Australia’s Best Free Pokies: Where Entertainment Comes at No Cost

It’s no secret that Aussies love pokies. People in Australia are very keen on playing pokie machines in casinos and gaming venues all throughout the country. They’re also into playing digital versions of pokies at online casinos. Around a third of Aussie adults gamble regularly and while playing lotteries is the most common type of gambling, playing pokies is the second. If you want to play some of these games yourself, you’ll be pleased to learn they can be played for free.

Playing Online Pokies for Free at Casino Sites

At nearly every online casino in Australia, demo play is available. This is a special mode that lets players have as many turns of a game as they like without having to pay. There are several key advantages to using demo play:

  • Players can get used to a game and understand its rules.
  • Players can practise decision-making for games such as blackjack and poker where decisions can affect the game’s outcome.
  • Players can try out different games and see which ones they prefer before deciding which ones they want to play for real money.

Demo play is essentially a preview. When you play free pokies, you get a taste of what the games are like without having to make any sort of financial investment. At some casinos, you can only play in demo mode once you’ve registered and become a member. At others, anyone who visits the site can play free games; they don’t need to have joined the casino.

If an online casino offers demo play, it should be available for all the site’s pokie games. It’s usually the case that demo play is available for all of a casino’s games except live ones. If you enjoy playing free pokies, be sure to take advantage of demo play and try free table games too.

Other Sites That Offer Free Play

Online casinos aren’t the only sites that offer free pokie games. There are lots of third-party sites that are dedicated to gambling that offer information and resources such as game guides and casino reviews. Some of these sites host free versions of pokies and other games that players can have a go at for free. There’s no need to create an account or download any software; players can load the game and play it without paying whenever they like.

If you want to play free pokies online Smartpokies for free is a top choice. This is a great example of an independent, third-party site that focuses on gambling but doesn’t offer any actual real-money gambling opportunities. Its purpose is to help players find the best casinos and the most suitable games to play.

Who Should Take Advantage of Free Play?

There are millions of Aussies who enjoy playing online pokies for real money. These games are meant for real-money gambling, so who is free play aimed at? Here’s a rundown of groups of people who may be more likely to use demo play for pokies and other casino games.

  • Beginners Who Aren’t Sure How Pokies Work. Those who are new to the world of online pokies should make the most of demo play. Thanks to this, newbies can see what pokies are like and learn how they work without having to pay a cent. They can learn the basics and see some special features in action, such as free spins, wild symbols, pick-me games and more.
  • Players Looking to Try New Games. Many seasoned players don’t necessarily gamble their money on brand-new games. Instead, they’ll try out these new releases for free in demo play to see what they’re like. If a player likes a newly released pokie, they’ll probably then switch to playing it with real money.
  • Anyone Who Finds Casino Games Fun. Online casino games are mostly about gambling, but they don’t always have to be about gambling. While it’s true that most people play them hoping to win real money, you can still have fun playing them for free. Many players enjoy this because there’s no risk involved and they still find the gaming aspect of the pokie entertaining and amusing.

Things to Remember About Free Play

Playing free pokies online can be worthwhile. But, there are a few things you should bear in mind before you start taking advantage of demo play. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, though it’s important you’re aware of the negative aspects of free play.

  • You Can’t Win Real Money. Since virtual currency is used in demo play, there’s no real money involved at all. When you play free pokies and other games, it doesn’t affect your online casino balance at all. It doesn’t matter if you make a loss but at the same time, any winnings you earn aren’t real. When playing free pokies, keep your expectations in check and don’t treat any ‘wins’ as proper wins, because they’re not.
  • You Can Still Become Addicted. Being addicted to free games isn’t as bad as being addicted to real-money games. However, it can still be a problem. Any type of game, whether it’s free or not, can become addictive and take up too much of your time. Make sure that when you come to play pokies for free, you limit your gaming session. Websites such as offer plenty of help and resources for those affected by gambling problems of any kind.
  • Winning Isn’t a Guarantee of Success When Playing for Real Money. It’s important to understand that all casino games have an element of luck to them. There’s never a way to guarantee a win since luck always has a role to play. If you get lots of virtual ‘wins’ when playing for free, this doesn’t mean you’ll win when playing the same game for real money.

Top Pokies to Play for Free

Aussies have access to thousands upon thousands of exciting, entertaining and thrilling pokie games. Nearly all of these can be played for free online. If you’re keen to play some free pokies with no download required, check out this page: Australia’s Most Exclusive Free Pokies to Have a Great Time. You’re sure to find some great online pokies to play here. For more options, check out our table of recommended pokie games below.


Cash VaultNetGame96.24%Medium243 ways to win, free spins, respins
Book of Tut MegawaysPragmatic Play96%HighMegaways, special expanding symbol, free spins
ReactoonzPlay’n GO94.51%HighCluster wins, cascades, extra wilds, symbol transformations
Sizzling EggsWazdan96.14%Player ChoosesFree spins with multipliers, extra cash prizes and jackpots


These are just a very small number of the many free pokies Australia has to offer. Join any online casino and you’ll have instant access to a huge number of pokie games. Visit a third-party site and there won’t be as many, but there should still be enough you can play for free.

Finding the Right Pokie to Play

There are so many online pokies you can play in Australia that finding the right ones to play can be difficult. But, it doesn’t have to be. Pokies come in a practically endless range of themes and they have all sorts of features. When it comes to finding your ideal pokie, all you have to do is think about what type of pokie would appeal to you most. There are bound to be plenty of pokie games that suit your tastes.

Here are a few factors to think about when looking through pokies to play.

  1. RTP. Every online casino game has an RTP. This is a figure that’s displayed as a percentage. It represents a game’s average long-term payout. The higher it is, the more the game should pay you. Most online pokies have an RTP of around 96% or so.
  2. Volatility. This refers to how often a pokie pays out and how big its average payouts are. If you prefer less risky gameplay, choose low volatility pokies as these should give you smaller wins quite regularly. High volatility pokies, on the other hand, tend to give larger payouts but not as often. Then there are medium volatility pokies, which are somewhere in between the other two.
  3. Special Features. Most online pokies have some special features. These can include but aren’t limited to, free spins, pick-me games, progressive jackpots, Megaways, sticky wilds, wild reels, multipliers and more. For action-packed gameplay, play pokies with lots of features.
  4. Theme. There’s no limit to the themes that pokies can come in. That’s part of what makes them such great casino games to play. Scroll through a casino’s pokie collection and you’re bound to find some pokies with themes that appeal to you.

With demo play, Aussies can play pokies for free as much as they like. This is great because it means someone who wants to play casino pokies doesn’t necessarily have to gamble with real money. Demo play is ideal for beginners, people looking to sample new games and anyone who wants to play for fun with no gambling involved. Make the most of demo play and enjoy spinning the reels of top pokie games for no cost at all.