Best Increase Sperm Volume Pills Over the Counter Near Me

Higher volumes of sperm have always indicated maximum fertility and sexual prowess in men. In fact, it has always helped men uplift their self-confidence as they wrap themselves between the sheets. 

3 Best Sperm Volume Pills to Produce More Semen

But as essential as it sounds, poor semen volume is one of the prevailing concerns in males’ reproductive health. While some blame unhealthy lifestyle choices, others highlight factors like obesity and emotional distress responsible for it. 

In addition to volume, it is common to encounter problems in the quality, motility, and morphology of the sperm.  However, be it semen production or its health, any minor-to-major abnormality leads to a major dip in fertility rates. 

Now there are some tried and tested ways that increase sperm volume, all the way to boost fertility. But in spite of their success, the legitimacy of the safety of many tends to remain vague.

Thankfully, there is a definite answer for men dealing with fertility issues and suffering in silence. Here are the three, high-quality semen-enhancers that improve semen volume through the might of natural constituents. 

Yes, these medically-proven semen-boosters naturally enhance the quality and quantity of sperm while favoring your sexual performance and orgasmic intensity!

What are these and to what length do they go to address the concerns, let’s learn through this quality write-up!

Best Sperm Volume Pills to Produce More Semen

Even though, semen-enhancing supplements are successful in the dietary supplement market, not each of these promises you value. Market experts suggest that while many intend to strengthen or reclaim your fertility, some work to deteriorate it further. 

Essentially, few sperm boosters contain inferior quality agents and hormones that increase your blood pressure. The lack of research and evidence additionally makes them vulnerable and prone to causing side effects.

Thereby, it is important rely on the dietary supplements that:

  • Have 100% natural and medically-researched ingredients
  • Transparent formula that highlights every ingredient with its exact dosage
  • Good reputation of the manufacturers and strong customer feedback
  • It has some years of satisfying customers and is not a new launch
  • The producers use FDA-approved settings for manufacturing purpose

Now evaluating every product with some running by high-level markets is difficult. Of course, digging deeper is important but so is thinking smarter. 

We have shortlisted the three highly-advanced sperm volume pills that save your time and you from the potential scam! Based on the quality and feedback from the authentic users dealing with sperm or performance-related issues:

Top Semen Enhancers for men are:

1) Semenoll Review – Increase Sperm Volume Pills

Semenoll is a fertility booster for men struggling to start a family with their loved ones! It is a powerful recipe by Wolfson Brands that has quite a reputation in the dietary supplement market. 

Essentially, the male enhancement focuses on strengthening your sperm quality and increasing your sperm count. This is a line of attack that directly improves fertility that may have been weakened due to an underlying cause.  

Interestingly, Semenoll attracts young and aged men in need of a quick fertility boost. It upgrades the bedroom game by improving your sexual health, functioning and performance.

A perfect fuse of minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts, the broad-spectrum formula promises more than you expect. Users that have experienced its course validate its safety while claiming to gain that sexual advantage!

The male fertility booster carries 100 Day Money return policy. In addition to risk-free trial, the manufacturers promise Free and discreet shipping to all. 

What to expect from Semenoll?

The fusion of some extremely pure and unique ingredients does not promise something ordinary to its users. It simply promises results similar to some quality medical treatments- minus the side effects. 

Now Semenoll packs research-oriented ingredients like Maca, pumpkin seeds, and tribulus terrestris. The presence of these constituents speaks volume of the difference you are about to experience in your sexual; health. 

In general, you can expect:

Boosts fertility:

The first and foremost effects of Semenoll are about boosting your fertility. For that, it increases the sperm count essential to fertilize your partner’s egg. In addition, it also helps with sperm pressure, liquefaction time, and quality to act as an absolute package for you

Protects sperm:

Protecting your sperm from oxidative stress not only adds to its quality but fertility as well.  Semenoll consists of antioxidants that provide legit protection to the sperm. Apart from oxidative stress, these antioxidants further keep sperm dysfunction at bay 

Strengthens erections:

Stronger erections synonym to higher sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and satisfaction. And so, there is an avid need to work on the erections as well. Semenoll increases the production of testosterone and blood circulation to the reproductive area. As a result, you get to experience a better sex drive, rock-hard and prolong erections

How does it work?

Semenoll consists of ingredients that simply update your nutrient profile through the supply of iron, calcium, zinc and protein. If we delve into their mechanism, we will learn that these nutrients support the production and quality of semen. 

Of course, the main targeted area is fixing poor volume of sperm and contributing to fertility, however, its effects do not end here. Semenoll further provides ingredients that enhances and recreate the male sex hormone, testosterone, while pacing the supply of blood. 

When the body generates high levels of testosterone and transports higher volume of blood to the genitals, you experience frequent erections that feel stronger, more pleasuresome and long!

Semenoll Ingredients

Semenoll has the strength of 8 powerful, medically proven ingredients that specifically focus on reproductive health, function, and performance. The masterminds have smartly picked these constituents in extremely calculated doses to ensure maximum potency and value to the users. 

Some ingredients working in the formula are:

Maca Root:

Maca root is powerful simply because of its amazing set of nutrients like Vitamin C, iron and calcium. Essentially, Vitamin C is one of the strong antioxidants that additionally help in increasing testosterone. Iron on the other hand, contributes to the making of blood and enhancing the supply of blood. Calcium, the mineral helps the making of sperm in addition to its popular bone fortification powers

Pumpkin seed:

Pumpkin seed is another valuable addition to the recipe of Semenoll. Experts suggest that it provides compounds and antioxidants that are great for preventing oxidative stress and improving erectile performance

Tribulus Terrestris:

The plant extract is specifically effective for problems like soft erections and poor performance in bed. This is because it can mimic the useful effects of testosterone. Interestingly, Semenoll contains a healthy supply of TT, owing of which, its potential to improve sexual performance is commendable


Sadly, our body lacks the natural tendency to produce zinc, yet, it the trace mineral works magically for men! Apart from supporting a strong immune system, it improves sperm quality and fertility


Predominantly, it improves the volume of blood rushing towards the penile at the time of arousal. With the veins holding higher amounts of blood, you gain harder and longer erections

Muira Puama:

The ingredient activates the nerves response to the sex hormone, testosterone. Due to which, it helps in improving sex drive and problems related to erections

Who is Semenoll for?

Semenoll is for every guy that has been facing problems revolving around fertility, libido, and erections. It is a formula that promises a reproductive health and performance men have in their younger years. 

Simply put, you can resort to the dietary formula if:

  • You want to address your sexual concerns privately
  • You want to plan a family or prove your virility
  • You want a solution for Erectile Dysfunction 
  • You no longer find your sex life interesting
  • You cannot afford expensive or painful procedures
  • You want a serious change through a natural process
  • You prefer safer solutions for your health and wellness

Semenoll Pros and Cons


  • Boosts sperm count by 80% in 12 weeks
  • It improves sexual pleasure and sex drive
  • It is a natural solution for better reproductive health
  • It increases penis sensitivity to extreme organism power
  • It is a quality combination of 8, thoroughly researched ingredients
  • The manufacturers compliance to all the FDA and cGMP approved practices
  • It has natural ingredients that do not promote negative effects
  • It is a recommended alternative to expensive medical treatments
  • It has Free Shipping and 100 Day Money Return policy


  • It may upset your stomach or cause nausea in the beginning 
  • The availability of the authentic recipe is only accessible through its official website

Click Here to Visit Official Semenoll Website

Safety and side effects

Similar to Semenax, Semenoll is one male-enhancement you can trust blindfold. There are no safety concerns or side effects for you to worry about. The overall procedure to generate the results is far safer and promising than many of the semen boosters. 

Besides, there are no narcotics or hormones that benefit you in the short-run but upset your health in the long. However, there is a need to follow accurate dosages and avoid interaction with any high-power medicine. 

2) Semenax Review – Best Increase Semen Volume Pills

Right now, Semenax is leading the male enhancement market as a powerful semen booster for men in need.  A product by Leading Edge Health, the company utilizes its expertise in delivering natural, wellness products. 

The ‘male wellness’’ supplement focuses on problems encompassing poor production of sperm to increase fertility in men. Through the strength of its amazing natural ingredients, it tunes the body in generating optimum seminal fluid while intensifying sexual and orgasmic pleasure!

Semenax has very convincing feedback where men belonging to all age groups rave about its efficacy. According to them, it has a very rapid mechanism that treats abnormalities without causing any adverse effects. The comprehensive tool further helps with erectile performance with many claiming to experience longer stamina and timings. 

The male enhancement comes with 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. The manufacturers promise discreet packaging and free delivery that is an incredible complement to stringent quality. 

What to expect from Semenax?

The formula comprises of amino acids and botanical concentrates coming from Mother Nature. According to manufacturers, these ingredients are imported from Europe and South America to ensure maximum quality and purity. 

Research on its ingredients like Zinc and Maca suggests that the constituents possess fertility-boosting tendencies. On a whole, the set of 18 all-natural ingredients supports healthy volume of sperm. 

More precisely:

Enhances seminal fluid:

Semenax has a major emphasis on improving fertility. And for that, it mainly works on boosting the production of seminal fluids. Essentially, it contains the powers of ingredients like zinc, L-arginine, and Maca. These ingredients multiply the volume, motility, and normal morphology of semen in men dealing with fertility problems 

Boosts sex hormone testosterone:

Men need testosterone to prove their sexual prowess to their partner. The significant hormone can bring up or bring down performance levels based upon its growth in the body. Semenax contributes to the making of testosterone, owing to which, it can improve sexual desire, sexual pleasure, and erectile functioning. It further improves stamina and provides all-night-staying power

Prevents premature ejaculation:

Having no control over erections is one of the reasons behind unsatisfactory sex. In addition to accommodating the required nutritional requirements for a healthy reproductive system, Semenax also fortifies pelvic floor muscles. This provides a solid support for all the organs in the region, ultimately favoring your ability to hold erection

How does it work?

Semenax has a simple mechanism that is easy to grasp. It basically supplies nutrients to the glands responsible for creating sperm. These are the prostate gland, seminal vesicle, and bulbourethral gland- the weakening of which ruins the making of seminal fluid. 

According to manufacturers, it simply focuses on the ‘potency’ of these glands to shift growth from low to high. However, its effects do not conclude here but go beyond the point of improving the production of testosterone. Yes, the increase in the male sex hormone makes it a multipurpose formula as it can easily improve libido, erectile functioning, and sexual performance all in one!

Semenax Ingredients

The cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical makers have chosen ingredients that are specifically valuable for reproductive health. These masterminds have further ensured clinical-range dosage to check maximum success and safety for the users. 

The natural set of ingredients working for Semenax includes amino acids and herbal extracts. 

Some of these are


It clears up the blood vessels, allowing a higher blood supply to the genital area, including the penis. Higher supply of blood at the time of arousals helps with stronger and longer erections. In addition to erections, the amino acid has been found to improve sperm count, active motility, and ejaculation volume


This is another amino acid that lifts up the making of semen in the glands. As per experts, L-Lysine improves sexual performance and extends the duration of erections through elevating the levels of nitric oxide 

Swedish flower:

Full of vitamins and minerals, this is a promising addition in the recipe of Semenax. Studies suggest that the flower extract helps with higher performance, improves the signs of Erectile Dysfunction, and increase orgasmic pleasure


Men need zinc for all the good reasons. Basically, the element goes a long way in boosting sperm count and protecting it from toxins. It is additionally effective for other semen parameters and enhancing free testosterone levels in the body


MACA is a pure fertility booster men with fertility issues need at this time. However, this is not just a claim. Extensive research supports its fertility-enhancing properties along with its potency to boost libido in men

Who is Semenax for?

 If you are dealing with fertility-related issues or are keen to improve your sperm volume, this is your go-to product. Semenax works for men belong to every age group but is discouraged for the ones under 18. 

Besides, if you check any of the below mentioned condition, feel free to try it out:

  • Your partner is unable to conceive
  • You have already tried prescription drugs
  • You cannot afford surgery or do not prefer the option
  • You wish to increase your sexual desire, stamina, or performance
  • You are keen to address your problems through a natural method
  • You are shy enough to discuss it with your doctor

Semenax Pros and Cons


  • It’s a natural treatment plan for infertility
  • It boosts sperm volume by 87% in 12 weeks 
  • It is a legal, over-the-counter fertility booster
  • It is a mixture of 18 powerful natural ingredients
  • It improves sexual timings, energy, and stamina
  • It does not generate side effects
  • It has 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • There are no shipping charges


  • It takes consistent doses to work and does not work overnight
  • It is not available at retail shops except its official website

Click Here to Visit Official Semenax Website

Safety and side effects

At present, there are no reported side effects or complications by any of the users of Semenax. This credit to its natural and pure quality ingredients that click all the checkboxes within the safety criteria.  Despite of safety, we advise you to set eyes on each constituent to ensure you are not allergic to any. Plus, adhere to the dosages as any self-tweaking to its doses could potentially instigate side effects.

3) Volume Pills Review – Pills to Increase Sperm Volume

Volume Pills is a formula targeting poor volume and quality of sperm. However, the name is far more popular and sought for heightening up sexual pleasure. Essentially, it is a product by Leading Edge Health (LED). LED is a brand that has exclusively focused on the health and fitness of men for more than 10 years. 

Volume Pills is one of the successful male enhancements aiming to add to the semen ejaculation and work on fertility. The comprehensive male enhancement contains amazing set of natural ingredients that allow you to reap additional benefits specifically in the area of pleasure and satisfaction. 

The fast-acting recipe is designed keeping the dynamics of male reproductive health in mind. It immediately absorbs into the system and unleashes its selected set of fertility-boosters that kick in a matter of days. Overall, these agents prove their potentials by improving the production of seminal fluid, penile sensitivity, and erectile functions.

 Interestingly, men from all age groups vouch for Volume pills claiming them to be the most beneficial. The manufactures offer free worldwide shipping while promising bigger discounts and 67 day risk-free trial!

What to expect from Volume Pills

Volume Pills promises to revive your reproductive health, ensuring 20-like sex drive, erections, and performance. To come up with each of its promises, the nutritional formula applies the power of some extremely rare ingredients. 

Yes, its valuable botanical extracts, minerals, and aphrodisiac help you reverse the confidence; you had in your teenage years. 

Overall, these ingredients claim to: 

Increase sperm volume:

Primarily, Volume Pills influence the glands making seminal discharge. It focuses on boosting healthy male sperm and motility to strengthen fertility years after years. In addition to treating impotence, the recipe optimizes the health and functioning of all the organs in the reproductive tract

Intensify penis sensitivity:

Higher sensitivity at the time of erections and penetrations add to your overall pleasure. And Volume pills do just that. It improves sex drive, sexual motivation and vigor to help you get the most from your encounters. The manufacturers further claim that Volume Pills work on sexual stamina and can rightly replace the powerful effects of Viagra

Extreme orgasmic intensity:

Additional release of semen needs more contractions of the bulbocavernosus muscles. And repeated contractions lead to longer and insane level of orgasms! Volume Pills also improve erectile performance and favors better control of erection to overcome premature ejaculation. The powerful recipe possesses some unique aphrodisiacs that not only increase sexual potency but libido as well. 

 How does it work?

Volume Pills fuel the seminal vesicles and prostate gland with the essential nutrients needed to produce semen. The ingredients present in the formula carry healthy amounts of minerals, vitamins, and calcium that immediately overcome deficiencies leading to poor seminal discharge. 

Interestingly, the nutritional value of Volume Pills has been found to boost testosterone levels as well. Experts claim that it increases and regulates the sex hormones unleashing maximum sexual energy and better performance.  

Moreover, the manufacturers have picked some of the powerful aphrodisiacs and blood flow precursors that further perks up erectile health. 

Essentially, these agents work as vasodilators that support the dilation process of blood vessels in the muscles including the penis. As the blood vessels in the penile dilate, they fill in more blood and oxygen at the time of arousal. 

Higher amounts of oxygenated blood then facilitate robust, harder, and longer erections for you to give her ‘her best experience!

Volume Pills Ingredients

Volume Pills possess the might of some oldest medicinal herbs of the East. These herbs have not helped few, but countless of men with fertility and performance issues for centuries. Despite being ancient, Volume Pills have selected the ones with extensive record of contemporary research. 

Some of these ingredients are:


Extracted from plants, apigenin has a role in increasing the concentration of testosterone in the body. It further possesses antioxidant powers that protects your sperm from oxidative stress

Xian Mao:

The traditional Chinese herb is an aphrodisiac, the popularity of which dates back to centuries. As per researchers, it improves sexual response and wellbeing while helping with an active libido and erectile strength 

Dong chong xia cao:

The fungal ingredient is all about your sperm! Research has found that the ancient ‘Chinese caterpillar fungus can reverse a poor sex drive but has thoroughly highlighted its tendency to treat impotence through boosting sperm concentration and semen quantity

Zinc gluconate:

None can underestimate the significance of zinc for the reproductive health and functioning of men. And so, Volume Pills have added zinc to reinforce its male enhancement effects. Zinc enhances the making, operations, and motility of sperm. However, it goes further to favor your performance during intimacy


This improves sexual motivation to engage in activities. Apart from raising sex drive, it multiplies the making of dopamine through its L-dopa content. Dopamine enhances post-coital satisfaction and your ability to bond well with your partner


It helps to release nitric oxide that largely benefits stronger erections through higher distribution of blood to the genital region. The ingredient further assists the release of luteinizing hormone that has a role in stabilizing the levels of testosterone

Who is Volume Pills for?

Volume pills are for men in need of some extra spice in their intimate life! It is an all-rounder that mainly focuses on areas in need of dire improvements. Frankly speaking, there is no specific requirement to resort to this nutritional booster. 

You can simply order and kick start your course if:

  • You or your partner wish to conceive a child but couldn’t
  • You feel you are gradually losing interest in sex 
  • You do not last longer or feel harder to your partner
  • You wish to restore your younger sex drive and performance
  • Affording treatments are  impossible in your limited budget
  • You are keen to take a natural, pain-free route 

Volume Pills Pros and Cons


  • It increases semen volume by 78% in 12 weeks
  • It leads to intense orgasms and healthy erections
  • It prevents premature ejaculation and supports higher libido
  • It contains ancient aphrodisiacs and vasodilators
  • It is a mix of 100% natural, scientifically proven ingredients
  • It does not generate side effects and is a safer alternative for Viagra
  • It has Free shipping worldwide and carry 67 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • It does not work overnight and takes weeks to produce results
  • Overdosing leads to side effects 
  • It is only available at its official website

Click Here to Visit Official Volume Pills Website

Safety and Side effects

In general, every ingredient and their concentration in Volume Pills are natural, pure, and safety. This negates any safety-related concern you may have about the male enhancement. Besides, it does not contain chemicals and fillers. Thus, feel safe as long as you are not overdosing or combining it with any hormones. 

Semen Enhancer Supplements to Increase Sperm Volume Production

Dietary supplement industry is escalating at a very rapid and impressive pace. People are resorting to and preferring the natural counterparts of prescribed medicines for their safety, efficacy, and pocket-friendly nature.  

Essentially, researchers are constantly exploring the potentials that can assist people with their health and wellness in a natural manner. They are coming up with organic solutions that can also treat reproductive problems in a more practical way.  

Semen enhancer supplements are one of their explorations that seem to offer the answer men have been seeking for long. These are formulations of natural ingredients that speedily boost semen quantity and quality, favoring fertility in aged and young.  

Yes, semen enhancers contain natural semen boosters that act as a great treatment plan for poor semen volume. These agents focus on the health and performance of the reproductive system while addressing the underlying cause responsible for low production of seminal discharge. 

Male enhancing supplements come in the form of pills, gels, powdered formulas and more. However, people mostly prefer the pills form for their easy-to-follow method and dosages. Interestingly, some of these pills offer versatile effects benefitting sperm production, erectile health, and performance.  

Overall, semen boosters are smartly assisting men dealing with fertility problems all across the world. The efficacy of these agents and their safety ideally replace surgery or conventional treatment plans that cost a ton. 

What affects your sperm volume?

Poor sperm count refers to oligospermia in the medical term. The normal sperm density is 75 million sperm/milliliter, while a drop beneath 15 million sperm/milliliter counts as low. According to health experts, poor sperm volume contributes to male infertility and is hence, one of its prominent reasons.  

Factors responsible for the disruption in sperm production can be related to lifestyle, environmental, or health.

Some of these are:


Research suggests that overweight men are at higher risk for poor sperm volume by 11%. Not only that, their likelihood of releasing no seminal discharge stands at 39% at the time of ejaculation. 

Likewise, the percentage of poor sperm count goes up to 42% in obese individuals. Their risk of making no sperm records at 81% when compared to males with a healthy BMI


Men that have dealt with testicular signs or injury could produce less semen. Besides, medical problems such as Klinefelter syndrome, cancer treatment, brain surgery, varicocele, STIs, and cystic fibrosis can have their role. Any surgery relating to the reproductive system like testicular or bladder surgery can also affect its growth


Overheating the testicles in any way or form can shut down the making of sperm. Essentially, overheating occurs as a result of excessive hot baths, sauna, cooking, grilling, riding a bicycle and so. Work-related exposure to pesticides or radiation from X-ray too, takes a toll on the growth

Unhealthy habits:

Anything in excess is dangerous and so alcohol, smoking, and drugs are no exception.  Health experts claim that following these habits does not always cause temporary harm to your fertility. Their damaging effects on overall reproductive health are sometimes permanent and irreversible as well.  

Another similar practice that also damages the growth, quality, and count of semen is the use of anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are the substances that aid in packing on muscles for mass gainers and sportsmen. The so-called support does more harm to men than the good they actually resort to. 

History suggests that the use of anabolic steroids ultimately shrinks testicles and lowers the sperm count. Thereby, one must always avoid or turn to natural alternatives for safer achievement of fitness goals 

What are the treatment plans for low sperm count?

It is natural to feel alarmed after your partner fails to conceive despite your repeated attempts. This is a great warning to take more seriously unless there is noticeable pain or swelling encompassing the testicle region.  

In general, the doctor examines the genitals and seeks answers pertaining to any condition leading to the concern. He or she could also take note of sexual practices, development, or issues related to sexual function. 

In case of need, the doctor will suggest tests like semen analysis or additional tests like:

  • Scrotal ultrasound
  • Hormone testing
  • Genetics tests
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Anti-sperm antibody tests
  • Transrectal ultrasound

Once the diagnosis is made, the treatment plan generally revolves around the following:


This is the most expensive yet effective form of treatment. It involves fixing the swollen veins in the scrotum or removing any obstruction in the reproductive tract surgically. While going under the knife sounds like some quick relief to the problem, it brings pain and demands rigorous aftercare 


At times, doctors detect some infection in the reproductive area. And so, it is common for them to prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics can treat infections; however, these drugs may or may not help with fertility


This method addresses fertility in certain problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Early Ejaculation. Besides, there are medications aiming similar purpose as well. On an average, sex therapists charge $120-$180 per 45-60 minute session from a particular client. The rate tends to double when you seek therapy for couples. So counseling is effective but not budget-friendly for all

Hormone replacement:

At times, high or poor amounts of some hormones like testosterone fuel infertility. This is when this method comes in handy. Generally, it is highly effective for the patients. However, it carries great health risks with the possibility to root side effects

Can Sperm Booster Pills help Improve Male fertility?

Essentially, the overall judgment over sperm boosters for male fertility is positive. Health experts do vouch for some ingredients in certain dosages for increasing semen volume and fertility at large. 

For example, supplements containing Vitamin C have been found to boost sperm count and motility by 100% and 92% respectively. The very vitamin was found to decrease deformed sperm cells by 55%. Likewise, researchers claim that supplements containing zinc can largely elevate sperm volume by 74%. This is substantial for men dealing with fertility concerns. 

Many other studies on agents like tribulus terrestris, Maca, and amino acids have convincing results for sperm concentration and quality. Some of these have been found to multiply the quantities of sperm/ml of sperm. Experts suggest that a boost in sperm concentration is a direct boost in fertility 

How the top semen ejaculation pills were ranked?

Frankly speaking, we have a strong grip on the male enhancement market. We personally evaluate every product that is already a part or is newly launched. Our ruling has never been partial in any way or form. We have always prioritized certain factors looking from the consumers’ viewpoint. 

The products we vouch for are not some ordinary products. But tools that checks our criterion for a recommendable dietary formula. 

Our main focus has always been quality and safety however, we further assess areas like:

  • Purity of the formula
  • Researched-based natural ingredients
  • Delivery of results 
  • Reputable manufacturers
  • No side effects 
  • Customer ratings and feedback
  • Money Back Guarantee 
  • Quality and safe mechanism

Natural ways to produce more semen

From the start, men have been following some old wives’ tales to increase their seminal discharge. However, there has never been an assurance for any of these to actually work! 

Thankfully, here are some natural tips that are sure to work. 

These are:

  1. Make sure you are taking enough rest
  2. Say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco-products
  3. Take a diet high in nutritious value
  4. Have foods that supplies antioxidants
  5. Take every measure to control your weight
  6. Stress can hamper your sperm production, avoid
  7. Follow a sedentary lifestyle
  8. Avoid multiple sex partners to keep yourself from STIs
  9. Vitamin D is important. Make sure you are getting enough
  10. Try natural semen boosters 

Final Conclusion

Problems with fertility can definitely affect that special bond you have with your loved one. It is a problem that not only demands special attention, but immediate attention too. 

Indeed, there are therapies, medicines, and some natural tips to give your fertility a much-needed kick. However, you can always count on some natural semen booster when things don’t go as planned!