8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ibiza as Your Honeymoon Destination

After a wedding, it is normal for the couple to go on a honeymoon. During this period, you and your partner should have a chill and romantic time away from your daily responsibilities. For that reason, you must choose a honeymoon destination that is not only exotic and romantic but also has plenty of activities to do as a couple.

Ibiza is touted as the number one honeymoon destination as it has plenty of beaches, an awe-inspiring landscape, exquisite cuisine, beautiful beaches, fantastic nightlife, and magical sunsets. And don’t forget about the dreamy hotels offering unrivaled services, from spa treatments and tantalizing meals to clean accommodations. Read on and discover why many people are heading to Ibiza for their honeymoon.

7 Reasons Couples Are Choosing Ibiza as Their Honeymoon Destination

Besides being the ideal honeymoon destination, Ibiza is also an excellent partying hub. It has clubs by the sea, where you can sing and dance while enjoying the sunset over a glass of wine or champagne with your partner.  

Many Things to Do

Being the top honeymoon destination, Ibiza has plenty of things to do, from romantic to adventures.

  • Trip to Formentera

A trip to Formentera is a must for every couple. You can go there by ferry or book a boat ride, which will only take 30 minutes.

This Balearic Island is composed of beaches. While in Formentera, you can explore the many coves and beaches. Take a walk along the markets and ensure you buy some handcrafted items.

It is an incredibly peaceful island; when you are here, you feel like you are in a different world.

  • Beaches

Enjoy visiting the many beaches in Ibiza. Bask in the sun, dip your toes in the soft crystalline sand, and take a dip in the clear water.

  • Watersport Activities

If you are adrenaline junkies, you can experience water sports activities like snorkeling, kayaking, surfing & windsurfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, flyboarding, and sea boarding. However, to participate in these water sports, you must book ahead with the relevant clubs and head out in the water with experienced guides.

  • Horseback Riding

Another fun way for couples to explore the island is on the back of a horse. There is something exotic and romantic about riding a horse with your partner. Their horses are well-behaved and suitable for beginners and experienced riders. So don’t worry as you’ll always have a guide with you.

  • Coastline Cruise

Enjoy a magical sunset with your partner on a boat. You can book a beach-hopping cruise, which allows you to enjoy sunsets from two beaches, the Cala Bassa and Cala Cante. This cruise costs $67.48 and lasts for six hours.

Six hours is a lot, and the cruise offers a range of water sports activities while you enjoy the sunset like swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

  • Hiking

Yes, you came to relax, but hiking will help you bond as a couple and discover the wonders of Ibiza. Many of the hiking trails in Ibiza will lead you to clifftops that give you a better sight of the clear water, sandy beaches, and awe-inspiring landscape while enjoying nature.

You can ask your hotel to recommend the best hiking trails.

  • Unrivaled Nightlife

Ibiza is probably the number 1 clubbing destination island in the world and not just in Europe. There are countless clubbing resorts, bars, and nightclubs in Ibiza that are bound to give you a fantastic night of dancing, singing, and drinking.

So if you love partying, then Ibiza should be your honeymoon destination. However, you’d better be prepared as there are fees to enter the clubs. The prices range from 15 to 80, depending on the club. So be sure to book upfront to guarantee your spot. 

In Ibiza, there are different levels of clubs. They include super clubs, medium clubs, and boat parties, for which you must pay an entrance fee. Music bars offer free entry and have great music, and the drinks are more affordable.

  • Exquisite Cuisine

Food is nothing short of exquisite in Ibiza. You can feast on local delicacies and fresh seafood as fishermen bring in catches daily. Don’t only focus on the high-end hotels for food, as it can be expensive; sample the local eateries as that’s where you will get authentic local food.

It’s your honeymoon, so don’t be so dedicated to the healthy diet that you cringe when you see bread. Indulge your taste buds. Breakfast will consist of fluffy tomato bread and sometimes Spanish omelets. You can also sample yogurt, fresh strawberries, and local honey.

Some of the foods you must sample while honeymooning in Ibiza include:

  • Tortillas
  • Orelletes
  • Paellas de Marisco
  • Greixonera
  • Bread and aioli
  • Bullit de peix
  • Sofrit pages
  • Ensaimadas

You can’t leave Ibiza without tasting their magnificent tipples, which include a jug of spirited sangria. Other drinks to try include hierbas ibicencas, palo, frigola, and horchatas.

  • Safety

Ibiza is a safe island, and it has the friendliest residents. And with COVID not quite over, Ibiza is dedicated to protecting its residents and tourists, requiring a negative PCR test. So you are assured of safety and protection.

However, like every other place in the world, you must practice caution when touring the island, as you can be a victim of pickpocketing or bag snatching. So keep your belongings safe and close to your person.

Here are some safety tips for using while vacationing in Ibiza.

  • Keep your belongings close.
  • Ensure that your purse has a zipper and carry it over your neck on one shoulder.
  • If you carry cash, consider using a money belt beneath your clothes.
  • Don’t stay in one place for long periods, as this may make you a target for thieves.
  • Don’t bring along all your wallets, passports, money, and credit cards. Leave the essential items at the hotel.
  • Carry a copy of your passport and keep your original at the hotel.
  • Take enough cash to spend during the day as excess money might attract pickpockets.
  • Never leave your items unattended, especially at the beach.
  • Beautiful Sunsets

Ibiza is famous for its beautiful sunsets. You can see pictures all over social media with couples enjoying a drink at the beach while enjoying the magical sunsets. They are rich in an array of colors like red, pink, orange, and purple, plunging you into a sea of dreaminess.

There are several famous sunset spots in Ibiza, and they include:

  • Benirras Beach
  • Cala Conta
  • Es Codolar Beach
  • Es Vedra
  • San Antonio Bay
  • Sunset Strip
  • Las Salinas
  • Outstanding Landscape

Ibiza has a unique landscape that offers a fantastic backdrop for your photos. Although you want to soak up this period as a couple, it would be great to have pictures and videos you can look back on and smile as the memories flood back. So remember to carry a camera to capture some amazing moments.

It is referred to as the white island as most of its houses and churches are painted white. And their fashion style also consists of white petticoats and white camisoles.

It’s a Magical Island

It is also known as the magical island, which is attributed to the excessive levels of quartz crystal in its soil, giving this island its magical powers.

If you stroll around Ibiza Old Town, you’ll find vendors selling all types of crystals, from amethyst to tourmaline. And we all know that crystals are associated with the good energy used to connect our chakras.

So if you are into magic and believe in the power of crystals, why not honeymoon in Ibiza, a place that enhances your overall holistic well-being?

  • There Are Adults-Only Hotels

The best thing about honeymooning in Ibiza is the adults-only hotels. These hotels do not allow children on their premises. The minimum age of people allowed access differs from hotel to hotel, with most ranging between 16 and 18.

These hotels have different characteristics; some are chill, relaxing, and romantic. At the same time, livelier adult hotels host parties and have a clubbing section. Staying in an adults-only hotel is a great option for a couple on their honeymoon.

The adults-only hotels offer their guests an upscale and sophisticated honeymoon experience that guarantees they will enjoy their stay. The hotels are designed to have intricate details and comforts with their clientele in mind.

Why should you book an adults-only hotel? You’ll enjoy intimacy with your partner without restriction and have grown-up conversations with other couples without worrying about kids eavesdropping. Besides, these hotels arrange exclusive romantic getaways and relaxing spa moments for their guests.

Some of the best adults-only hotels include:

  • Amare Beach Hotel
  • Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel
  • Palladium Hotel Palmyra
  • Barcelo Portinatx
  • Catalonia Royal Ses Estaques
  • AluaSoul Ibiza

Final Thoughts

Ibiza is a honeymooner’s dream island, from the beautiful beaches to water sports activities, magical sunsets, adults-only hotels, and fantastic nightlife. And don’t forget their tantalizing cuisine that leaves your taste buds yearning for more. Book Ibiza as your honeymoon destination and enjoy these perks and more.