Arrowhead Stadium Parking

Opened 49 years ago, the Arrowhead Stadium, located in Kansas City, Missouri, at 1 Arrowhead Drive, is known as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. It’s not only considered to be one of the most iconic stadiums but also one of the famous stadiums in the NFL. Suppose you’re making plans to visit the stadium this year to attend significant events; ensure that you reserve your parking at Arrowhead Stadium ahead of time to avoid inconveniences. We highly recommend that guests pre-purchase Arrowhead Stadium parking tickets before heading to the stadium. If you’re wondering where to purchase your parking pass for the event, it’s best to get them online. Why? You’ll find several Arrowhead Stadium parking options at varying prices and can compare over a dozen options to choose your preferred parking. Once you reserve your space at the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot online, your parking is guaranteed at your preferred location, and you can rest assured knowing that there’s a space reserved for you. It’s pretty simple! 

How To Buy Arrowhead Stadium Parking

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Purchasing an Arrowhead Stadium parking pass online is much cheaper as there are always exciting deals. You can also purchase your parking tickets at the gate or ticket office on the day of the event, but prices tend to be more compared to online. Also, as the event nears, the prices for Arrowhead Stadium parking tend to fluctuate, so it’s much better to purchase them as soon as possible. You can have tickets for the best seats for the game, but finding suitable parking without a parking pass will be challenging. It’s more beneficial to reserve a parking pass online ahead of the event. Another advantage of purchasing your parking pass for Arrowhead Stadium parking online or prior to the event is that you will know exactly where to park your car. Upon reaching the venue, you can head directly to your reserved lot, saving you both time and money. Also, if there’s a specific parking area where you’d like to park your car, you can always use the interactive map to choose your preferred space at the venue. You’ll also find several Arrowhead Stadium garage parking options if you’re looking for covered parking to keep your car from away from exposure to weather and other elements. 

Arrowhead Stadium took four years to build, and its construction cost was $43 million. The venue was opened to the public in 1972 and is home to Kansas City Chiefs. Since its opening, the venue has been a premier football stadium in the NFL. Being one of the best football stadiums, it also received several awards, such as Gold Award in Hospitality by the IIDA Mid America and Capstone Award in Architectural Design by the Kansas City Business Journal in 2011. No doubt, the stadium attracts thousands of guests from across the country at every event, making it a must to book your Arrowhead Stadium parking pass ahead of the game or concert you’re looking forward to attending. While heading to the stadium, sure you would want to make it on time. But since game-day traffic is unavoidable, plan to arrive early at the venue, especially for families it’s highly recommended so that you won’t have to deal with congestion and delays as it can be pretty bothersome. Once you book your spot at the Arrowhead Stadium parking area, it’s all easy as you will be directed to your designated parking lot. But without one, you might have to drive around the blocks looking for suitable parking, which can be challenging, or at worst, you might even be directed to offsite parking. So if you don’t wish to deal with inconveniences, be well-prepared for the event before driving to the venue. 

In 2021, Arrowhead Stadium was officially named GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium after G.E.H.A, a not-for-profit association, purchased the naming rights. With a seating capacity of 76,416, it stands as the 6th largest NFL stadium and the 27th largest stadium in the U.S. Not only that, but Arrowhead Stadium is also the most prominent sports facility in Missouri. The stadium features 80 luxury suites, and there’s ample parking space for up to 19,000 cars and 400 buses. In the past, Arrowhead Stadium also served as home to MLS Kansas City Wizards. Since the parking and areas around the stadium tend to be fully packed during events, if you’re looking for a parking space with fewer crowds for smooth parking, you can opt for Arrowhead Stadium club parking. Accessible parking space is also available, but they’re obtainable on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to arrive early to book a suitable spot. 

Over the years, the stadium underwent several renovations and expansions to improve its facilities and enhance fans’ game experiences. Several notable events have been held at the stadium since it opened. Arrowhead Stadium hosted the 1974 Pro Bowl, 5 Big 12 Conference football championship games, the annual college football game Fall Classic at Arrowhead, and the 1996 Major League Soccer. Several prominent artists have also performed at the venue, including Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, and Garth Brooks. Each year, aside from hosting the Chief’s home games, the stadium also welcomes several notable events. So, if there’s an event you’re attending in the coming days or months, don’t forget to book your Arrowhead Stadium parking ahead of the event to avoid last-minute parking hassles.

Arrowhead Stadium VIP Parking 

If you dread crowded areas and are looking for quick parking options, you should get yourself an Arrowhead Stadium VIP parking pass. Being a VIP, you can enter the VIP parking lot from a dedicated entrance and park your car at the safest place in the stadium.

How Much Does Arrowhead Stadium Parking Cost?

Typically, you’ll find Arrowhead Stadium VIP parking tickets starting at $36 and could go up to $55 or more. But prices can vary for each event and are subject to change. Prices may also vary depending on the day of the week or other reasons. 

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