9 Most Talented Tattoo Artists Across the Nation

Looking to get inked? A tattoo is a personal thing and the best artist for you depends on so many factors. Don’t just go for a “celebrity” artist. Do your homework. Does the artist’s style mesh with your personal aesthetic? What kind of feeling do you get when you first walk into their tattoo shop?

With lockdown restrictions slowly being relaxed state by state, tattoo parlors will likely be some of the last businesses to open. In the meantime, we’ve been trolling Instagram to give you a roundup of the most talented tattoo artists you should consider. 

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Sarah Gaugler of Snow Tattoo in New York creates incredibly delicate black and white fine line tattoos.


Elize Nazelie of Brilliance Tattoo in Boston creates stunning botanical tattoos that leap off the skin with their realness. All of her tattoos are one of a kind and although she no longer does custom work for clients, she posts artist-arranged designs on her Instagram every 2-3 months.


Emma Grace is combining watercolor style with black ink tattoos to create some surreal and inventive designs. She’s working in New York.


Kandace Layne is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and does amazing geometric, ornamental, and henna style tattoos inspired by Eastern Aesthetics.


Emma Kates-Shaw works exclusively in hand poke tattoos! For those not in the know, poke tattooing is a traditional, non-electric freestyle tattooing method. It is especially suited to geometric patterns and when done by a pro, can produce stunning results. Emma Kates-Shaw is working in Seattle.


Miryam Lumpini will wow you with her bold, illustrative style packed with super-saturated color. She works in Los Angeles.


You’ve seen her on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, but Kat Tat is more than just a bold, gothic artist with a flair for shading. She’s also the first black woman to own a tattoo shop in the Beverly Hills area!


Anka Lovrio is the co-owner of Black Iris Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York, and her designs can be best described as both dark and whimsical.

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Psychedelia…..thanks so much Jennifer🍥🍥

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Amanda Wachob is a contemporary artist who incorporates bold colors and clean geometric lines into her tattoos. She’s based in New York City.


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