A Guide to Bingo Calls: Numbers 41-60

When it comes to Bingo, there are many ways in which you can grab a game – whether this be in person down your local bingo hall or club, or virtually via an online Bingo game.

Whichever place you decide to play, knowing the Bingo calls may help you daub your way to victory quicker than waiting for the number to be called.

So, with this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the Bingo calls for numbers 41- 60, so the next time you play online Bingo at skybingo.com or in person down your local hall, you’ll know what number is being called, just by the phrase alone!

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41- Time for fun

With the phrase ‘Life begins at 40’, 41 is about having fun.

42 – Winnie the Pooh

Not only does this phrase rhyme with 42, it also pays homage to the book series written by English author A. A. Milne, which was first published in 1926.

43 – Down on your knees

A Bingo call which refers to wartime Britain, where this phrase was often used by soldiers during the war.

44 – Droopy drawers

It’s said that the number 44 resembles someone with sagging trousers.

45 – Halfway there

If you’re playing a 90 ball Bingo game, 45 is half of 90.

46 – Up to tricks

A phrase that rhymes with 46.

47 – Four and seven

States the numbers that make up 47.

48 – Four dozen

12 is known as a dozen. 48 is four 12s (dozens).

49 – PC

Pays homage to a television programme which aired from 1946 – 1953, called The Adventures of P.C. 49. The show itself was set in London, with an unconventional constable solving cases.

50 – Half a century

100 years is known as a century, half of 100 is 50.

51 – Tweak of a thumb

A phrase that rhymes with 51.

52 – Danny La Rue

Pays homage to the Irish singer and drag artists, who rose to fame in the 1940s.

53- Here comes Herbie

In the film, Herbie the VW Beetle’s race car number was 53. When this Bingo call is called, players often respond by calling “beep, beep”.

54 – Clean the floor

A phrase that rhymes with 54.

55 – Snakes alive

The number five resembles a snake ready to spring – here it’s plural.

56 – Was she worth it?

Back in the day, a marriage licence used to cost five shillings and sixpence, five and six. When this is called out, many players reply by shouting “every penny”.

57 – Heinz variety

Pays homage to the food company, which got its number 57 by showcasing the founder’s favourite number five and his wife’s, seven.

58 – Make them wait

A phrase that rhymes with 58, which often gets players calling back “choo choo, Thomas”.

59 – Brighton Line

Pays homage to the train, engine 59, that runs from Brighton to London.

60 – Grandma’s getting frisky

With 60 rhyming with frisky, and the previous retirement age for a woman being 60, this call has been coined together.

Now you know these Bingo calls, will you be getting your dauber at the ready?