Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop in 2022

Finding the best self-emptying robot vacuum and mop could be a little difficult when you don’t have any prior experience. So let us help you!

You might get confused with the number of brands and options available on the market. Especially when you are buying a robot vacuum and mop for the first time, you don’t exactly know what factors to consider, what price to pay, and a lot of other things.
But don’t worry! We have already found two of the best robot vacuums and mops by yeedi. The yeedi robot vacuum and mop are very efficient and effective in house cleaning.

Considering all the factors including price and features we have selected two of the top needs of products on the market. On top of that, yeedi is giving special discounts on these products. We will briefly discuss the features of these products and then the discount offers.

So this is your chance to get an efficient robot vacuum and mop and also get a discount on that.

What is yeedi?
yeedi is a tech brand established in 2019. They specialize in robotics and produce millions of robots every year. They have launched many robots that have served people with their efficiency and intelligence. yeedi is working on robots to make human lives easier and better.

They have the largest robot lab and the biggest IoT global system to secure data. yeedi is recommended by The Verge, Wired, Digital Trends, BGR and other tech media.

The Best Robot Vacuum and Mop
There are two yeedi robot vacuums and mops on the list, The yeedi vac 2 pro and the yeedi vac station. Now we will discuss their features.

1. Brand new yeedi vac 2 pro 

Top features of yeedi vac 2 pro:
• 3-in-1 robot with self-emptying, vacuuming, and mopping features. Helps in effective cleaning in one go.
• The oscillating mops imitate hand movement and move back and forth 480 times per minute to clean your floor completely.
• It can recognize objects near it with its 3D obstacle avoidance feature. It can see the height, length, and width of an object to about it.
• This intelligent robot is capable of navigating your rooms and mapping out your house to clean every room.
•  Auto dustbin empty is available as an optional feature, you can get it. The dust bag can hold 2.5L of trash and save it for 30 days.
• yeedi vac 2 pro is better than many robot vacuums and mops because it has a carpet detection feature that even robots like iRobot J7+ don’t have.

Why did yeedi choose oscillating mopping over sonic mopping for vac 2 pro?
yeedi choose oscillating mopping over sonic moping because it works better with a robot mop. In sonic mopping, only the central part vibrates. The oscillating mopping moves 480 times per minute just like a hand back and forth to clean every stain with a 5 times faster way than normal cleaning. Moreover, it is suitable for laminate, tile, and wooden surfaces.

2. yeedi vac station self-emptying robot cleaner

Features of yeedi vac station:
• It is a 3-in-1 robot device. It can do the vacuuming, mopping, and self-emptying.
• It comes with a standard empty station. You can store trash for up to 30 days with the 2.5L dust bag.
• To detect floors and carpets, it has carpet detection sensors that help the machine identify the carpet and avoid mopping on it.
• yeedi vac station has won Reddot Design Award 2021. Recommended by media like Forbes, Bloomberg, Digital Trends, and many others, yeedi vac station is the best self-emptying robot vacuum cleaning on the market right now.

Common Advantages of yeedi vac 2 pro and yeedi vac station
These are the common advantages of yeedi vac 2 pro and yeedi vac station:

• Vacuuming is easy with both of them. They have a suction force of 3000Pa which can pick up any dirt.
• They can keep the trash for up to 30 days and are self-emptying robots.
• They can build a map for your home to navigate and clean your home smartly leaving no dirt or stain in your house.
• Carpet detection features are available in both products making them suitable for every home.
• Customize settings as you wish. Tweak vacuuming or mopping power or select sequence to clean rooms or create no-go zones.
• Batter capacity of 5200mAh.
• Both are compatible with Google Hoke and Alexa.
• Compatible with only a 2.4G network.
• Compatible with the Apple Homekit.

Special Deal on these two yeedi robot vacuum and mop combos
The good news is that yeedi is giving big discounts on the Amazon Black Friday Deal 2022 early now.

1. With the special deal on the yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum and mop, you can buy it for $299.99 and save $150.
2. You can save $150 on the yeedi vac station self-emptying robot vacuum and mop and buy it for $349.98.

yeedi vac 2 pro and yeedi vac station both are incredible robots with unique features. If you are confused between the two, you can choose the yeedi vac 2 pro if you live by yourself and have a small home. But if you have a big family with kids or pets then you can move to the yeedi vac station.