Best Places For A Hen Party In Dublin (2022)

Dublin hen parties are perfect for brides who love to combine a bit of culture with a wild night out. Dublin offers it all. Dublin is perfect for you if you fancy a trip abroad but don’t quite want to deal with the upfront costs and long travel hours. It is the ideal location, with cheap flights and short-haul flights available most of the time.

You name it, there are many sources of entertainment, pubs, and clubs, and there is so much to do for a hen party in Dublin. Not to mention the city’s wonderful personality, charm, and amazing people. Sold? Read on as this guide unravels all the areas to consider for booking a hen party in Dublin.

Why Dublin?

Dublin is a unique city packed with many different things to do. Despite having endless amounts of things to do, it’s the people of Dublin that make it special. Charismatic, witty, sharp and brilliant hosts for any event. Whether over a pint of Guinness or simply exploring the city and what it offers, you will soon realise why it has developed such an up-standard reputation.

If the bride is a bit of a party princess, she’ll have a great time at the pubs and bars in the temple bar district. Or if they are a bit more on the wild side, they might enjoy more of an experience, in which case there is also plenty to offer. Dublin simply has it all.

Where to Stay in Dublin

Deciding where to stay in such a vast city can be difficult but can be made easier by narrowing out what you want from the beautiful city. In this case, it will most likely be the late-night access you want. Locating a hotel, BnB, or apartment near and around the temple bar district will be your best bet giving you direct access to the boozy district of the city.

O’Connell Street is usually a great shout for first-time visitors as it offers the perfect blend of being able to access the nightlife whilst exploring the fantastic tourist attractions the city has to offer. If it’s your first visit to the city, you and your group should spend around three days in Dublin to get the most out of your stay.

Activities in Dublin

Look no further than McGowan’s if you’re looking for the proper Irish experience by hitting the pubs and bars with a Guinness in hand. Known for a great day and night out, McGowan’s guarantees fun, great music, and excellent quality food. With a mixture of bars and spaces for hire, you can rent out the ideal venue for a hen party.

Of course, not everyone wants to drink throughout the whole day; some might wish to leave it till later in the night or not at all. In this case, there is plenty of non-drinking to take part in. A great example is axe throwing. Situated just outside the East Wall centre, the axe club is certainly an experience to remember and a great way to let out all the pre-marriage stress!

It doesn’t stop there either; if axe throwing doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s plenty more. Practice your aim at paintball, face your fears at indoor climbing, challenge yourself at archery, and the list goes on. Plenty of activities keep you busy, all of which are fantastic for a hen party.

Nightlife in Dublin

Let’s not beat around the bush; most hen parties wind up at the club by the night’s end, which leads to the next question, is the nightlife good? To put it simply, yes. The nightlife in Dublin is legendary and guaranteed fun.

In Dublin, countless nightclubs and certain bars are open all through the night, every night. The heart of the nightlife would certainly be in the heart of Dublin in the Temple bar district, a neighbourhood dotted with various bars and nightclubs to enjoy. Here you will find plenty of pubs and clubs with live music, live performances and much more.

Not every place will be hen party friendly, so please keep this in mind when considering various places. All in all, a night out in Dublin is a night to remember (or forget).

To Conclude

Yes, the stunning scenery and beautiful cobbled streets are picturesque views, but we all know why many people choose Dublin to have a hen party. It’s one of the loudest, busiest and booziest cities worldwide. If the home of the famous Guinness isn’t enough to sway you, then the endless amounts of fun activities and exciting nightlife certainly will.

Dublin is the place to be, especially for a hen party.

Photo by Gregory DALLEAU on Unsplash

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