Alternative Casino Licenses for UK Players on Gamstop

Gambling is popular all over the world. Some countries have outright banned it while others have decided to take advantage of the taxes that it brings the economy.

It seems to make little sense in preventing people from accessing gambling games legally. Gambling has been in our societies for centuries and laws will not stop the activity from taking place. So creating a licensing system within any given area is certainly a smart approach.

What is a casino licence?

A casino licence shows that a company’s legal and financial situation is up to scratch. They have proved themselves worthy of offering gambling fair games. And they are happy to contribute to the economy where they are based.

A licence gives a country power that a gambling brand cannot ignore. Any illegal action from that brand will result in them losing their licence. And this is a strong deterrent.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The UKGC was introduced with the Gambling Act of 2005. This group is in charge of controlling gambling activity in the UK. In addition, it provides licences to any company that wants to open up in the country.

Introduction of Gamstop

Gamstop is a self-exclusion program that became part of the UKGC laws over the last couple of years. It started in April 2018 and since April 2020, all UK casinos and other gambling brands must be part of the program

As a result, there aren’t any UK-run casinos not on Gamstop.

Gamstop collects a player’s details and shares them across all gambling sites in the UK. It creates a ban from accessing and creating new accounts for a fixed period of time. But you cannot cancel the program before the time is up.

For players who have got their habit in check and want to play again before the end of their exclusion period, they have to play at gambling sites not on Gamstop.

Alternatives to the UKGC licence

For UK players, an offshore site is known as a casino not on Gamstop. 

And casinos not on Gamstop will often accept UK players. This means that it is still possible for a customer in the UK to create a new account and continue gambling. But this isn’t always a negative thing. Some players will seek out a non Gamstop casino for the right reasons.

Welcome offers at these sites can often produce thousands of pounds worth of extra bonus money. This means that you are able to play games for free for a while. It is an attractive way to bring new customers towards a brand. And operators need to do all they can to attract new business.

Another reason why some people had towards non Gamstop casinos is for the range of games.

Some software providers do not hold UK licences. And this means that they cannot provide their games in this area. So you can find many top game companies at casinos not on Gamstop that you just cannot find anywhere else.

Curaçao Gaming Control Board

Curaçao is the most popular casino licence for players that have self excluded via Gamstop.

The small Caribbean island of Curaçao is home to many top gambling brands. The tax laws are very attractive and the licence is recognised throughout the world.

Malta Gaming Authority

Another small island but this time in the Mediterranean. Malta began the Gaming Authority to control its own gambling laws. But over time it gained respect from other areas. And many countries now use this licensing body as their own gold standard.

You will find many Casino operators in the UK that also hold an MGA licence for their offshore side of the business. However, you won’t find a casino with both UKGC and MGA licence offering its offshore brand to UK customers.

Conclusion – Which licence is the best?

Within the UK, many people prefer to play at a site with a UKGC licence. The laws are tough in this area and player protection is high. 

But if you decide to look elsewhere, then both the MGA and Curaçao are decent options. The MGA and UKGC will work more closely to restrict UK players from accessing overseas sites. Whereas Curaçao takes a more lenient approach on this subject.

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