Barbie Movie Spurs ‘Emotional Support’ Doll Trend, Psychologists Applaud

Upon its release alongside Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, doubts lingered about whether the Barbie movie would attract even a modest theater audience, let alone achieve success. However, it ultimately proved to be just as successful as Oppenheimer in theaters. Fans even dubbed this phenomenon as “Barbenheimer” given how the two movies were on the completely opposite spectrum. Now, more than two months after its release, the movie is again in the news, and for a surprising reason. What is it? Keep reading to find out the details!

Fans Connect With Their Inner Child With Barbie Doll

The Greta Gerwig movie after its release didn’t just set massive records at the box office but also led to a spike in sales of the Barbie dolls. Moreover, it has inspired some amazing conversations regarding mental health and childhood. Now, on social platforms like TikTok, fans are documenting themselves purchasing Barbie as an emotional support doll.

Several fans are seen scouting the toy aisles section picking out Barbies that connect with them. These fans unbox them, stroke them with care, and feel like children again. Many related to the feeling of connecting with their inner child and spoke about it in the comments.

One fan said,

“I bought my baby daughter her first Barbie. It meant so much for me to get it for her. I bought myself a Barbie too a few days ago, and I think something in me changed forever.”

Another agreed with the general sentiment in the comments section stating,

“The way everyone, no matter if you are a child or a grown adult, strokes a Barbie’s hair after unpacking it.”

Not just that, many social media users even presented Barbies to their friends and parents, after learning they never played with one as a kid. In a popular TikTok video, a young teen surprised her mother with a Barbie which was clearly a tear-jerker.

But, is looking at Barbie as an emotional support companion the right thing? Well, experts do think so!

Experts Agree Barbie Movie Has Helped Adults

An Indiana-based psychology professor at Franklin College, Kristin Flora, feels this can help address depression. According to the professor, the Barbie movie has helped people realize how crucial it is to play, even in adulthood.

She further explained, “We have quite a bit of research that shows the benefits of play for children. But increasingly, we have scientific evidence that play is beneficial for adults as well, especially in the mental health realm. Some of the research suggests that it can help stave off depression. It can help us build a sense of optimism, which is really important when things are uncertain. It can help us decide what disposition to take as we live through unprecedented times.”

The Barbie movie and the nostalgia it brings along has surely helped many focus on their inner child. Moreover, remembering the comfort of the past also aids mental health.

So, have you ever played with a Barbie? Do you think it really serves as an emotional support doll? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with Urban Matter for the latest news!