Best Places to Eat & Drink in Sydney With a Date

It’s very exciting planning a hot date with a lady from Skissr. You can think of all the things that you could do, such as which hotel to stay in, where to go for drinks and where you might treat this lucky lady when you plan somewhere to eat. There are many amazing bars in Sydney and some stunning apartments and hotels. When it comes to choosing a place to eat you first need to work out which type of food you want to have. Asian, Chinese, steak, or maybe even Mexican. To help you plan a hot date with your Syd escort we have compiled some of the best places you can take her. 

Cafe Pac –  A permanent Inner West site for one of the city’s most beloved chefs, spruiking clever cross-cultural share plates as well as a dynamite list of natural wines. Paci treads that fine line between European-style wine bar and casual restaurant Sydneysiders know and love, brought to life by a young, energetic service team. And you’ve got to applaud a place with enough moxie to put steak Diane back.

Ester – What is it? A reliable favorite for dishes with a point of difference, given love in the wood-fired oven. So many things here – the fermented potato bread with kefir cream and dashi jelly, those blood sausage sangas, that ice cream fashioned from yesterday’s sourdough bread – take top billing on the Sydney dining dance card, with very good reason. 

Why we love it: So many things here – the fermented potato bread with kefir cream and dashi jelly, those blood sausage sangas, that ice cream fashioned from yesterday’s sourdough bread – take top billing on the Sydney dining dance card, with very good reason. No bad time to be at Ester, but if there’s the best time, it’s Sunday lunch, when sunlight spills into the bare-bones room and one bottle of funked-up natty wine turns into three in a flash.

Saint Peter – What is it? Certainly Sydney’s – and dare we say Australia’s – most revolutionary seafood restaurant, helmed by superstar chef Josh Niland. Why we love it: The new chef’s counter format has transformed the squeezy Oxford Street space and makes for a more dramatic and interactive way to enjoy the wizardry on display – think terrine made from coral trout head, striped marlin ‘nduja, dry-aged mahi mahi and even chips made from fish eyes. While the refurb has greatly enhanced the overall experience, the set-up suits groups of two far better than threes or fours. Choose your dining companion wisely.

Now that you have got many good places to eat you will surely be looking for a couple of nice bars to wash down all that lovely food. Sydney is full of amazing bars and places for cocktails so here are a few that stood out to us.

Re bar This sustainable South Eveleigh bar – by Scout London’s Matt Whiley – is pioneering a new mode of hospitality without losing focus on smashable drinks. From the furniture (made from pineapple-leaf fibre and recycled milk bottles) to the drinks (crafted with produce destined for landfill), Re– is regenerative and revolutionary.

PS40A dramatic-looking, light-filled bar with its own soda-making plant. While wattle cola and smoked lemonade sound inventive enough, the boozy creations here are truly next-level: salted pina coladas; “breakfast” negronis; and a pitch-perfect homage to Black Star Pastry’s world-famous watermelon and strawberry cake.

Shadys Pine – A Nashville-themed den by the Swillhouse group that’s equally about well-made cocktails and straight spirits – bourbon in particular. Taxidermied beasts and Americana decorate the walls, the energy is always high (even on a Monday) and your rye comes with a never-ending supply of peanuts. One of the first bars of its kind in the city.

Now you have it, our suggestions for a few of the best places to eat and drink in Sydney with stunning companions in Australia. 

Bonus tips – If you are planning to visit one of these places in Sydney we would fully recommend ringing ahead and booking a table so you don’t miss out. These places can be very busy during the week and and the weekends are nearly impossible to get tables last min. Book ahead and ensure that you don’t have any mishaps on your big evening.

When drinking with an escort we would always advise that you don’t get too drunk Even though the nerves may get the better of you and you want to have a few drinks to settle them down, go easy. The last thing you want to do is become drunk and then make a fool of yourself in front of her. During the evening limit yourself to 1 drink per hour so you are slightly tipsy but feeling relaxed enough to enjoy your date.




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