Best DIY Ideas for Flower Vases

Flower vases perfectly amps-up your entire home decor! They add that personalized touch and beautiful vibe to your place and interior. And when these vases come from your creativity, they indeed change the whole look and feel of your home.

You can easily choose your vase from online and offline stores depending on the type of look you want to go with. But, more interestingly, you can make and decorate your flower vase with mason jars, milk bottles, wine bottles, drinking glasses etc. Suppose you want a more artistic and creative look. In that case, you can skillfully decorate these jars and bottles with fairy lights, paints, and other decorative articles.

A flower vase is generally kept on the floors (comparatively much more extensive and with a heavier base), a centr table, a dining table, entry tables, on the bookshelves, desks, cabinets, and office tables. You can choose its colors, materials, and texture according to the flowers and your interior. 

Are you prepping for a little home gathering for your friends and family? And you are a big fan of DIY things? This time, give your home a more creative and artistic look by changing some flower vases with self-decorated milk bottles, mason jars, wine bottles, watering cans, and drinking glasses. Use these old items and give a revamped look to your home!

These DIY ideas will notch up the look of your entrance, dining hall, living room, and bedrooms. Make your home interior fun, bright, and vibrant with these ideas! Also, order the best, most lovely, and most suitable flowers for your new DIY vase from reputed online portals. Get easy Flowers Delivery In Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, and many more cities!

Some of the most loved ideas are listed below: 

Old Wine Bottles:  

You can upcycle the old wine bottles and make the perfect flower vase for your entrance or side tables. To match the aesthetic look of your interior, you can decorate them with fairy lights, foils, and paints to add a fun look and feel. These wine bottles look so fantastic and are a great and popular option for flowers with much longer stems. Add the vintage vibe to your next house party with these wine bottles turned flower vases! You can also decorate your office desk with such wine bottles!

Drinking Glasses and Mugs:

Add cute vibes to your place by turning drinking glasses and mugs into flower vases. They fit perfectly with the short-stem flowers, ready to add that cutesy vibe to your office desks and tables. You can also use them in pairs on the garden tables or on your patio to add that fresh and lovely vibe while you sip the morning coffee with your loved ones!

Mason jars:

Mason jars, too, add that lovely vibe when paired with flowers. They will bloom the entire home interior when kept on side tables in the living room! If you are looking for that beautiful authentic look for your house, turn mason jars into the most fantastic flower vase for your living room! Add paints and designs (Like polka dots and checks) to the jar-turned flower glass vase for the perfect classic touch to your interior.

Milk Bottles:

Have lots of milk bottles lying around the house? Make flower vases out of it! They look perfect on dining tables. Cover them with thick threads or ribbons and make them align with the color scheme of your home. Perfect to keep long-stemmed flowers, they look fantastic when placed on garden coffee tables and patios!

Watering Cans:

Want to add a vibrant touch to your house? Or having a pastel-themed party this weekend? Replace your old vases with the old light and bright-coloured watering cans, and add that perfect touch to your interior! Watering cans turned flower vases look perfect on entrance tables or swinging outside the doors.

If you love these ideas, you can start turning your home into a more artistic and creative place (or, more excitingly, a personal art gallery) with some of these ideas. Along with these ideas, you can also go for self-made paintings, DIY Curtains, wall hangings, and much more! Explore it and add the most authentic touch to your place with these beautiful ideas! 

Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash