Austin’s Top 5 Bar Stools

In the heart of Austin, Texas, known for its electrifying music scene, dynamic nightlife, and diverse range of bars, choosing the right bar stools is key to enhancing the overall ambiance. The correct choice in bar stool not only complements the unique style of each establishment but also ensures comfort, making bars in Austin more appealing to both locals and tourists. This careful selection can transform any Austin bar into a sought-after spot for socializing and enjoyment.

Art Leon Velvet Swivel Bar Stool

Price: $179.99

Overall Dimensions: 19.29″W x 19.091″L x 38.19″H

Seating Dimensions: 19.29″W x 15.35″L x 28.94″H

bar stools

Art Leon’s Velvet Bar Stool collection combines style and durability, ideal for Austin bars. These stools feature luxurious, plush velvet upholstery in various colors, offering both comfort and elegance. Designed to withstand busy environments, they boast a sturdy frame and high-quality fabric for long-lasting appeal.

Best Button-tufted Velvet Bar Stool 

Price: $149.99

Overall Dimensions: 20.28″W x 20.08″L x 38.98″H

Seating Dimensions: 19.09″W x 16.14″L x 30.51″H

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The first on the list is the Art Leon button-tufted velvet bar stool. It is a beautiful addition to any modern or contemporary setting. It has sleek gold legs, a convenient footrest, and adjustable feet, giving it a rich and comfortable feel. It is well-designed with a 360-degree swivel function with fluid movement and requires little to no effort to turn.

This piece is loved for its timeless, elegant look, which the velvet material gives off. It is very soft on the skin, giving you a wholesome feeling of comfort. Enjoy the overhead curved shape, wide seat, and soft padded seat for cushion.

Available in a variety of colors, they can seamlessly blend with any bar’s interior design, enhancing the overall ambiance.

The Best Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

Price: $159.99

Overall Dimensions: 19.49″W x 19.69″L x 33.46-41.53″H

Seating Dimensions: 19.45″W x 15.35″L x 23.42″-31.49″H


Wooden Bar Stool

This adjustable bar stool stands out for its luxurious faux leather used for the seat, which gives an expensive look and a soft feel. It is hot selling furniture, with satisfied users describing it as sturdy and comfortable to sit down for hours. 

It is effortless to assemble, and it takes less than 10 minutes to get this beauty standing and ready for use. Its adjustable height and footrest are perfectly sized to prevent scuffing the island counter’s walls. The footrest swivels along with the stool, making it very comfortable to sit comfortably and relax while using this stool. 

They are light, easy to move around when cleaning, yet sturdy enough to prevent easy spoilage or tipping over. This stool is built with a strong headrest, making it a perfect choice for long talks, a light meal, or a drink. One user described this piece as “furniture made for adults; its seats are comfortable and wide enough for adults to sit comfortably.” 

The Best Barstool with Open Backrest

Price: $149.99

Overall Dimensions: 18.11″W x 18.70″L x 33.86″-42.91″H

Seating Dimensions: 12.20″W x 15.55″L x 24.00″-31.89″H


This is the best choice for a bar stool with an open backrest. They are luxury bar stools with a new, sturdy, strong base. The usual 15.16″ base diameter was upgraded to 16.14″, making it larger and safer. The base is made with a rubber-like material to prevent scratches on the floor and limit noises. 

It is a perfect addition to kitchen counters, and regardless of your counter height, this bar stool can be adjusted from 24″ to 31.89″ thanks to its built-in gas lift function to fit the height of your counter. It is made with PU material, making it elegant and comfortable, and built with a slightly curved backrest with an open space. 

The Best Wooden Bar Stool

Price: $279.99

Overall Dimensions: 23.43″W x 20.47″L x 38.98″H

Seating Dimensions: 18.30″W x 16.14″L x 30.51″H

Wooden Bar Stool

This bar stool stands out for its frame choice. It is the epitome of elegance, built with a black oak or walker veneer with a curved back and sturdy legs. The cushion is made with faux leather and high-density foam, ensuring no abrasions or irritations to the skin.


Elevating your Austin bar with the best swivel bar stools with backs is an investment in both style and functionality. These stools not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bar but also improve the comfort and experience of your patrons. In a city known for its vibrant bar culture, making the right choice in bar seating can set you apart and create a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.


Photo by: Unsplash