9 Things to Do During Twixmas

That time between Christmas and New Year is weird  – how do you pass the time? Here are some good tips and pieces of advice.

Of course, before we get into it – you could skip this all and just go on a twixmas break – see here for more info  https://www.myhotelbreak.com/twixmas-hotel-breaks 

  1. When will schools reopen? 

Although we enjoy the time with our families, when the big day is over, we are left yearning to go back to normal. 

We have had a lot of time at home this year, watching our favourite shows and eating, such that no one is enjoying it like we usually do. Maybe now we can all agree that too much of anything is poisonous. 

  1. Is it the right time to take down the tree? 

Some of us have had the tree up for up to a month, and it’s causing a mess. 

We are already tired of cleaning needles spread all over the place in the house. It might be time to get rid of it now. 

  1. Should we change the diet, or can we do that starting from the 1st

We haven’t been eating anything else, so it’s wise to start eating healthy as soon as possible. 

Let’s do that when we finish the candy. 

And the peanuts. 

Plus, the sausages. 

Maybe get into shape by starting into the ill-feted running routine before the New Year even begins.

  1. We might embrace the vegan diet this January 

We’ve consumed too much beef during this period, not to mention the amount of cheese we’ve taken. 

That’s not very healthy! 

Let’s search for fantastic vegan recipes online and have the rest of the family join us for Veganuary. The kids might not love it, but it’s better than gout.

  1. We MUST tour another country next year 

It’s super cold outside, and we are uncomfortable about that, so we’ll spend a large part of the day researching holidays for December 2023. Who wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon stroll on the beach while watching the sun setting? 

Hoping we won’t be confronted with painful lockdowns again.

  1. Are we still allowed to have mince pies in the morning? 

Can we just pick anything in the fridge for breakfast as we did during Christmas? Let’s say pick some mince pie to begin the day. 

When’s the last time to do it? Asking for someone else, of course. 

  1. It’s time for a sort out 

We should do productive work on Twixmas. Why don’t we do some tidying using the Marie Kondo method? 

There isn’t another great time to do away with all the stuff we don’t use. We will also involve the kids and let them get rid of the toys they no longer like. 

On second thoughts, we better do this when the kids are not around. At least, we will save more time. 

  1. We’ll save the leftover crackers for later 

We spend more money on Christmas crackers when we have more than enough in the house. 

We shall store them safely this time so we have something to use during Christmas 2023. 


  1. Let’s get the kids dressed today 

Actually, when did the kids last take a shower? What about brushing their teeth? 

Perhaps we should dress up everyone today. If that’s too much, let’s ensure everyone is in clean PJs.