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The open-air Bank Of America Stadium, designed explicitly for football, features natural grass and several unique elements that make it one of a kind. If you have tickets for any show or game to attend at the venue this year, ensure that you also book your Bank Of America Stadium parking at the earliest. As you must be aware, game-day traffic can cause congestion and delays, which might prevent you from making it to the even on time. So to avoid the troubles and last-minute parking hassles, reserve your parking at Bank Of America Stadium prior to the event for smooth parking on the event day. Game-day traffic is unavoidable as thousands of people from all parts of the country flock to see the anticipated matches during the seasonal games. To avoid such inconveniences, the best option is to secure yourself a Bank Of America Stadium pass as soon as possible for the event you wish to attend.  

How To Buy Bank Of America Stadium Parking

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The Bank Of America Stadium parking area has over 30,000 parking spaces within walking distance. If you wish to reserve your spot at these lots, you need to book your Bank Of America Stadium parking lot before it’s too late, as even parking spaces tend to sell out. Also, parking availability usually depends on the type of event held at the stadium, so keep yourself updated to make an informed choice. You’ll also find several Bank Of America Stadium garage parking options around the venue if you’re looking for covered parking. The stadium also provides ADA parking, but they’re available on a first-come, first-come served basis, and you’re required to have a placard. So if you’re someone who needs an accessible parking space, you should arrive early at the venue and reserve the best spot ahead of others. Of course, it’s fun attending concerts and watching games live, but tickets are not the only thing you need to purchase early, as parking tickets count too. Hence, if you’re all prepared with your tickets for the anticipated event this year, the next step is to book a Bank Of America Stadium parking pass. 

Bank Of America Stadium, opened in 1996, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, at 800 South Mint Street. Originally, it was named Ericsson Stadium, but after Bank of America purchased the naming rights, it changed its name in 2004. The open-air football stadium is home to NFL’s Carolina Panthers and MLS Charlotte FC. Aside from being home to two major sports teams, the venue hosts the annual collegiate Duke’s Mayo Bowl and Duke’s Mayo Classic featuring teams from the SEC, ACC, and the Big Ten Conference. The stadium is one of the popular sports venues in the city, making it crucial to book your Bank Of America Stadium parking pass at the earliest opportunity, as even parking lots are taken in no time when significant events are held. Also, if there’s a specific Bank Of America Stadium parking area where you want to park your car, purchasing your tickets online is better. You can use the interactive map to choose exactly where you want to park. That way, even on the event day, you will know which gate to take and can also select the easiest route to the venue. Bank Of America Stadium club parking option is also available for guests looking for less crowded parking areas. 

The Bank Of America Stadium is commonly referred to as “BOA” by fans. Its architecture features several unique details, such as three massive main entrances, 6 light domes, and the incorporation of the team’s uniform color into the seating area. The stadium’s construction cost was over $248 million, and several changes over the years have been made to enhance the fan’s game-day experiences. Being a unique stadium, it boats 151 luxury suites and seats 74,867 for American football and 38,000 for soccer games and can further be expanded to accommodate 74,867 guests. Aside from being the Panthers’ headquarters and hosting their home games every season, the stadium has also hosted the 1996 NFC Championship Game, ACC Championship Games, several East Carolina Pirates games, the North Carolina-NC State football rivalry matches, and the NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship. Since the stadium is often busy hosting events throughout the year, you can expect to see some entertaining live shows at the stadium in the coming days and months. 

For fans of the Panthers’ eagerly awaiting the team’s home games, ensure that you book your Bank Of America Stadium parking space as soon as you get your tickets for the upcoming matches. Parking lots tend to be overcrowded before the event begins. If you can’t miss out on the fun, plan to arrive an hour or two early at the venue, as Bank Of America Stadium parking lots are open to the public two or three hours before the event starts. Several prominent artists have also performed at the venue, including Billy Joel, Kenny Chesney, and The Rolling Stones. Also, if you’re a concert-goer, you’d be thrilled to know that several artists will be making notable stops at the venue during their ongoing and upcoming tours, which include Elton John’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour,” Garth Brooks’ “The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour,” and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “2022 Global Stadium Tour.” Not only that but several other exciting events are also lined up for the year, so don’t miss the fun and book your parking passes soon.

Bank Of America Stadium VIP Parking 

So you want easy access to the parking lot? Then without thinking twice, get your hands on a Bank Of America Stadium VIP parking pass. That’s right! With your VIP pass, you can gain access to a VIP entrance and park your car at the best parking lot in the venue.

How Much Does Bank Of America Stadium VIP Parking Cost?

Usually, you find Bank Of America Stadium VIP parking tickets starting as low as $41, and prices can go up to $76 or more based on the event. 

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