Best Penetration Testing Companies In The World, Ranked & Reviewed!

Looking for the best penetration testing companies but couldn’t find the best one? Then we have penned down everything you need to know about the top 10 penetration testing companies in the USA to help you assist with finding the website or app penetration testing company that you are in need of. 

Today cyberattack is the biggest threat the system of a company or organization faces in the modern world. Keeping your organization safe from hackers and cyber attackers have become a nearly impossible task for many. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. 

The technology of today is growing very intelligent that it has the services and technologies to counter-attack cyber threats in the tech world. One such way to understand the vulnerabilities of your system and analyze them is Penetration Testing. Penetration Testing is similar to that of hacking but is ethical and is done by people that are authorized by an organization. 

This article will take you through the best penetration companies in the world and also will discuss a little about Penetration Testing and other related topics such as types of penetration testing, the importance of penetration testing, and so on. 

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing, more commonly known as pen testing is a kind of ethical hacking that is used to check and understand the vulnerabilities of your system. Penetration Testing is an imitation of a cyberattack that a person or organization does on their system in order to find the exploitable parts of their system. 

Pen testing usually involves breaching the API, front-end, or back-end of a system. Penetration Testing is carried out through different steps which start from setting the goal of the penetration testing to the final analysis of the subject. The main objective of Penetration Testing is to be aware of a system’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses before an outside cyber attacker finds it and attacks your system. 

Importance of Penetration Testing

The main intention of Penetration Testing is to understand a system’s weakness which has great importance in the better running of a system. Penetration Testing has numerous importance in the current scenario and a few of them have been listed below:

  • Risk analysis: The primary importance and the main purpose of Penetration Testing is analyzing the risk. By doing Penetration Testing on the networking system of your organization, you will be able to understand the risks that your company is prone to. In the end of the penetration testing, the penetration testing company will provide their client with a detailed list of the risk and the ways to amend them. 
  • Company reputation: Another importance of Penetration Testing is maintaining the company’s reputation. When your data is breached, a cyber attacker will have all the confidential data of your company. When this happens, your customers and clients will be less confident in your company which will affect the revenue generation of your company. 
  • Securing the system and decreasing errors in it: A prime importance of Penetration Testing is decreasing the errors in the system and making it more secure. By carrying out Penetration Testing, you will be able to find the errors in your system and you can repair them which will make your organization’s system more secure. 
  • Meeting compliance: Another importance of Penetration Testing is meeting the compliances. There are many rules and regulations which require a company to do penetration testing once in six months or a year. Not following these rules may result in legal issues and the authorized officials can even take away your business license if the Penetration Testing is not done.  
  • Competition: In the current technology world, the competition is so high that many companies would go to illegal extents to compete with their rivalries. Your rival company could hire a hacker and get confidential data from your system and these hackers will publish the acquired data on various platforms. By Penetration Testing, you can understand the risks your data are prone to and you can secure it before an outsider attacks your system. 

Best 10 Penetration Testing Companies in the World.

Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP

The first one in the list of the best ten penetration testing companies is Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP. Founded in 2018, Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP is a team of techies that provides the best cybersecurity services to people from all over the world. The company is based in India and has its physical offiice in Dubai. They also have virtual offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Germany. 

Over the past four years, Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP has received recognition from prestigious companies like BBC, Nokia, Tesla, Bentley, Intel, Dell, and Walmart for helping them improve their security by identifying serious vulnerabilities within their products and websites. 

Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP has genius experts on its team and is always available to help any organization to keep its system safe from cyber attackers. The company has provided its services to million-dollar companies to start-ups at an affordable cost. Apart from penetration testing, Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP also offers cybersecurity strategic consulting, vulnerability assessment, an annual security program, server hardening, and security operations center.

What we liked?

  • Comparatively lower cost.
  • They provide free consultation. 
  • Quick, responsive and passionate team.
  • Helped many Fortune 500 Corporations to improve their security and featured in many news medias. 
  • They recently launched an Annual Security Program that has helped many early-stage businesses in India improve their security at a very low cost.
  • They have Virtual offices and Virtual Assistants to assist customers all over the world. 

Redbot Security

Redbot Security is one of the leading penetration testing companies in the United States of America. Redbot Security was founded in the year 2017 and has an employee strength of fifty. The company has its headquarters situated in Denver, Colorado, USA. Redbot Security offers all major types of penetration testing including external penetration testing, internal penetration testing, web application penetration testing, mobile application penetration testing, wireless networks penetration testing, and also IoT device testing.

Redbot Security also has major penetration testing certifications and some of them are Information System Security Professional, Certified Cloud Security Professional, AWS Security, and Network+. The company is specialized and offers its services to national and international customers at a reasonable cost.

Cipher Security LLC

Cipher Security LLC is an ISO-certified penetrating testing company located in Miami, Florida. The company was founded in the year 2000 and has been serving numerous clients for the past twenty years. Cipher Security LLC has served its solution amenities to clients from numerous different countries. The company is also certified by AICPA, CREST, Cyber Essentials, and PCI Security Standards Council. Cipher Security LLC was listed in the Design Rush Top Cybersecurity Companies 2022.

The industries that Cipher Security LLC offers its services to are financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, gaming, and energy and utilities. Besides penetration testing, the company also offers managed detection and intelligence, managed security services, cyber intelligence services, governance, risk, and compliance, and finally, cyber technology integration. 


Sciencesoft is a global IT company that has been in the industry for over three decades. The IT company was founded in 1989. Sciencesoft has its presence in four locations, the USA, Finland, Latvia, and United Arab Emirates. The company has a record of having 730 international and national customers. The company has over 700 employees working in the four offices. In the past three decades, Sciencesoft has worked with renowned organizations and companies like eBay, Walmart, NASA JPL, IBM, Rakuten Viber, and Baxter.

Sciencesoft offers alot of other cybersecurity services excluding penetration testing and they are cybersecurity consulting, vulnerability assessment, DDoS testing, Identity and Access Management, and SIEM. Apart from cybersecurity services, Sciencesoft also offers various other IT services such as software development, application services, testing and QA, UI/UX design, infrastructure services, and data analytics. 

Aligned Technology Solutions

Aligned Technology Solution was incorporated in the year 2009. The company is located in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. The company has over 50 employees under one roof who is available 24×7 to provide both national and international customers the best service possible. The company is an official partner of Apple Consultants Network, Dell Partner Direct, Google Workspace, Microsoft, and CISCO Platinum. 

Aligned Technology has been recognized by the Clutch in the list of top managed services, top managed IT, top IT services, top IT outsourcing, top cybersecurity, and top 100 companies in the year 2021. Excluding penetration testing, Aligned Technology Solutions also offers managed IT services, managed cybersecurity services, managed compliance, vCISO, managed cloud solutions, and CMMC. Aligned Technology Solutions offers its services to government contractors, non-profits and associations industries, healthcare industries, and professional services. 

Red Key Solutions

Red Key Solutions is a top-notch penetration testing company that was started in the year 2002. The company has been in the industry of cybersecurity services for about two decades. Red Key Solutions has over thirty employees that have highly qualified and have years of experience in the field of IT and cybersecurity services. 

The company has its offices in four locations in the US, Westchester, New York City, Connecticut, and California. Red Key Solutions was on Clutch’s list of Top Managed IT Services in the year 2019 and Top IT Services in New York in 2021. 

Red Key Solutions has a customer service satisfaction rate of 98.6%. The company has clients both national and internet. The company serves its services without any geographical limitations. Apart from penetration testing, Red Key Solutions also offers managed IT services, cybersecurity services, IT assessments, and cloud services. 

PCH Technologies

PCH Technologies stands for PC Helpers Technologies, is a company founded in the year 1997. The company is located in Sewell, New Jersey, USA. PCH Technologies is a highly reputed technology company in the United States of America that has numerous clients from all over the world. The company is recognized by prestigious organizations like Best of Biz and was the winner of Channel Futures MSP 501 2019-2020, Channel Futures MSP 501 2021 Winner, and was listed in The Channel Co. MSP 500 2021. 

PCH Technologies offers its services to financial services, construction, manufacturing, transportation, local government, professional services, non-profit, hospitality, and retail industries. The other services offered by PCH Technologies besides penetration testing are managed IT support, co-managed IT services, cloud computing services, Microsoft office 365, IT consulting services, disaster recovery, and ransomware services. 


Xenonstack is a penetration testing company that was founded in the year 2012. In the last 10 years, the company has delivered over 250 projects successfully to clients from different corners of the world. The company has more than 125 members working to provide its clients with high-quality services. 

Xenonstack is an official partner of Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, Advanced Consulting Partner, and Azure. The company is also a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, The Linux Foundation, and LF AI Foundation. 

Xenonstack offers its services to diverse industries including DevOps, Cloud, big data, data science, infrastructure, public safety, cybersecurity, insurance, healthcare, banking, retail, and manufacturing industries. 

Along with penetration testing, Xenonstack also provides computer vision, robotic process automation, cognitive customer analytics, natural language processing, cloud-native application, application modernization, cloud migration, DataOps, CX Innovation and optimization, and many more other services. 


Hacken is one of the best penetration testing companies in the world and was founded in the year 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company has provided its services to over 300 clients from all over the world and all of the clients had a satisfactory experience with the company. Hacken had its first international client within one year of its launch and from there, they have offered services to numerous clients without any geographical barriers. Hacken has worked with companies from countries like the US, Canada, Germany, UAE, UK, and Switzerland.

Hacken has a history of working with well-known reputed organizations and a few of them are Air Asia, Tickets USA, Bithumb Global, FTX, OneLedger, and Linch Exchange. The company offers a wide variety of penetration testing which includes web application testing, mobile application testing, network penetration testing, internal penetration testing, and external penetration testing. Apart from penetration testing, Hacken also provides blockchain security services and risk assessment services. 


DataEndure was founded in the year 1984 and is located in San Jose, California. The company has over 100 experienced and qualified employees. DataEndure has worked with many highly reputed organizations and companies including The Country of Santa Cruz, Therma, Biomarin, Deckers Brand, and Apple. 

DataEndure provides its services to financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, state and local government, and the technology industry. Apart from penetration testing, the company also offers managed security services, managed infrastructure, compliance, SASE, health checks, and assessments services. 

Different types of Penetration Testing

There are different types of Penetration Testing available that you can use based on your needs. Primarily, there are five types of penetration testing, let’s go through each of them.Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is used to identify the vulnerabilities and threats faced by a web application. Web application penetration testing usually involves automated testing which is used to find the vulnerabilities of the web application. There are two types of web application penetration testing, internal web application penetration testing, and external web application penetration testing. External web application penetration testing is the actual simulated attack on the web application and in this testing, the penetration testing company will have access to data like IPS and domains. The next one is internal web application penetration testing and this involves monitoring and analyzing the movement of external web application testing after it has breached into the data. 

Wireless Penetration Testing

As the name suggests, Wireless penetration testing involves using the wireless gateway to breach the system of an organization. The wireless penetration testing is carried out similar to that of a wired penetration testing. This type of testing is one of the most commonly used penetration tests and is the most common type of cyberattacks. 

This is because a wireless network is very vulnerable to a third party, so it is easy to hack into a system through a wireless network. The main intention of wireless penetration testing is to understand the vulnerabilities of the wireless network of a system. Wireless penetration testing usually focuses on wireless services like WiFi networks, cellular networks, Bluetooth devices, and wireless devices. 

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Similar to web application penetration testing, mobile application penetration testing means the pentesting done on a mobile application. By carrying out mobile application penetration testing, a company will be able to understand the security flaws of their mobile application. Mobile application penetration testing is usually done for iOS and Android mobile applications. 

This type of testing involves four steps in the process and they are gathering information, assessment, exploitation, and reporting. The first step is gathering information which involves collecting data on the mobile application. Then the penetration testing company will start analyzing the mobile application. 

The third step in the mobile application penetrating testing is exploitation which is identifying the vulnerabilities of the mobile application and the last step is reporting the vulnerabilities to the company. 

Internal/External Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Internal and external infrastructure penetration testing are two types of network penetration testing. Internal infrastructure penetration testing means the penetration testing is done to identify what access an outside attacker would have at the initial stage of the attack and external infrastructure penetration testing means the penetration testing performed to identify the weakness of an infrastructure. An internal infrastructure penetration test is usually performed to identify threats from the inside, for example from the employees of a company. 

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social Engineering Penetration Testing means testing the company’s employees to understand an organization’s exploit that might be caused from the side of a company’s employee. Social Engineering Penetration Testing usually involves persuading a company’s employee to break the rules of an organization and sharing the password and other confidential details with the attacker. Social Engineering Penetration Testing is performed to make the employee more trained on how to handle security attacks and also makes the social structure of the company more flawless. 

Factors to consider before selecting the best penetration testing company

There are many things a client should consider before choosing a penetration testing company and some of them have been given below. By reviewing the following factors, you will be able to make an informed decision about the company. 

  • Make sure that the penetration company has authentic certifications: As well all know, Penetration Testing is an ethical form of hacking but it does involve the practice of hacking. Before choosing a penetration testing company, you should be well aware of the certification that the company holds. Some of the reputed penetration testing certificates are Licensed Penetration Tester, Offensive Security Certified Professionals, and PenTest+.
  • Consider the penetration testing company’s field of specialties: There are different types of penetration testing companies and they all might be specialized only in one single type of penetration testing or even in more. You have to know if the penetration testing that you are planning to choose is specialized in your required penetration testing.
  • Cost of penetration testing: Before choosing a penetration testing company, compare the cost offered by various companies. By doing this, you will be able to find a company that offers you the specified services at an affordable cost. But this doesn’t mean you should choose a cheap option available. You have to consider the team members and the services offered by the company and then compare them with the estimated cost offered by the company.
  • Option for re-testing: You have to make sure that the penetration testing company that you are planning to select provides the re-testing option. By ensuring that the company is offering a re-testing, you will be able to reassess the result of the penetration testing company. A test and its amending are not enough to know that your system is actually secured, it needs a re-testing to confirm that the company is secured and has fewer errors than it had before penetration testing. 

Final Verdict

In this article, we have taken you through the best penetration testing companies that provide the best services to the clients. The company listed in this article have been selected after doing extensive research on each company and its services. The article has also discussed penetration testing in detail and topics related to penetration testing. If you want to know more about the company mentioned in this article, you can visit their official website.