A Few Signs that You Need a Proper Sewer Line Inspection

Although you may not see it very often or even give it much thought, your home’s health and safety depend on a well-functioning sewer system. Most likely, you would not fully appreciate how crucial it is until you run into drainage problems!

Sewer and drainage problems can seriously harm your house and offer serious health risks to you and your family if they are not resolved. Although you may believe that sewer drainage problems are obvious, occasionally they present themselves in more subtle ways.

While you might wish to dismiss a sluggish emptying toilet or low water levels, these could be symptoms of damage and need to be fixed right away!

Using a sewer camera from USA Borescopes to inspect your sewer lines is the first step in ensuring that your house is safe and healthy. A few typical symptoms will let you know if it could be time for a sewer line check even if you are not sure you need one.

  • Soiled Smell In Your Home

If you smell gas or other unpleasant aromas coming from your toilets or sinks, and your sewer pipes may not be venting properly.

  • Low water levels

Low water levels, which are frequently the result of clogged sewer systems, or any variations in your water level might also be a warning.

  • Noticeable slow draining

It is a more serious problem in your home if your toilet, sink, or bathtub drains slowly and cannot be addressed with conventional drain cleaning techniques.

  • Sewage blockage and backup

Backflow, massive obstructions, and significant clogging could be symptoms of sewage backlog. When water is pushed back through the pipes and into your home, backups like these happen.

  • Overflowing Septic tank in yard

It is likely that your septic tank may flood when you see septic effluent gathering in your yard. Your yard’s septic tank overflow poses a health danger.

  • Mold problem

A break in your sewer lines hidden behind your walls could also be indicated by mold growth. Some molds only require a humidity level that is greater than 55%.

  • Extra green patches in the grass

If you notice a very lush and green area of grass in your yard, there may be a sewage leak beneath. Sewage can serve as a fertilizer for your plants.

  • Indentation in lawn 

An indentation in your yard or beneath pavers is another sign of a broken sewer line. The soil may disperse due to a damaged sewer main line that is continuously soaking the ground.

  • Foundation cracks, sinkholes, and settlement 

Foundation problems include cracks in your foundation slab, foundation settlement, and occasionally sinkholes are more severe signs of sewer pipe damage.

  • Rodent/insect problem

A rat or insect infestation may indicate that your sewer lines have broken. Rats can always access your pipes running behind the walls from the city/mainline tie-in as they usually dwell in sewers.

You should get a sewer check performed by an experienced professional if you see any of these signs of a broken sewer line.