Bathmate Unbiased Reviews – Bathmate Hydromax Pump Results, How to Use, Before and After

This Bathmate review states the genuine results of Bathmate pumps from users that have personally followed the course. These results basically reveal the reality behind the claims of its manufacturers who believe that this natural strategy can create a major difference in your penile length and erectile functioning.  Click Here to Visit Official Bathmate Website

Does your performance lack spark under the sheets? If yes, are you keen to ramp up your performance game? If yes, Bathmate is the right solution for you. The 2006s launch has always been in the top charts in the male enhancement industry. People all across the globe trust Hydropump technology to grow their penile length and gain harder and longer erections.

Read the write-up to grasp the idea revolving around the mechanism of Bathmate pumps. It will further assist you to set expectations that are real and likely to materialize from the male enhancement.

What is Bathmate?

Bathmate is a powerful penis extension device that aims to enlarge your member while ensuring rock-hard erections. It’s a cylinder-like tube that utilizes the power of vacuum to attract a healthy blood supply in the reproductive area. As the blood enters the penile tissues through a balanced level of suction, the male organ gets bigger and harder. 

Bathmate Pros and Cons


  • It is a fast, successful, and safe method to gain 1-4” length and 25-35% width
  • It utilizes Hydro Science Technology that generates effects that stay for 8-12 hours
  • It draws blood in the sexual organs that allow solid and longer erections 
  • It prevents premature ejaculations and helps with penile curvature
  • The penile device is highly advantageous for the novice and experienced 
  • It contributes to higher sexual stamina and all-night staying power
  • The penis enlargement pumps are highly effective for erectile dysfunction
  • The mechanism of Bathmate pumps is extremely user-friendly and painless
  • It has a silicone foundation that suits every skin including sensitive
  • The overall Bathmate pumps have a 92% efficacy rate
  • It has free shipping for every buyer across the world
  • Aspen experimental studies validate its efficacy and comfort 
  • The fast acting formula takes 10-12 minutes to generate maximum effects
  • For permanent gains, users encourage the use for at least 8 weeks 
  • The pumps come in various size ranges to accommodate every user
  • You can use the Bathmate pumps with or without water
  • It has 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee and 2-year long warranty


  • It is not available at any retailer but only at its official website
  • The market has similar products at a much cheaper rate. However, these pumps lack the level of quality, results, and safety offered through Bathmate
  • Excess use of more than 15 minutes a day can lead to complications 

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Bathmate Reviews

Essentially, Bathmate pumps categorize into three main types that have been launched with the passage of time. The initial launch revolves around basic pumping science. 

The first Hydropump from Bathmate was launched in 2006 by the UK-based manufacturers. According to them, their contraption encompasses a safe design and premium grade quality that meets international standards. To provide maximum value, these dedicated producers use skin-friendly silicone, superior stainless steel, and highly powerful polycarbonate. 

In general, you should use the penis pump 5-7 times a week in the shower or bathtub. To get the most from Bathmate hydro, you can use it for 10-15 minutes a day. As per experts, it is the most convenient and safer way to generate faster results. These results not only favor people unsatisfied with their penile length, but with sexual performance as well. 

Bathmate Pumps

The remaining series utilize the might of technological advancements to optimize results. 

Bathmate Hydro Series

Hydro Series was the first ever concept of hydropump in the male enhancement market. It is an extremely successful, powerful tool that literally altered the dynamics of the penis enlargement process. Essentially, it focuses on all night stamina, unbeatable performance, and bigger penile length

Bathmate HydroMax Series

HydroMax is the advanced version of Hydro pump that brings added safety, comfort, and effectiveness on board. At present, it is the most sought-after hydropump in the world holding a record of more than 1 million users. Essentially, the series involve 5 different models for different lengths of penile. Based on your size, you can add extra inches and sustain stronger in bed

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Series

Hydroxtreme was launched with a more progressive approach in 6 different size ranges to deal with size-related dilemmas in men. The contraption comes with a handball attachment that aims to increase or decrease the pressure as you pump. This approach largely favors a larger and thicker member that performs with higher sexual potency. 

How to use Bathmate?

Essentially, there are some simple guidelines to use the penis enlargement pump and make your experience a more fulfilling one. However, before following these guidelines, it is important to prepare your member for the action ahead. 

At first, make sure to remove all the unwanted public hair encompassing around the area. This will help you build a stronger grip at the base. Rub on some cream over the glans (tip) and base and you are ready to follow the guidelines now. 

  • Let your penis and testicles relax by taking a warm, relaxing shower. In place of showering, you can also sit in the bath tub for some minutes. Once you feel it’s ready, use gentle motions to massage the area that will stimulate blood circulation
  • Thoroughly check that the release valve on the cylinder is shut. Of course, ensuring this is important to keep the water from leakage
  • Fill the tube with water. Now position the flaccid penile inside the chamber keeping its position towards the descending side
  • Slowly push the tube opposite to the public bone. Release the valve so that you can put pressure on the member. As the force around the penis rises, it will gain a false erection
  • Avoid unnecessary movement at this point. If not, you may not be able to keep an absolute seal between the tool and the skin
  • Once the positioning is done, shift the direction of the cylinder somewhat to the upward side
  • This is the time to form the vacuum. For that, place the valve to the open position through putting the tip of the device in the middle position. Through this, the water can easily make its way out of the cylinder
  • Once the valve is set to open, start the pumping process by moving the device upwards and downwards. The gradual shifts of the device create the needed vacuum around the penis that systematically draws blood in the region
  • Avoid over pumping as little to moderate level of pressure will easily do the job. In case of Hydromax Xtreme ( the one with hand pump), gradually pump to a point the bellows get depressed
  • Every Bathmate hydro pump entails a design that offers maximum comfort. And so, they release the pressure through a very systematic mechanism. Despite attention to every detail, the manufacturers encourage 5 minutes break in between its overall 15 minutes usage per session

Bathmate Reviews Before and After

Bathmate is a result-oriented device in the male enhancement market that aims to improve your reproductive health, functioning, and performance. It focuses on the very basic and disturbing sexual problems that commonly prevail in men of all age groups. The pumps utilize Hydro Science Technology that combine comfort to facilitate the growth and engorgement of the member. Apart from size, the method assists problems with weak erections or worst, erectile dysfunction. 

Yes, the superior-grade product uses advanced science to promote healthy distribution of blood to the tissues in the reproductive area. This, in turn, eases the symptoms like soft erection and premature ejaculation associated with Erectile Dysfunction.  

Now Bathmate is the first ever Hydropump to enter a market full of unpromising male enhancements. These male enhancements in the form of pills, gels, and tools target specific problems responsible for dipping the performance bar. 

For example, some of these target poor penile size whereas others promise to deal with erectile-related problems. Sadly though, many of these are failures owing to their ineffective techniques, substandard ingredients, and untested procedures. 

Bathmate hydromax is more like a versatile approach that comes with a solid concept and backing from authentic research. This concept is about ‘pressure’ to fill in the open spaces of the corpora-cavernosa with blood through pumping. The delivery of blood elongates the member leading to erections that feel rigid and intense. Interestingly, researchers have conducted quality trials on the mechanism of Bathmate pumps and have determined its success. Not just that, they further encourage the practice for fast and impressive results in men.  

Bathmate has been used by men all across the world. Overall, the majority praises its penis enlargement effects claiming it to be a game changer. According to them, 15 minutes of pumping for at least 3 times a week delivered unbelievable improvements in their length. 

They also believe that Bathmate Before and After have upgraded their entire sexual game for good. Their average growth in length was 2” in an 8 week period, whereas changes in the width were 20-25%. 

Besides the gains, men claim to benefit in areas like erectile health and performance. Many of them added that the use of Bathmate significantly helped them get and keep an erection time and again. Their stamina was high and their pleasure was beyond satisfaction throughout the lovemaking session.  

Bathmate Results

In this section, we will state some genuine Bathmate unbiased reviews by users that have followed the course religiously. This is from Carlyle- a 42 year old married man who decided to use Bathmate pump and share his experience with men suffering in silence. 

Hey, it’s Carlyle and I am a married man who bonds well with my partner. Fortunately, we have always enjoyed a colorful sexual life. But things shifted from good to bad gradually in my late thirties. Honestly, I could feel my sex drive declining, erections getting softer and losing faster than the usual. 

While it never affected me in my younger years, I felt that my 5.16” (13cm) erect penile length was insufficient. Strangely, everything started becoming a ‘problem’ for me and I could feel the tension between us in intimate moments. 

This is when I started searching things on internet (first time) and Bathmate was the only product I could understand. Undeniably, the method and the safety was something I was willing to invest at and so, I ordered Bathmate Hydromax5. 

My order came in discreet packaging, which I am quite thankful about. Being a private and rather shy person, I didn’t feel the need to share it with my partner. 

After inspecting the overall contraption and watching tutorials to use it correctly, my experience with the device went as:

Bathmate Before and After 3 months

So here I would like to mention the brilliant quality of this pump first. Even though, I have never tried any pump, let alone hydro pump before, I feel this one is powerful!

From comfort padding and to its easy-to-adjust pressure system, everything was up to the mark. 

Now, since I don’t have a bathtub at my place, my simple option was using in shower. In the first two-three attempts, it took me time with the adjustments and all. But then things became easier and better. 

Well, the effects of using Bathmate pump were quite instant. In fact, I received results in terms of slight elongation and sexual stamina in the very first trial. This was surely a definite boost for me to continue the use more often. 

I remember using my hydro pump 6 times a week for the first 1 month. The changes I would feel from the use were the kick I needed to reclaim my old, masculine self!

  By the end of 3 months, the changes were impressive enough to come to her knowledge. She expressed how hard I would feel to her that was similar to the times we were young. My sexual energy was high and I could hold my erections longer than ever. 

Bathmate Before and After 6 months

Bathmate was and will always be a great decision I took for my confidence. It works and it works for the best. From a user perspective, it gave me more than I asked for. It made my cock feel thicker and there was a definite growth of 2.5 inches in my erect length.

By the end of 6 months, I was able to perform just like my younger self. I was more interested in sex and my sexual energy was incomparable. The main difference I noticed before and after the use of Bathmate was in the intensity of the orgasmic pleasure. 

No doubt, orgasms are orgasms and there is nothing such as high or low about it. But the ones I started experiencing after the use of Bathmate are difficult to put into words. They were extreme and would last for a bit longer than before. Throughout the course, it did not exhaust my penis nor led to any discomfort or pain. 

So yes, Bathmate was more than just growing my penis. It is more of a vitality boost any guy would love to possess!

Bathmate Unbiased Reviews

The success rate of Bathmate has always been unbeatable by rivals who stepped in to offer similar value. However, people that have personally experienced the hydro technology and comfort associated with Bathmate can differentiate this value against other penis pumps including air pumps. 

To add to your results, we suggest you pick the one that rightly fits your size. Thankfully, the quality product accommodates every size and offers a range of colors for you to get your right one. Besides, you can incorporate some frequent massaging and penis enlargement exercises like jelqing to turn your regimen more productive.