7 Ways to Keep your Desk Space Tidy and Organised

Getting maximum productivity out of your working time means developing the right habits. This often means putting together a working space that’s maximally efficient and organised. After all, you can’t expect to live free from distraction if you’re surrounded by mess.

Only keep things you need on your desk

Your desk should be reserved for the essential items. The clearer it is, the easier you’ll find it to focus. That generally means your mouse and keyboard, along with a notepad.

Digitize everything

If you’ve having to wade through stacks of paper, then you might have difficulty finding the document that you’re really looking for. Keeping paper records, moreover, takes up a considerable amount of space that might be better reserved for other things.

Bundle wires and cables

Power cords tend to accumulate, especially if you’re running multiple devices. Get them tidied. You can pick up temporary cable ties easily. These are basically double-sided Velcro strips that you can wrap around. Where once there was a thick bundle of cables, you can end up with just a single cluster of them. If you’re in a situation where you need to regularly unplug your equipment, then consider looking for colour-coded cables – they’re much easier to keep track of. 

Get your storage right

Having access to shelving, cabinets and drawers will make it much easier to keep the space clear. Take an inventory of all the items you need to stash and invest in your storage accordingly. The more stuff you need to keep hold of, the more sense it makes to go for a custom-built, or modified solution. That way, you’ll minimise wasted space.

Get a noticeboard

A noticeboard is a great way to keep track of your workload at a glance. It also allows for easy collaboration with colleagues. You might devise a system whereby notices are passed from one side of the board to the other as the relevant issue is progressed. If you don’t want to buy a physical noticeboard, then you might instead prefer a digital one.

Clean your desk daily

This is a habit that’ll pay dividends in the long-term. By cleaning your desk, you’ll set yourself up for good practice elsewhere in your professional life. The fewer items you keep on your desk, incidentally, the easier it will be to clean. As well as your daily clean, you might also get into the habit of scheduling monthly thorough cleans of other spaces, like the dust-attracting void behind your computer.

Use a stacked In-Out tray

The classic in-out system has been popular for decades, and for good reason. It’s an efficient way of monitoring your workload at a glance and working on your priorities whenever you have a spare moment. If you learn to take satisfaction from getting your tasks completed, then you’ll have a much more productive working life.

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