Amazing TOP Podcasts about Famous David Bowie

David Bowie is a gorgeous singer who can interest nearly anybody with one’s songs easily. His voice is charming. His performance is the same. Each of his albums is unique and deserves special attention. But, some samples deserve to be reviewed in the first turn. 

We met with writers, critics, musicians, and simply people who are fond of this amazing singer to ask for their own preferences about Bowie’s songs. We got plenty of recommendations about their personal choices of Bowie’s albums. They suggest all other people try too. You can find here both lyrical and entertaining songs that can touch. Transcriberry is a high-quality transcription service that can help you with transcribing audio to text of your favorite songs to get a deep understanding of the essence and even philosophy content these beautiful compositions have. DoFollow this option and get your content transcribed at a good rate and fast. But let’s move to the best podcasts first.

Who Is David Bowie? And Why Is He Special?

David Bowie is a famous British singer, author of famous songs, and also an actor. He was famous during the 1970s and left an amazing heritage of songs. He is considered to be some kind of a transitional personality in the history of the world’s rock. He played with many bands and created amazing songs that attract attention even nowadays. If you are looking through this article, you may surely be a person who explores the style and musical heritage of this famous singer. 

Why He Is Outstanding?

You may wonder why this personality attracts so much attention even nowadays. We can only summarize the most widespread opinions about a famous singer:

  • His life was dedicated to creating and various artistic areas

Bowie was a gifted person who managed to combine interests in drawing, writing, sculpturing, and also songwriting. This non-standard combination may probably be the key to making something extraordinary that attracts interest and which explores the presented artistic content. 

  • Bowie was addicted to innovations

You may probably like seeing something fresh and interesting? Bowie managed to take and develop emerging trends to shape the future of music. The signer even had his own server. 

  • He was a self-made man who ensured his dreams come true

The signer dreamt confidently and managed to turn his dreams into reality. He dreamt about becoming a musician and creating amazing songs. When reviewing his heritage, we can say that he has managed to do this. The singer created his own style and manner of performance that is not like anything else.

  • His confidence and determination attract 

The signer was very purposeful and managed to work a lot, really a lot. He lived with his musical career and worked with 10 bands throughout his life. These are traits that deserve admiration. 

Podcasts about David Bowie We Suggest You Look Through

  • If you are interested in getting a view of the performance this singer has through the years of his life, you may probably want to explore all recordings in one place. So, the collection of beautiful and comprehensive podcasts we have collected for you may help you with that easily.
  • Off the Record

This is an amazing podcast with in-depth music of an extraordinary singer. The podcast presents a view of an iconic signer revealing certain things that were standing behind his hits. This dramatic, extensive, and rich research was made in a storytelling manner. This podcast is like from somebody who knew Bowie best. This podcast contains an enormous number of amazing songs and bonuses that can help reviewers find out more about a singer who is new to them or whom they already love. Explore this podcast to find something special and suitable for your taste. 


This podcast is designated for those who want to explore Bowie’s heritage from its start and up to an end. We think this is one of the most comprehensive collections of his songs. So, you may easily find all his personal stories in one place by switching from one to another easily. This podcast comprises 70+ episodes related to his life. If you find this podcast good, you may spend 40 hours here in total. Looks comprehensive, isn’t it?

The pleasant thing here is that the podcasts comprise pleasant bonuses. Are you interested? Get to this podcast to explore what awaits you there apart from the musical heritage of one of the most famous signers of Great Britain… and the world too.

David Bowie – The Music and the Legacy

Explore this podcast to look at how BBC experts look at the personality and heritage of the famous British singer. You will find out more from people who helped Bowie in making his music. The suggested podcasts evaluate the immense impact of this music on fashion, music, teenagers, culture, and even gender matters. Sounds interacting, doesn’t it? Here you will surely find lots of useful information on the aspects of this singer’s biography that impacted the style and manner of music he left after himself.

Have You Become a Bowies’ Fan Already?

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