AiresTech Reviews: Is EMF Radiation Protection Really Legit?

AiresTech mitigates the negative effects of EMR. When applied to a phone, computer, headset, or any other wireless device, it is believed to prevent electromagnetic radiation’s negative effects.

Does AiresTech live up to its reputation? How exactly does AiresTech work? Can EMR radiation be stopped with a simple device?

One should continue reading to discover everything needed to know about AiresTech and its operation.

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About AiresTech

AiresTech is a modulation device for EMR.

AiresTech EMR protection devices fall into four distinct categories:

  • Lifetune Device
  • Lifetune Mini / Pet 
  • Lifetune Personal 
  • Lifetune Room


The products of AiresTech are divided into four categories. Some attach physically to a wireless device, preventing radiation from reaching its source. Others are designed for personal protection and may be carried in one’s pocket to defend against radiation. The following is a list of all AiresTech devices and how they function:

Lifetune Device

  • Lifetune Device is the major product offered by AiresTech. It uses EMR modulation technology to lessen the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting circuits.
  • It is directly linked to the device and instantly mitigates the radiation’s harmful effects.

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Key attributes

  • Protects against external damage with a surface layer composed of strong, clear resin.
  • Microprocessor 16S5G has 1,419,857 circular resonators with a range of 6.5 feet.
  • Two resonator antennas with a maximum range harness the power of ambient EMR to power the chip.
  • A layer of infrared absorption that removes the microprocessor’s heat radiation, hence avoiding damage.
  • Self-adhesive coating for one-time usage that secures the gadget to any flat surface.
  • 6,5 feet of effective range
  • When the Lifetune Connection is linked to a wireless device, the resonator antennas absorb electromagnetic radiation in the CPU. The microprocessor utilizes an “attenuator” to depolarize the EMF and its energy level by “producing a holographic electromagnetic wave that cancels itself out.” This wave is believed to reverse and cancel the original energy wave emitted by the EMF source, similar to how noise-canceling headphones function.

Lifetune Mini

  • It is an EMR modulation device meant to shield humans and their pets from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by nearby electronic devices and “electromagnetic smog.” The gadget is durable, waterproof, and designed to accommodate active people and animals.
  • As with all other Aires Tech products, Lifetune Mini / Pet inhibits many forms of wireless radiation, including:
  • 5G\sBluetooth\sLTE\smmW\sWi-Fi
  • It may be attached to a keychain or a pet’s collar for EMR protection.

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Key attributes

  • Two shells made of durable, clear resin protect the gadget from outside harm.
  • Front and rear 16S5G microprocessors equipped with circular resonators
  • A microprocessor’s thermal emission is swallowed by an infrared absorption layer.
  • Two resonator antennas that harness ambient EMR to power the chip
  • The effective range of the Lifetune Mini/Pet from AiresTech is 13 feet.

Lifetune Personal

  • Lifetune Personal is an EMR modulation device. It was created to protect people against the effects of EMR emitted by electrical equipment and electromagnetic pollution.
  • Lifetune Personal blocks the entry of all of the following forms of wireless radiation:
  • 5G\sBluetooth\sLTE\smmW\sWi-Fi
  • This indicates that when an individual wears Lifetune Personal, they are protected from the negative effects of personal communication devices, power lines, common electronics, electromagnetic pollution, and cellular towers.
  • Lifetune Personal has been created to decrease the negative effects of EMR on the person wearing it. A bag is to wear the gadget around the neck. Additionally, it may be stored in a wallet or pocket.
  • Lifetune Mini / Pet has a range of 13 feet, whereas Lifetune Personal has a range of 32 feet. The gadget also features a superior CPU than previous AiresTech devices, having a 64p1S5g microprocessor that is more efficient.

Key attributes

  • Front and rear topological circuits of Aires 64p1S5G microprocessors have 4,161 circularly carved resonators.
  • A microprocessor’s thermal emission is swallowed by an infrared absorption layer.
  • Front and rear range-maximizing resonator antennas that power the chip by accumulating charge from the EMR of the surrounding environment

Lifetune Room

The most effective product offered by AiresTech is Lifetune Room. It provides EMR protection for the whole room. Keep the Lifetune Room in a central location to shield it from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Key attributes

  • Two back-facing Aires microprocessors that reduce the effects of EMR.
  • The microprocessor’s thermal radiation is absorbed.
  • The device is powered by front and rear range-maximizing resonator antennas that collect charge from the ambient EMR.
  • Range effective in 49 feet
  • Additionally, Lifetune Room excels at targeting 4 and 5G networks. Its CPU is 3,2 times more efficient for 4G applications and much more efficient for 5G applications.

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Working of AiresTech

The firm employs nanotechnology to mitigate electromagnetic radiation’s effects. It interacts extremely minutely with electromagnetic radiation (for perspective, a sheet of paper is around 100,000 nanometers thick).

The AiresTech advanced microprocessor plays a special role in radiation blocking and it is preferable to others. The microprocessor is the distinguishing characteristic of AiresTech. AiresTech products utilize both 16S5G and 64p16S5G microprocessors.

Lifetune Device and Lifetune Mini / Pet employ the 16S5G microprocessor, but Lifetune Personal and Lifetune Room use the more powerful and effective 64p16S5G microprocessor.

To produce microprocessors, AiresTech uses a “photomasking etching technology.” In the manufacturing process, advanced microlithography is employed to etch “nano slits” into the CPU. Each nanoslit has up to 1,185,921 circular resonators measuring 0.4 microns in width and 0.8 microns in depth. Considering that the typical width of a human hair is roughly 100 microns, each slit on the AiresTech microprocessor is nearly 200 times smaller than the average width of a human hair.

Additionally, microprocessors differ in how they get power. Each microprocessor utilizes a resonator antenna (or several antennas) to draw the electromagnetic field’s energy into the device, therefore recharging and facilitating its functioning. In other words, AiresTech claims to have pioneered an advanced kind of wireless charging that extracts energy from the air to charge an electronic device – a feature not before seen in consumer electronic products.

The CPU is also an “attenuator.” This attenuator reduces the EMF’s intensity by creating a “holographic electromagnetic wave capable of canceling it.” Just like noise-canceling headphones provide a wave that cancels out noises, the processor in AiresTech devices generates a carefully balanced wave to offset the energy saved released by EMF sources.

Each AiresTech product is constructed using a printed circuit board and a monocrystalline silicon water chip.

Benefits of AiresTech

  • Some are designed to protect a particular device. Others are designed to protect a whole room.
  • The gadget uses patented technology to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The electronics in one’s surroundings generate electromagnetic radiation daily. This radiation has the potential to be harmful. Cell phones, computers, wireless headphones, and other wireless devices create EMR.
  • According to health authorities, this level of radiation is insufficient to harm the human body. Some contend that wireless gadgets increase the risk of cancer and other diseases and cause brain fog and weight gain.
  • AiresTech promises to mitigate the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation at the nanoscale.
  • It is a patent-protected, award-winning gadget that has been independently tested and is compatible with all devices.

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Side Effects

Data-transmitting devices emit EMRs that have adverse effects. AiresTech reduces these adverse effects. Some of the devices include:

  • Cellular and wireless phones
  • Earphones with wireless operation
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Notebooks and Computers
  • Displays and intelligent TVs
  • Wireless baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, and other wireless devices
  • It may be maintained on a keychain at the workplace, in the vehicle, or home.


  • Lifetune device costs $79.95.
  • Lifetune Mini costs $179.99.
  • Lifetune Personal costs $239.99.
  • Lifetune Room costs $299.95. 

Popular Bundle Packages

  • $754.95 for Device+Room+Personal+Mini 
  • $249.95 for Device+Mini.
  • $614.95 for Personal+Device+Room. 

Refund Policy

AiresTech includes a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. If a customer is unhappy with the results of the product for any reason, they are entitled to a complete refund, less the original shipping costs.

The business has two return addresses, one in Edison, New Jersey (for American clients) and one in Ottawa, Ontario (for Canadian clients) (for Canadian customers).

To initiate the refund process, please contact

AiresTech Assurance

AiresTech gives a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

Additionally, the corporation offers a 30-day limited warranty beginning on the day of purchase. This warranty covers both physical damage and natural wear and tear to the AiresTech device.

Conclusion: AiresTech

AiresTech specializes in the creation of devices that prevent electromagnetic radiation. EMR is continually released by smart TVs, mobile phones, computers, and Bluetooth speakers, encircling humanity. It is tough to avoid these devices. However, devices such as AiresTech’s Lifetune series promise to neutralize this radiation’s harmful effects, enabling one to remain healthy.

In addition, AiresTech solutions are backed by credible, peer-reviewed research indicating that they block certain EMRs.