7 Ways to Brew Delicious Coffee

For coffee lovers, a morning cup of coffee is a ritual they must not miss every day. We cannot blame them–coffee is like an elixir that helps us boost our energy to prepare us for the challenges of the day. This world-famous drink has become an all-time favorite for adults, whether it’s made by a Home coffee machine or Espresso Machines. In order to make delicious coffee, good coffee roasting equipment is important. You can check them online and in stores.

In time, our beloved drinks evolved into different blends and flavors that make them more delicious and addictive. But did you know how coffee shops like Starbucks brewed their coffee? Are there more ways to brew your coffee? Do you have the best coffee machine? Yes, in fact, there are many options to consider when choosing a home coffee brewing system, from high-end built-in coffee makers to classic pour-over brewing. We will discuss with you in this article the different ways of brewing coffee: using a coffee percolator, french press, and others.

1. Coffee Percolator

A coffee percolator is a pot with two chambers: one for the water and the other is for the coffee. As the water boils, the steam passes through a tube that will brew the coffee in the upper part. The brewed coffee will then come out from the higher chamber.

The drink you’ll get from a coffee percolator is not for the faint of heart. It brews strong and bitter coffee because of the time it’s brewing and the consistent boiling. The already-brewed coffee can return to the grounds and brew it again.

2. Coffee Bag

Coffee bags are the original instant coffee. This kind of brewing is the easiest way to make coffee anytime, anywhere. You only need a cup, hot water, and a bag of coffee then it is done. Just put the bag inside the cup and add water. Wait for 3 minutes, and you can now enjoy your coffee.

3. French Press

From 1929 to now, the French Press is still widely used in different parts of the world. This is considered one of the best and easiest methods of brewing coffee ground without risking the taste and aroma of your coffee. It works by simply adding coffee and boiling temperature water, then pressing down the filter to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. One of the good things about this is that you can bring your French Press wherever you want.

4. Espresso Machines

Using an espresso machine is the most common way of brewing coffee that you can see in your favorite coffee shops, like Starbucks. Since 1901, this machine has kept millions of people caffeinated. This machine brews the coffee by forcing hot pressurized water through a chamber full of coffee beans. It filters this water to create your hot concentrated cup of coffee called espresso.

5. Aeropress

Considered as one of the latest innovations on brewing your coffee, Aeropress was launched in 2005. Like the French Press, you can bring this brewer anywhere and is considered a budget-friendly coffee maker. 

With three simple steps, you can indulge in a great-tasting coffee you always love. Just add coffee and hot water, stir and brew for half a minute, and press the coffee into the mug–that is it! With an Aeropress, you can make different kinds of coffee such as espresso, American style, latte, and even cold brew. Your investment with this brewer will surely be worth it. 

6. Vacuum/Siphon

A vacuum or also known as the Siphon pot is a brewer that uses constant heat to make a vacuum and force the water up into another chamber where the coffee grounds are placed. It allows the brew to drip back to the first chamber. With this way of brewing, extracting oils and the flavorful taste of the coffee ground is something to look forward to. 

Although it is more complicated to use compared to the other options in this list, Siphon pot will surely put a smile on your face after tasting a cup of coffee from this brewer.

7. Chemex Brewer

A brewer that looks like a vase, the Chemex brewer is one of the most brilliant coffee makers. Compared to other brewers, you can make up to 4 cups of coffee in one go. Using the infusion method of brewing coffee, Chemex makes a thicker and tastier coffee just like the other dripper in the market. With a richer cup of coffee, you and your friends will certainly fall in love with this coffee maker at once.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have shared with you some of the methods and equipment used to brew good coffee, we hope you have learned some ideas on making your favorite beverage. With this list as a guide, you can also try the difference in taste, aroma, and texture in every method that we have told you. Just be sure not to take too much caffeine. 

If you want to know more recipes and the best ways to brew your coffee, check out Recipes.net and take your pick!

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash