9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a popular destination because of its impressive architecture. Its cultural attractions and luxurious amenities attract tourists from around the world. It has many options for accommodations, so finding a place to stay as a tourist is easy. With numerous hotel options available, it can be challenging to make a choice. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong hotel can quickly turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. This highlights the significance of steering clear of prevalent blunders while choosing a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

This article aims to cover some of the frequently encountered missteps made by travelers when picking their hotels in Abu Dhabi and offer practical suggestions to guide you in selecting the ideal accommodation for your stay.

Mistake #1: Not considering the hotel’s location

Neglecting to take the hotel’s location into account is one of the most prevalent mistakes that travelers make when selecting a hotel in Abu Dhabi. Since the city is quite extensive, it’s crucial to opt for a hotel that is situated in a convenient location as per your itinerary. Suppose your plan primarily revolves around spending time at the beach. In that case, it’s advisable to select a hotel in proximity to the beach for convenience. Likewise, if your itinerary involves exploring cultural landmarks or indulging in shopping sprees, it’s recommended to select a hotel situated in a central location to ease the traveling time.

Tip: Prior to booking a hotel, ensure to conduct thorough research on the location to confirm its convenience to your travel plans.

Mistake #2: Not considering the hotel’s amenities

When selecting a hotel in Abu Dhabi, travelers often overlook the importance of the hotel’s amenities, which is another common mistake. 

Tip: Create a checklist of the amenities that you require and consider them before booking a hotel. To validate the availability of specific amenities, check the hotel’s website or reach out to them directly for confirmation.

Mistake #3: Not checking reviews and ratings

The reviews and ratings of a hotel are among the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting accommodation in Abu Dhabi. Going through feedback from other travelers can provide valuable insights into the hotel’s standard and quality of service.

Tip: Read reviews from multiple sources, including travel review websites and social media. Look for patterns in the reviews to get an overall sense of the hotel’s quality.

Mistake #4: Not setting a budget

Abu Dhabi is renowned for its lavish lodgings, yet it’s still vital to establish a budget for your stay. Not setting a budget can lead to overspending on accommodations and leaving less money for other travel expenses.

Tip: Determine a budget for your accommodations before beginning your search. Use travel booking websites to filter your search results by price range to help you find a hotel that fits your budget.

Mistake #5: Not booking early enough

Abu Dhabi is a highly sought-after travel destination throughout the year, which means that hotels can become fully booked rapidly. Not booking early enough can lead to limited hotel options and higher prices.

Tip: Book your hotel early to ensure availability and secure the best price.

Mistake #6: Not considering the hotel’s dining options

Food is an important aspect of any vacation, and not considering the dining options at a hotel can be a mistake. Some Abu Dhabi hotels offer a range of dining options, while others may only have one restaurant. If food is important to you, make sure to check the hotel’s dining options before booking.

Tip: Check the hotel’s website or reviews to see what restaurants are on-site or nearby. If you have specific dietary requirements, make sure the hotel can accommodate them.

Mistake #7: Not factoring in transportation

Abu Dhabi is a big city and how you’ll move around can be important when you’re picking a hotel. Some hotels may offer free shuttle services to popular attractions, while others may be located far from public transportation. Consider your transportation needs when selecting a hotel.

Tip: If you’re planning to rent a car, ensure that the hotel provides parking facilities. If you plan to use public transportation, choose a hotel located near a bus or metro stop. Some hotels may also offer shuttle services to popular attractions.

Mistake #8: Not considering the hotel’s target audience

Hotels have different target audiences, from families with children to business travelers. Not considering the hotel’s target audience can lead to an uncomfortable stay. 

Tip: When choosing your hotel, consider who your company is. If you’re traveling for business purposes, check out if the hotel has a business center or fast internet connection. If you have kids with you, choose a hotel with a pool or a kids’ club to keep them entertained. Kids Go Free packages where your child can stay and play for free is worth checking.

Mistake #9: Not considering the hotel’s cancellation policy

Life happens, and sometimes travel plans need to be changed. Not considering the hotel’s cancellation policy can lead to unexpected fees or penalties. Make sure to select a hotel with a cancellation policy that aligns with your travel plans and needs.

Tip: Opt for hotels with flexible policies that allow for cancellations or modifications, should the need arise. 

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can find the perfect hotel for your stay in Abu Dhabi and have a memorable travel experience.

Photo by Kamil Rogalinski on Unsplash