A Gambler’s Guide to The Euro 2020

People are already talking about who will win Euro 2020, and the debate will only get stronger over the next few weeks. Well, we’re going to help you know who has the best chances. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of what we could potentially expect based on bookmakers’ thoughts on who’s the favorite.


England is one of the favorites to win with odds of 5/1. Even though England has been the favorite in every tournament since 1966, many people have a good reason to be optimistic this time. They have the home advantage; England will play most of their matches on home soil.


France is tied as the favorite to win with odds of 5/1. They’re the reigning world champions, so coming into the Euro championships with a winning attitude can be essential to winning tournaments and, eventually, the title. Their squad is also stacked with talented, world-class quality players.


Belgium has the odds of 6/1 this year, which isn’t surprising since they have been a favorite in competitions for the past decade. Though the team hasn’t achieved much recently, they’ve shown they can keep up in tournaments with their 2-1 win in the finals against Brazil. The team has been practicing and has reached greater heights since then, but their aging defense can be something that may be concerning.


This summer, you may think that Germany’s odds are too generous at 7/1. Even though they’ve never been so vulnerable, they’re ranked as a favorite because they’re usually good at international tournaments. With their embarrassing exit from the 2018 World Cup, it’s clear their defense is poor, and they don’t have a good goal scoring striker. But their midfield is excellent.


Spain used to be the team to beat; now their odds are 7/1. Though not terrible, the team is a shadow of its former self. Only two players on their roster have double figures for goals according to the Euro 2020 football odds. But they do have some good players on the team; they’re either too young or are on the older side. Spain could win; it just won’t be easy.


With the odds of 8/1, Portugal doesn’t have a great chance of winning, even though the current team is stronger than their previous team. This could be because the top scorers on the team are aging and becoming less mobile than they used to be. However, they can do better if the younger players step up to take more responsibility on the team.


Italy has always done better in the world cup than in the Euros. Their odds are set at 11/1, suggesting they’ll struggle this summer. With the top players being less mobile due to age, the seventh-best team in the tournament fits them.


Though the Netherlands has odds of 12/1, they’re still quite a bit better than the rest of the competitions. The Dutch have a great team, though the loss of their center back makes them more vulnerable.