9 Best Places to Buy a House in Florida 

Florida is a popular state among homebuyers due to its dynamic and diverse real estate market. The average cost of a single-family home is $409,243, and the median price of a condo or townhouse is $324,990.

The Sunshine State offers you great amenities, a pleasant climate, and diverse housing options. You can find new homes for sale in the best places in Florida.

Best Places to Live in Florida 

If you are looking for a rental property or want to buy an investment property in Florida, this list is for you. 

1. Palm Beach 

Palm Beach, located on Florida’s southeast coast, is the definition of elegance and luxury. This exclusive island city offers a sophisticated lifestyle and is well-known for its flawless beaches, magnificent estates, and upscale shopping on Worth Avenue.

Palm Beach is a sanctuary for people looking for an opulent beachside lifestyle. Despite the high cost of living, it is a highly sought-after location to call home because of the unmatched amenities.

Median Home Selling Price $2,029,899
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,724
Cost of Living $4,224

2. Milton 

Milton is a small town representing a laid-back way of life and Southern hospitality. It 

provides a peaceful haven. You can indulge in outdoor activities like exploring the scenic Blackwater State Forest and boating on the Blackwater River. 

If you want to experience living in a small town in Florida with a close-knit community, Milton can be a great option.

Median Home Selling Price $273,227
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,303
Cost of Living $3,892

3. Lake Mary 

Lake Mary is a popular destination for both professionals and families due to its well-designed neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and corporate offices. You can buy a house in the city as it provides a variety of outdoor activities, such as bike paths, golf courses, etc. 

The city has a vibrant downtown with plenty of eateries and shops, making for a calm yet energetic environment. Orlando and other Central Florida destinations are easily accessible due to their closeness to major highways.

Median Home Selling Price $461,646
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,893 / month
Cost of Living $38,959

4. Niceville

In the Florida Panhandle, the small town of Niceville is well-known for its gorgeous scenery, welcoming neighborhood, and family-friendly vibe. It is a popular destination for those looking for a vibrant yet laid-back lifestyle. 

It boasts pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, a thriving local economy, and the best schools. In addition to having many nature trails close by, Niceville is a perfect place where you can buy a house.  

Median Home Selling Price $430,512
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,250
Cost of Living $38,673

5. Winter Springs 

Winter Springs, a quaint city in Seminole County, offers lots of outdoor recreation opportunities with its many parks and beautiful lakes. Winter Springs has a strong sense of community and provides residents with a peaceful lifestyle close to Orlando’s exciting attractions. 

The city is a popular choice for homebuyers due to its peaceful environment, safe neighborhoods, and top-notch schools.

Median Home Selling   Price $422,532
Median Monthly Rental Price$2,100
Cost of Living $38,959

6. Lakewood Ranch 

The master-planned community of Lakewood Ranch, located in the center of Florida, expertly combines modern living with the beauty of the natural world. It provides people with a lively and active way of life. 

Lakewood Ranch is a popular destination in Florida’s Gulf Coast region because it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. This vibrant neighborhood features a town center full of shops and restaurants, as well as a variety of housing options and highly respected schools.

Median Home Selling   Price $678,477
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,856
Cost of Living $92,462

7. Belle Isle 

Belle Isle, a charming city in Florida, displays a peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere. It provides homebuyers with easy access to Orlando’s vibrant amenities in a peaceful residential setting. In addition, the city has the third-lowest unemployment rate in the state. 

With a range of entertainment opportunities and easy access to major attractions, Belle Isle provides a wonderful blend of suburban peace and the dynamic energy of Central Florida.

Median Household Income$655000
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,042
Cost of Living$90,030

8. Lutz 

Lutz, situated in sunny Florida, is a suburban treasure renowned for its lush landscapes, charming neighborhoods, and comfortable yet active lifestyle.

There are many different types of jobs available in Lutz, and people over there frequently commute to neighboring cities like Tampa for work. The Tampa Bay area, including Lutz, has a diverse economy that includes sectors such as healthcare, technology, finance, and tourism.

Median Home Selling Price$486,634
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,233
Cost of Living$88,528

9. Edge Water 

On Florida’s eastern coast, Edgewater is a popular destination because of its friendly locals and beachy atmosphere. It will be appealing to you if you’re looking for a home by the seaside with convenient access to nearby cities. 

Edgewater offers residents breathtaking views and water-centric entertainment opportunities. It is situated along the Indian River and the Mosquito Lagoon. 

Median Home Selling Price $49,487
Median Monthly Rental Price$1,054
Cost of Living$83,970

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Reasons to Buy a House in Florida 

Here are some reasons to buy a house in Florida: 


Florida’s sunny weather and warm climate all year round create the perfect setting for an outdoor lifestyle. Its beautiful beaches and activities make it ideal for those who love an active and sunny way of life.

No State Income Tax

A major financial benefit in Florida is the absence of state income tax, allowing residents to keep more of their income and creating a favorable tax environment compared to other states.

Job Opportunities 

With a diverse economy, Florida provides job opportunities in tourism, technology, healthcare, and beyond, particularly in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa known for robust business and career growth.

Diverse Housing Options

Florida offers a wide range of housing options, from beachfront condos and suburban homes to urban apartments. Whether you prefer a waterfront property or a quiet neighborhood, the state caters to various preferences and lifestyles.

Final Word

Florida is one of the best states to live in. The state offers homebuyers numerous amenities and luxuries. Apart from this, the state has a thriving job market and affordable living.

However, you must do your research before buying a house to purchase the best FL homes for sale