8 simple ways to improve relationships with your colleagues

Building and maintaining great relationships in the work environment is not only important for staying comfortable in the company, but in many cases can also guarantee the very permanence of your job. To improve your relationships with your colleagues, read the following tips that are sure to help you.

Greet all colleagues

Even if you are already a veteran in the company, greeting them when they come and go from work conveys friendliness and cordiality. Use words like “good morning,” “please,” and “thank you” more often in your interactions. It may seem trivial, but how you are seen by your colleagues depends on it. You can immediately show initiative and suggest a joint holiday. For example, the site https://gitpa.org/ offers a selection of online casinos with interesting games. An enterprising person always creates a favourable atmosphere around him.

Do not join groupings

There is probably no company where the collective is not divided into separate cliques. And although it can sometimes be useful to be part of such a group. However in general it is better not to become part of any of them. 

Of course, it’s okay to socialise more with colleagues who work in the same room as you, but it’s also important to try to be on good terms with everyone from the most rank-and-file employees to senior management.

Be organised

Regardless of your role in the company, keep your workplace clean and tidy. Imagine a completely unorganised work environment, dirty, cluttered with papers and other useless things, it’s unlikely to keep you motivated. That’s why it’s important to be organised, not to impress your manager, but to make the environment harmonious, pleasant and productive.

Be helpful

Being willing to help when needed helps a lot in building good relationships in the work environment. If a colleague asks for help, opinion or advice, do your best and, as much as possible, participate in activities that can help you get involved in teamwork. This attitude will definitely convey the idea that you are willing to help the company in growth and productivity.

Know how to listen

One of the main skills that will improve your relationship with your colleagues is listening to other people. Listening rather than talking is a really important skill in the workplace, so try to apply it more often in your daily life.

Be punctual

Another quality that is always appreciated is punctuality. Try to be punctual in meetings, company routines and when doing your work. This shows respect for the work and for your colleagues, which will definitely earn you extra points in building fruitful relationships at work.

Avoid talking about personal problems

Everyone has personal problems. However, try not to talk about them at work. After all, by doing so you create unnecessary nervousness in the company, and colleagues will not like it. 

Also, don’t let these problems affect your productivity. If necessary, you can tell your line manager about the problem.

Never make up nicknames for your colleagues

Even if the company you work for has a relaxed atmosphere, never make nicknames or jokes about your colleagues, especially offensive ones. Many may not show it, fearing dismissal, rest assured that as soon as such a colleague has an opportunity to retaliate, he will definitely do it.

So don’t be the person who creates uncomfortable situations at work. It will tarnish your reputation and make it difficult to communicate with your colleagues. Being polite, listening and being helpful are the minimum qualities that will improve your relationships at work. This will make your colleagues feel more comfortable with you, which will ensure that you continue to work for the company for as long as you want to.