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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to watch an event in the comfort of Atlanta Falcons suites? Just as the name implies, luxury suites are meant to provide the best treatment that allows you to get a taste of luxury. Attend an exciting game like an elite by getting tickets to a special Atlanta Falcons VIP box. Hurry and secure these highly exclusive seating spaces and get the treatment of a star. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the best perks and amenities that’ll make you feel privileged and honored. Don’t delay in reserving these special tickets, for they are prone to sell out fast because of the special experience they provide.

How To Buy Atlanta Falcons Suites & Boxes

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Satisfy your urge for a football game by getting tickets to a game by the Falcons. But it shouldn’t just be any tickets. The tickets to Atlanta Falcons suites will ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll never forget. Based in Atlanta, the Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team belonging to the NFC South division. The team was founded in 1965 and played its first season game the following year, in 1966, at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. The team has made two Super Bowl appearances, but they are yet to win a championship. However, they have won 2 conference championships, 6 division championships, and 14 playoff appearances. 

With luxury suite tickets, you’ll be able to access the privilege of in-suite catering as well as the service of an in-seat attendant who sees to your smooth experience while at the game. Another exciting perk that comes with an Atlanta Falcons VIP box is the VIP club access. You’ll be able to get exclusive access to various clubs and lounges in the venue, depending on the type of suite that you book. There are multiple club options at the venue that offer unique settings and privileges. These clubs include the SunTrust Club, AMG Club, Mercedes-Benz Club, and Gullwing Club. 

There are many reasons that make an Atlanta Falcons VIP box so appealing and enticing. The special perks and privileges that come with these Atlanta Falcons VIP Club seats make them unique and set them apart from any other seating options. There might be slight variations in the perks and amenities depending on the type of suite or event. But the typical amenities that you can expect from a suite ticket include private restrooms, VIP parking at the premium Silver Garage, and a dedicated VIP event entrance that takes you straight to the suite levels. So if you wish to get special treatment while attending a game, you know where to look. 

After playing at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium till 1991, the Atlanta Falcons shifted to Georgia Dome in 1992. It was only in 2017 that the team moved to its current home venue at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This large multi-purpose stadium has the capacity to seat 71000 guests for football games. It opened in 2017 to replace Georgia Dome and lies at 1 AMB Drive Northwest in Atlanta. The venue has hosted several notable events over the years, including the Super Bowl LIII, MLS Cup, Peach Bowl, and more. If you’re interested in exploring the premium amenities and spaces that the stadium has to offer, you’ll be glad to know that the venue offers several Atlanta Falcons suites for a memorable experience. All you have to do is find the best selection and secure a truly special and unique experience. 

The Global Payments Level Suite is a popular Atlanta Falcons VIP box that lies above the 100 seating areas and encircles the whole stadium. They come with a capacity to accommodate up to 18 to 28 guests and include 4 to 5 parking passes. The Field Level Suite features 22 tickets and 5 parking passes. These suites provide the best views of the field as these Atlanta Falcons suites lie closest to the action on raised platforms. The Centennial Suite includes 23 to 27 tickets and 5 VIP parking passes. They are very exclusive, with only 10 suites, and lie above the lower bowl on the visitors’ side of the field.

The Gallagher Level Suite lies right above the 200-level seating sections and comes with 16 to 30 tickets and 4 to 6 parking passes. The most exclusive Atlanta Falcons VIP box at the stadium is the Gullwing Club Suite. Also known as Owners Suites, these premium suites come with 16 to 32 tickets and 4 to 6 parking passes. The Super Suite is the largest Atlanta Falcons VIP box option and comes with 52 to 80 tickets. They are placed above the 200-level seating sections. The Loge Box is the smallest suite option with 4 tickets. They lie below the 100-level suites in the back of the lower bowl and offer exceptional views of the action. 

Also called the Dirty Birds, the Falcons have amassed a huge following. With Arthur Smith as the head coach, NFL fans are quite excited to see the team making an appearance at the upcoming games against their popular rival teams. They have secured intense rivalries with several other football teams, including the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Philadelphia Eagles. See if the team will be playing against their rivals this year. You’ll surely bag a great deal if you buy Atlanta Falcons suites to one of the games with their rivals. As of 2021, the overall win-loss record of the Falcons is 379-487. 

Atlanta Falcons Suites & VIP Box Prices And Details 

How Much Do Atlanta Falcons Suites & VIP Box Cost?  

You’ll find Atlanta Falcons VIP boxes & suites at a cost as low as $10000 to as high as $31000. Luxury suite prices depend on several factors, such as the day of the game and the opponents they’re facing, among others. Individual tickets might also be available for prices between $154 to $790.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Atlanta Falcons Suite & VIP Box?

Each Atlanta Falcons VIP box or suite comes in a different size. The Global Payments Level Suite comes with 18 to 28 tickets, the Gallagher Level Suite includes 16 to 30 tickets, and the Centennial Suite comes with 23 to 27 tickets. The Super Suite features 52 to 80 tickets; the Gullwing Club Suite has 16 to 32 tickets; the Field Level Suite includes 22 tickets, while the Loge Box comes with 4 tickets.