8 Reasons to Love Austin, Texas

Sights, Sounds, and Local Fare That Visitors Must Check Out

Austin, Texas, perfectly blends the vibrance of a modern city with the rustic charm that the Lone Star State is famous for. Vacationers looking for a taste of everything Texas has to offer will be pleased to find a myriad of cuisine options, a thriving music and social scene, picturesque outdoor activities, and plenty more.

Known for its famous phrase “Keep Austin weird,” the third-largest city in Texas is a hodge-podge of fresh, off-kilter ideas intermingling with deeply rooted traditions. 

Here are our top eight reasons we love Austin:

#1 – The Music Scene

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is reported to have the most music venues per capita of any city in the U.S. In fact, the campaign to be recognized as the epicenter of live music kicked off in the mid-1980s, back when the city was promoted as one of the few places people can see live music any night of the week. Concertgoers should expect an eclectic mix of genres that extend far beyond classic country.

#2 – The Award-Winning Craft Breweries

Beer lovers are in for a treat when they visit Austin Texas. With one of the largest concentrations of award-winning craft breweries in the country, the city was named “Top Beer Destination in the World” back in 2019. The creativity of local brewers delivers a taste of the arts unlike any other city.

#3 – Formula 1 Racing

America has fallen in love with Formula 1 racing. It combines speed, superior automotive engineering, and international competition – all in one epic event. Austinites and out-of-towners alike can take in the action at the Circuit of the Americas track. Make sure to look into Austin hotels in advance; F1 races pull in huge crowds from all over the globe, which means hotel options slim down when it’s close to race day.

#4 – Texas BBQ

Ask any Austin local for a restaurant recommendation, and they’ll likely rattle off a few of their favorite BBQ spots. Texas BBQ isn’t just a staple of southern cuisine – it’s an entire culture of competitive pit masters who are all vying to be the absolute best at their craft. 

#5 – The Great Outdoors

With over 200 parks and many lakes and swimming holes to explore, Austin appeals to hikers, swimmers. As well as, boaters, kayakers, and sunbathers who crave an escape from their daily office grind.

#6 – The Burgeoning Comedy Scene

Austin has been a magnet for musicians and artists for decades, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Comedy Mothership is one of the city’s newest additions, featuring stand-up comedy’s biggest acts, roast battles, and live podcast recordings. Past performers include Dave Chappelle, Ron White, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, and Christina P.

#7 – The Cathedral of Junk

Many cities had BBQ, comedy, and outdoor fun. However, the Cathedral of Junk is a spectacle that is exclusive to Austin, and rightfully so. The Cathedral of Junk is a living art installation composed of discarded dolls, old tires, spare steel, car parts, bike frames. Moreover, thousands upon thousands of random parts – all meticulously combined to create a giant structure. You have to see it to believe it.

#8 – The Arts  

No worries if the Cathedral of Junk is a little too out of pocket for your tastes. The Contemporary Austin consists of two locations that feature some of the country’s best sculptors, painters, and mixed media artisans.

Keep Your Visit Unique – Go Boutique

The city of Austin is a cultural gem of food, music, arts, and entertainment. Visitors who want to get away from the paint-by-numbers experience of a chain hotel should consider boutique options. Additionally, By going with a boutique hotel, you’ll get lodging that’s Texas chic with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. Further, Research your hotel options carefully to ensure you’re conveniently located near Austin’s best attractions with all the luxe amenities your vacation deserves.