’s quality and make it even more undetectable.

The kit comes with a 3-ounce bottle of premixed synthetic urine, heating pads, heat activator powder, a temperature strip, and a test vile to easily carry your fake urine sample.

The urine solution is pre-mixed, which means that you won’t have to do anything! Just take the sample in the vile and use the heating pads and heat activator powder to heat your sample and you’re good to go.

The best thing about this kit is that it is completely undetectable! Clear Choice has made its synthetic urine completely undetectable no matter how detailed the drug test is. This is because of its amazing formula.

Although one thing you’ll have to be careful about is the temperature of your sample! Make sure to heat your synthetic urine sample using the heat activator powder. Use the temperature strip to check the sample temperature. For the best results, it should be equal to the human body temperature which is 37 degree Celsius.

The Clear Choice Premixed liquid urine kit makes passing drug tests a piece of cake! Just pour the fake pee into the test vile and you have your drug-strain-free sample ready for use. Once the heating powder is mixed, the sample can be used within 10 hours.

The whole kit, including the premixed urine, comes at a price of 100 Dollars. The kit also has instructions on how to heat your sample so you don’t have to worry about that as well.

The product is unisex. Both men and women can use it. Moreover, it comes with a money-back guarantee according to which, you can return the product if you’re unsatisfied.

Customer Reviews

The kit has a high success rate as it closely imitates actual urine. You can check out some amazing customer reviews on the brand’s official website. Moreover, there are a ton of exciting discounts and offers available there as well.

While buying Clear Choice products, make sure to only buy them from the brand’s official websites. There are a lot of fake brands out there that sell sub-standard products, make sure you avoid them at all costs.


  • Best synthetic urine available on the market
  • 100 percent working formula
  • High success rate
  • Undetectable fake urine
  • Priced at 100 Dollars
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Amazing customer reviews


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Does not offer a way to sneak the sample into the test

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#3. Sub Solution: Undetectable Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

At number 3 on our list, we have Sub Solution synthetic urine, the best powdered synthetic urine kit available in the market! Sub Solution synthetic urine is another product by Clear Choice. The product was released back in 2003, and even today, it is one of the best fake urine kits out there due to its exceptional formula.

Make your own fake pee with Sub Solution and pass any drug test effortlessly! The kit comes with powdered synthetic urine, a bottle to make the solution, a vile for the test sample, and a heating pad to set the sample temperature.

The whole kit is extremely easy to use as well. There are complete instructions on how to use it included in the product. Use the kit exactly according to the instructions for the best results.

Simply pour around 3 ounces of distilled water into the bottle, add the powdered urine and shake well. It is important that you shake the solution thoroughly so the solution is uniform. After you’ve made the fake urine, just pour a sample into the vile and add the heat activator powder.

The heat activator is of primary importance here as it helps set the sample temperature. A major mistake that gives off fake urine in a drug test is that the sample is too cold. Real urine has the same temperature as the human body temperature which is 37 degree Celsius. When you give a sample that’s cold, you’re just giving yourself away.

So make sure that you add the heat activator and wait for your sample to reach the optimum temperature before you submit it to the lab! This will make your sample undetectable.

Another common mistake that a lot of rookies make which gives the synthetic urine away is using tap water to make the sample. You have to use distilled water to make the fake pee according to the instructions. Only then will your sample be undetectable and clean.

The whole kit is priced at 85 Dollars and can be used for multiple drug tests. The product has a long shelf life as well so you don’t have to worry about it getting expired. Moreover, the product is unisex which means that it can be conveniently used by both men and women.

Customer Reviews

Sub Solution has been highly successful and has helped hundreds of people pass their drug tests with flying colors. You can check out some positive customer reviews on the brand’s official website. You can also find a lot of discounts there which will help you save a ton of money.


  • Best powdered synthetic urine
  • Undetectable formula
  • Toxin-free
  • Long shelf life
  • Includes heating powder
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Priced at 85 Dollars


  • The solution is tricky to prepare
  • Not the best for a surprise drug test

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#4. Urinator – State Of The Art Electronic Urine Warmer

One of the best products for heating synthetic urine, at number 4, we have Urinator! A state-of-the-art urine warmer that will keep your artificial urine heated at the right temperature for up to 4 hours.

Whereas you might have your fake urine sample ready for use, are you sure it is of the right temperature? A lot of people get caught using fake urine in their drug tests because their sample is too cold! The lab attendant can easily catch a fake sample judging from its temperature, which is why you must maintain the temperature of your sample before giving it.

There are a lot of fake urine kits available in the market, but almost none of them offer a way to maintain the sample temperature! Which is why we give you Urinator! An electronic urine warmer that will help you maintain just the right temperature for your sample.

The kit includes a 100 ml double port UV leakproof bag which will store your fake urine for heating, A stainless steel temperature rod to accurately measure temperature, and a flexible silicon heater attached to the controller.

The kit also comes with an insulation blanket to keep the heat inside the bag. You will also find detailed instructions on how to use the Urinator along with the kit.

The kit is extremely easy to use. Simply pour your ready-for-use sample into the urinator and turn it on from the controller. You can set the temperature according to your need from the controller.

There is also a liquid crystal thermometer attached to the UV bag. The stainless steel temperature rod accurately measures the sample temperature. Keep checking the thermometer and once it reaches the range of 98 to 100, turn the Urinator off.

The urinator is reusable. You can use it to heat multiple samples and once the batteries run out, simply change them and continue using this amazing product.

One of the best things about the Urinator is that it is extremely easy to wear and you can conceal it under your clothes. Simply open the clamp of the bag to release the fake urine into the tube and then to the test vile.

The product is unisex meaning it is usable by both men and women. The whole kit comes at a price of 189.95 Dollars, which is a bit expensive compared to other synthetic urine kits on our list. However, when you’re trying to pass a drug test for something important, there should be no risks involved.

Customer Reviews

The Urinator has received some great reviews from the customers. The fact that it is reusable and can be concealed under clothes is something users have absolutely loved! You can check out these reviews yourself on the brand’s official website! And if you have any difficulty using the kit, you can always contact customer support which is available around the clock.


  • Best urine heater on the market
  • Completely electronic
  • Reusable
  • Can be concealed under clothes
  • Priced at 189.95 Dollars
  • Hundreds of amazing customer reviews


  • Expensive as compared to other kits
  • batteries must be bought separately

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#5. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit: Best Customer Reviews

Last but not least, we have a product with an astonishingly high success rate, the Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit.

Test Clear is one of the most experienced synthetic urine brands out there and their products are of the highest quality! The company claims that its powdered urine kit has never failed a drug test in its history! The company also claims that its product is actually dehydrated urine which means that, unlike synthetic urine, it has zero chances of getting detected in a drug test.

The kit includes a vile which contains the powdered urine, another 50 ml one to make the sample, and two air-activated heaters for heating the sample! The product also comes with a temperature strip to accurately measure the sample temperature.

The kit is extremely easy to use. Simply pour the powdered urine into the test vile and fill it with distilled water. Shake the vile thoroughly so you have a perfect solution. After your sample is ready, use the heaters to heat the sample. Keep checking the temperate strip to set your sample at the right temperature.

The product has a long shelf life and you will find full detailed instructions included in the kit. Use the kit according to the instructions for the best results.

The kit lies in the affordable range priced at just 49.95 Dollars, and if you’re going to use it for educational purposes, the brand will also give you a discount.

Customer Reviews

The product has a high success rate and has received some amazing reviews. You can check these reviews on Clear Test’s official website. Benefit from the discounts available and save money.


  • Most successful synthetic urine kit on the market
  • Made by Test Clear, a highly reputed brand
  • Longer shelf life as compared to other kits
  • Affordable at just 49.95 Dollars
  • Undetectable due to its amazing formula


  • Has to be prepared beforehand
  • No temperature control system

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What is Synthetic Urine?

Before you buy any of our products, the first thing you need to understand is what actually is synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is clean human urine created in a laboratory. It has the same chemical composition as real urine. It has the same Ph, the same density, and even the same smell! However, we’re not sure about the taste.

Synthetic urine is carefully created in a lab while making sure that it has all components of real urine. These components include uric acid, urea, ammonia, and sulfate ions just to name a few.

Synthetic urine lasts longer than actual urine, and it is completely hygienic. You can never be sure that the sample you got from your friend is actually clean. Moreover, it is unhygienic and difficult to store. This is why it is better to use synthetic urine instead of a real sample of another person.

However, sample-making can be a tricky process so make sure you follow the instructions as given.

Types of Synthetic Urine

Now, there are two types of synthetic pee kits available in the market depending on the state of urine used in them. The urine used in these kits can be in liquid or powdered form. Both types have their pros and cons. You can use any one of them according to your convenience.

Powdered Synthetic Urine

Powdered synthetic pee kits contain dehydrated urine which has to be mixed with distilled water to be used in a sample. The powder is actually dehydrated urine which means that it is made by removing all the water from a real human urine sample.

Since the powder is actually dehydrated urine, it has the same chemical composition and contains all compounds found in real urine. It even smells and looks like actual urine. The solution foams up when you add water, making it look even more real.

All you have to do to create a usable sample is to add water to the powdered urine. One of the things you have to be careful about is to only use distilled water to make the solutions. A lot of people make the mistake of using tap water for their sample, which actually ruins it. Such a sample can be detected instantly.

More sure to use the right amount of water according to instructions and you will have yourself a safe, usable, and clean urine sample.


  • Since it is actually dehydrated urine, the chemical composition is exactly the same as real urine.
  • It smells and looks exactly like real human urine.
  • Relatively easy to store.
  • Just add distilled water and shake to get your sample ready.
  • Longer shelf life as compared to liquid urine.


  • The solution can be tricky to get right.
  • Can be a total waste if something isn’t done right.

Liquid Synthetic Urine

Unlike powdered urine, liquid synthetic urine is premixed. You have the solution ready to use and all you’ll need to do is pour the liquid fake urine into the test vile. The fake pee comes in a leak-proof container.

One thing you’ll have to do before using liquid fake pee is to warm it. Getting the temperature right is extremely crucial when it comes to using fake pee to pass a drug test. A lot of samples get flagged just because they are not of the right temperature. A lab attendant can easily tell if a sample is fake judging by its temperature. This is why it is important that you maintain the temperature of your sample around 37 degrees Celsius, the average human body temperature.

Most liquid urine kits come with heaters that are exactly for this purpose! Make sure to use them properly to get the best results.


  • Liquid synthetic urine is premixed so you won’t have to do anything.
  • Just heat your sample and you’re good to go.
  • It looks exactly like real pee.
  • Does not require mixing to create the sample.


  • Has a comparatively shorter shelf life

How We Make The List of Best Synthetic Urine Kits

There are a lot of synthetic urine kits available in the market, but not all of them work! A lot of these products are total fakes, and can result in a failed drug test.

A drug test can be extremely important if your job or your educational career depends on it. Moreover, if you have to take a drug test for court evidence, it is even more important that you pass the test clean! A failed drug test in this case can result in a huge amount of fine or even potential jail time.

This is why you need to be extremely careful before buying a product! Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying a product. We selected all products on our list while carefully judging these parameters.

Brand Reputation

The first thing you should consider before buying any product is if it is by a well reputed band or not. There are a lot of synthetic urine brands in the market but only a few are well reputed and experienced in the field. So make sure that you only choose a product by a well reputed brand.

While making this list, we made sure to only include products from veteran brands like Clear Choice and Test Clear. These brands have been in the game for years, and using their experience, create some of the best synthetic urine kits out there.

Success Rate

Make sure to check the success rate of the product you’re about to buy. You’re going to spend your hard-earned money to pass a crucial drug test, so only chose a product that has a high success rate.

All products on our list have extremely high success rates, rarely failing. These products can be confidently used to pass a drug test.


Also, make sure to compare prices before buying any product. Prices can vary a lot depending on quality, which is why you need to carefully check prices before choosing a product. If a product’s price is too low, it is probably a toy for kids.

While making this list, we compared the prices of dozens of products. All selected products on our list lie in the affordable range. They are neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a lot about the product you’re about to buy. From user experiences to tips on how to use it properly, customer reviews contain a lot of useful information which is why it is important you thoroughly go through them before selecting your product.

We carefully went through the customer reviews of all our products before giving them a place on our list. All of our selected products have amazingly positive customer reviews and you can check them out as well on the brands’ official sites.

What Are The Other Uses of Synthetic Urine?

There are a lot of uses for synthetic urine other than to be used to pass a drug test. Drug testing equipment is calibrated using synthetic urine. Farmers use synthetic urine as well to keep pests and insects away from their fields and fruit gardens.

Fake pee is completely hygienic which is why it can be used to prank friends. The porn industry uses fake pee in fetish videos as well. Moreover, a lot of research is conducted using fake pee.

Medical students use synthetic urine as well for their studies. In conclusion, synthetic pee is used for a lot of purposes in many fields of life.

FAQs on Synthetic Urine

Q1. What does it mean by the shelf life of synthetic urine?

Shelf life means the period of time in which the synthetic urine can be stored and reused before it becomes unusable. Powdered synthetic urine usually has a longer shelf life than liquid urine. All products on our list have reasonably long shelf lives so you can confidently choose any one of them.

Q2. Can you freeze synthetic urine?

Yes, you can freeze synthetic urine and use it again. Liquid synthetic urine can be frozen and heated again to create a clean usable sample for a drug test. However, powdered urine will form crystals when frozen.

Q3. Can a drug test detect synthetic urine?

No, a drug test cannot detect synthetic urine if it is properly made and heated. Make sure to follow the instructions exactly as given to make your sample undetectable. Also, ensure that your sample is heated to the right temperature (37 Degrees Celsius).  

Q4. Can you hide synthetic urine in drug tests?

Yes, you can easily hide and sneak synthetic urine into a drug test. A lot of kits have belts that be worn easily under clothes. Synthetic urine bags are attached to these belts, making them completely concealed. Just open the clip of the beg to release the urine into the testing cup, and you have a clean usable sample ready.

Q5. What is the cost of synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine kits vary a lot when it comes to prices. Prices are dependent on quality with higher-quality kits usually being expensive. However, our list only contains products that are affordable. These products are neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Q6. How much synthetic urine do I need?

This depends on the sample required for the drug test. Most tests require a 50 ml sample of urine for testing. You will be handed a cup to pee in at the start of the test. There is usually a mark, up to which you have to fill that cup. That much synthetic urine is required for the test.

Q7. Is synthetic pee unisex?

Yes, synthetic pee is unisex. Male and female urine has almost the same chemical composition which is why synthetic urine is made unisex as well. These synthetic urine kits can be used by both men and women.

Q8. Is synthetic urine legal?

Is synthetic urine actually legal? This is the most crucial problem of all. To be quite honest, there isn’t a clear solution to this. The possession and sale of synthetic urine is completely legal. However, using it to avoid a drug test might have detrimental effects. If you are caught attempting to dodge a drug test, you risk losing your job.

Because using synthetic urine for such purposes carries risk, it’s important to perform your own legal research even if you are trying to avoid going to jail.

Final Thoughts On Using a Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test

When you don’t have time for a thorough detox, our best synthetic urine kits will help you pass a drug test with flying colors.

Researching dozens of parameters, we have carefully selected these synthetic urine kits on the market. Use any of them confidently and come clean on your drug test.