7 Gifts For The Caffeine Lover in Your Life

Some people need a boost from caffeine to get their day going, while others are genuine enthusiasts who find joy in preparing their drink of choice perfectly. Regardless of who you’re looking to purchase a gift for, those who love caffeine, be it coffee or tea; could use some extra love. From excellent tea gift sets that fit your best friend’s flavor profile to a unique mug that says all there is to know about your coffee-loving companion, here are seven gifts for the caffeine lover in your life that are sure to be a hit.

1. Coffee Subscription

Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines anymore, we can subscribe to a monthly clothing selection, make-up palette, retro gift box, and a bunch of other things, but what about coffee? If that coffee lover in your life loves a particular roaster or shop, it is likely that a subscription to home-delivered coffee beans is an option. There are plenty of fair-trade coffee roasters who expertly craft a selected batch of coffee to release only to their subscribers, it is a level of exclusivity meant for those who are well beyond a drive-thru brew.

2. Tea Gift Sets

The world of tea can be intimidating, and if you don’t have a good grasp on all the nuances, tea gift sets can be the perfect solution. Tea gift sets are normally arranged by flavor profile, caffeine level, season, or maybe just by brand. If you know your friend loves to end her day with a calming cup of chamomile, perhaps tea gift sets related to low-caffeine and relaxing are a fit. Some tea gift sets are beautifully packaged and come in a box that can be reused for other teas, having a place to properly store your friend’s tea will maintain its freshness. 

3. Electric Kettle

Stovetop kettles can look really neat but are totally yesterday’s news when it comes to preparing water for one of those new tea gift sets you purchased your friend. An electric kettle is simple to use, just fill it up with the amount of water you need, flip the switch and wait for it to turn off by itself. Electric kettles also come in a wide variety of styles, price points, and functionality; some offer the ability to heat up to a specific temperature to ensure that perfect cup of tea or joe. 

4. French Press

If you have that coffee lover in your life who either has a very large complicated espresso maker or a standard coffee maker; it may be time to upgrade them with the simplicity and control of the French press. A French press coffee maker is very easy to use and generally looks really nice when set on a table with breakfast, it also usually contains just enough coffee for your buddy who normally downs three cups before noon. To make a French press brew just add the appropriate amount of coarse-ground coffee beans to the french press and then pour in boiling water that has sat for roughly 30-seconds, then you’ll stir it, and insert the cover with the plunger. The magic of the French press happens after waiting a few minutes and pressing down on the plunger moving the grounds to the bottom of the press and filtering through the delicious liquid magic that keeps your best pal wired.

5. Tea Infuser

I love how tea infusers work and how they look, and your special someone will too. Available in a plentitude of styles, a simple glass tea infuser can be somewhat portable and make either hot or cold tea, and sometimes cold brew coffee. An infuser comes with a small basket that sits in either cold or hot water that slowly releases the essence of the tea leaves being used. It’s somewhat therapeutic to gradually watch the tea leaves blend with the water and change the hue of the tea being made, giving the user a chance to also determine when it’s at the right strength for them.

6. Electric Milk Frother

Milk is normally frothed by steam but some of us can’t afford a high-quality espresso machine or take it with us on the go, and that’s where electric milk frothers come in. An electric milk frother can turn your boyfriend’s plain cup of coffee with milk into a latter by quickly swirling some milk to create foam that he can top the double shot of espresso that he just made in the office lunchroom. These battery-powered, super portable milk frothers provide no hassle and all of the milk fluffing action that caffeine lovers in your life will appreciate.

7. Unique Mug

It’s a no-brainer that a good mug goes a long way, from work to home, to a trip out of town; the best mugs are keepers. Think about what that special coffee or tea drinker in your life enjoys and buy them a mug to commemorate that, you can take it a step further by getting one with added functionality. Temperature control mugs are starting to become popular and come down in price, they normally come with a charging platform and keep the beverage inside of them at the right temperature. If a superhero mug isn’t your mother-in-law’s style, perhaps a beautiful crafter ceramic piece will provide the right amount of class, remember there is a multitude of choices to choose from.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash