7 Best Game Apps for iPhone & Android Devices

Are you looking for some excitement that will keep you occupied without breaking a sweat? There’s no guarantee all of these are sweat-free, but these are the best game apps for iPhone and Android devices. Here are seven apps we found that are hitting the top of the charts!

Call of Duty: Mobile

Available on iOS and Android

The first-person shooter has come to mobile devices in a big way! Hit game title Call of Duty puts you right in the action with your friends, lockdown or no, using their newest installment for mobile play.


Find it in the Play Store and the App Store

This popular building game app has hit the mobile scene and lets players test their creative skills. With Roblox, you can create entire worlds with building blocks on your iPhone or Android device. You can take all the time you need to make your universe perfect.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Play it on Apple and Android

One of many role-playing games that pops up to rake in some unsuspecting mobile gamers, this fantasy RPG emphasizes strategy in combat on their player-versus-player arena as well as their free-for-all campaign map.

Candy Crush Saga

Get it on Android and iOS

Celebrating a comeback thanks to all the newly formed homebodies out there, this game app for Android and iPhone devices is a much-beloved puzzle game that puts a fun twist on the old Bejeweled concept. It’s perfect for the casual gamer!

Last Shelter: Survival

Available from the App Store and Google Play

Yet another strategy game blowing up people’s phones, Last Shelter: Survival is a great way to wind down (or wind up, in this case) by keeping characters alive in the event of a zombie apocalypse. What could go wrong?

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Find it on Apple and Android

This role-playing experience is set in the vast fantasy world of Star Wars. If you’re looking for the best game apps for iPhone and Android devices, the objective of this game is to implement turn-based combat strategy and conquer territories in the depths of the Star Wars universe!

Marvel Contest of Champions

Play it on Apple and Android

There’s something nostalgic about versus fighters, and this game is no exception. As an added bonus, you get to fight as (and against) some of your favorites from the Marvel Universe. After fighting long enough, you can even assemble your own team to keep questing and become Ultimate Marvel Champion!

Cribbage Online Available on Mobile or Desktop here.  Cribbage Online is a multiplayer version of the classic card game Cribbage, players score by adding different combinations of cards. Pegs move across the “cribbage board”, helping keep track of the score. The player with the highest score wins the game. Cribbage offers different game play modes and provides helpful instructions and guides for newer players, the website features easy, standard, and pro game difficulty modes making it ideal for players of all levels.  


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