Best Music Streaming Platforms 2023

Music has many aspects, and it impacts people in many different ways. People listen to music to the party, to drive emotions, to work, or to course through life. Simply, music provides great entertainment. But where to stream it?

There are several music streaming services that offer various unique features but mostly a similar huge catalog. Other notable differences include pricing, interface, and audio quality. So, in the end, it is completely your decision to make. One thing to note, although you can download albums and covers, you will need an internet connection to stream them in the first place. Preferably, it is better to go for a provider with both mobile and internet plans. Considering that, one name immediately strikes the mind – Medicom. It is among the oldest and most popular service provider companies with affordable but high-speed internet plans. You can opt for Mediacom Bundle Deals and see affordable prices that are available in your area. 

However, that is only one part of the problem solved. Now you need a music streaming service according to your liking. And we are going to assist you in the process. Here are some of the popular and best music streaming service platforms.


Tidal is somewhat the overall best music streaming platform that offers a great experience. It has good affordable plans with great audio quality and millions of songs. Tidal also has a free plan called Tidal Free that provides the complete catalog in 160kbps quality with limited ads. Other than that, the paid plans are HiFi and HiFi Plus packages, where the HiFi streams at a CD-like quality of 1411kbps. Meanwhile, HiFi Plus has a few extra features that include access to Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos Spatial audio. Also, it enables Tidal Masters that have true high-resolution songs with MQA technology that produces audio at an impressive 9216kbps. 

Tidal is a pure musical place for everyone, mood, and liking. Also, for top-notch audio quality, you will need a compatible device. Other than that, it is a great music streaming service with a perfect user interface.

Apple Music

Apple has always focused on producing its own platform and technology for its products for the best optimization. And have done it yet again with Apple Music. What started off as iTunes has not fully grown into a music streaming platform with upgraded sound and file quality. Another big reason to switch to Apple Music is its huge library of over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists. 

So, anyone who’s picky about the audio quality will have a great time on Apple Music. It is especially true with its Spatial audio feature and advanced mechanics for a better experience. On top of that, the user experience of Apple has always been top-notch, and Apple Music is no different. 

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Service is a separate part of Amazon and is one of the best music platforms. Moreover, it offers a strong library of songs with an option for CD-quality streams or above. Also, it supports Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos streams for an elevated experience. However, it is less user-focused and gives more generic results. 

Moreover, the app is tailored to Alexa, but other assistants are slowly making their way into the Amazon circle. Also, you will have to tweak some settings when using a desktop or laptop for audio output to ensure full high-res audio.


If you really want a great free app and you can tolerate a few ads, Spotify is your best bet. However, the sound quality will be low and may affect the music experience. Yet, with a paid subscription, you can remove all the hurdles and get a quality music streaming service. Moreover, the music files consume less data, but you have to really listen with better equipment to feel the sounds. 

Spotify also has great social media integrations that you can use to share your playlists or create a link to share on message.

How to Choose the Perfect Streaming Service for Yourself

Choosing the right music streaming platforms should be a smooth process. Here are some things you need to consider while purchasing a music service.


Budget is always the primary concern for almost everyone. If you have no issues with the price and want the best possible experience, you can opt for Apple Music or other top-tier ones. On the other hand, if you are tight on budget, Spotify will serve as a good start. 

However, if you want cheap service, remember that you may have to make a little compromise on sound quality or music catalog. Another thing to note, some cheap or free apps even have limited skipping and heavy ads, so you might want to avoid them altogether. 

So, don’t always go for the cheapest service; look for a balanced option that offers a decent experience at affordable pricing.  

Audio Quality

Most music services have low-quality sound on their free or limited plans. In terms of audio quality, you don’t want to settle for anything less than 160kbps. Although lower bit rate options are not a problem for some, others want an immersive experience. Also, lower quality can cause you to miss lyrics or beats in songs. So, most people demand at least CD-quality audio. There are also options for Sony 360, Dolby Atmos, and MQA technology audio. 

User Interface

Whether you want to find a specific artist, album, or playlist or share a new song you heard, a clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface are perfect. All the options we mentioned above have good user interfaces and experiences that keep things manageable and easy to find. 

Another vital piece is the synergy between the desktop, mobile, and web experience of an app. These include seamless audio shifts from one device to another and synchronization.  

Songs Library

The music catalog is the heart and soul of a music streaming service. Most app subscription services provide millions of songs with huge playlists and thousands of artists. However, things are tricky for free-plan users.

The music streaming services that we mentioned have a great list of legendary artists and performers. For example, Apple Music has over 100 million songs, Tidal has more than 90 million, Spotify is 80 million above, and Amazon Music offers over 60 million pieces. 

So, if you are a music freak with a large appetite for music, then you surely want a service with more songs. On the flip side, any of these services is enough for a person with average music consumption. 

Extra Features

Some services have additional features like video content or live concerts. Moreover, some offer you to upload your old music library directly on the platform for cloud streaming. Another feature is a radio stream with artist-curated radio stations. However, above everything, each service handles its playlist and music streaming.

Lastly, you also want to check the file size and download options from the service. It is so because a larger file size will consume more data and vice versa. For that, you will require a high-speed connection for smooth streaming and an unlimited data plan. One option for this is Medicom internet, which offers great value for money. Click here to learn about their pricing and detailed information about packages. 


Music is passion. Almost everyone hears some kind of musical notes, whether rap, rock, pop or just soothing sounds. It is a great source of comfort and relief and also provides great entertainment. 

So, hop on the musical journey with an app of your choice from the ones we mentioned above. All these services offer great playlists, legendary artists, well-curated content, and the perfect interface for a complete and immersive experience. Make sure you have a strong internet connection before making any music plans. You can search for internet providers in my area to see the best internet plans.


Image Credit: Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash