7 Best Places in Chicago to Write Student Assignments

Chicago has some really good cafes and lounges for students to visit. But there are quite a few more spots that you might be interested in visiting. Here are 7 of the best places in Chicago for you to finish your assignments as a student. 

Curbside Books & Records

Curbside Books & Records is a small and cozy books and records store that houses some of the best record collections along with a variety of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry books. If you’re a student who likes to listen to good music while finishing assignments, you’ll love this place. Also, it’s right beside Revival bar cafe, making it that much much easier to get something to drink. 

Limitless Coffee & Tea

Limitless is one of the best cafes for students. And here’s why. First, it’s bright and smells of coffee, which is great for times when the assignments get too boring. Second, the coffee and baked good are really good and aren’t too expensive. 

They have single tables for when you wish to sit along and finish an assignment and couches for times when you have your classmates for company. If it’s close to your campus, you will enjoy bringing your work here during breaks or after classes end. 

Try assignment help for students

If you’re a student studying in Chicago just like me, you’ll know how frustrating it can get when you have to give up on going out because of piling assignments. Luckily, you can take help from Edubirdie to finish your writing assignments on time. When I have too many assignments pending, the writers at Uk.Edubirdie write my assignment for me. All I do is let them know exactly what I want in my essay and they write it accordingly and deliver on time. 

Heritage Bicycles

This cafe is quite unusual and often empty due to its niche customer base. If you have a bicycle, you will find this cafe quite fascinating as they will service your bicycle while you’re having a cup of coffee. But it’s also great if you’re looking for a quiet place to finish work. 

The place isn’t too crowded and provides a decent cup of coffee. If you have a group assignment, you can sit at the communal table in the center of the cafe and work together.

Best Places Chicago to Write
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The Poetry Foundation Library

Poetry Foundation Library is popular amongst writers and poets, but it’s also a great place for students to sit and work. The library is pleasant and quiet, with ample space to sit. If your assignments pertain to a topic related to poetry or a particular author, you will find this place a lot more useful. If you intend on checking if they have the book you’re looking for, contact them before you visit the library. 

Chicago public library

Public libraries are arguably the best spots for students to study but they’re often crowded and not a fun environment if you wish to work in your own space. Other than that, the Chicago public library is great for an assignment that requires you to refer to different books. 

They have a large collection of books and volumes and you will certainly find the book of your choice, whether you’re looking for the works of a poet or want to know about Scottie Pippen

Your neighborhood park

While it’s hard to find spots outdoors where you can get a chair and a table, it’s worth visiting your neighborhood park once. If you don’t require a table, you can sit down anywhere in the park and work on your assignment. Parks are great for times when you are bored of sitting in libraries or in your college dorm. There’s plenty of fresh air, light, and space for you to sit and work without any distractions. 


Diners are often filled with people, but they’re great if you have a pair of headphones and are looking for a cheap cup of coffee. Look for the closest one near your campus and find a spot for you to sit and finish your assignments. 

It’s best to visit diners during non-rush hours, such as post-lunch or early evening. If you’re not someone who can work in crowded environments, it’s best to look at the other spots on this list. 


Each of the spots mentioned on this list is great for both the students and creative people. Depending on what kind of environment you like, you can choose to visit any of these places. However, it might be fun for you to experiment with new environments now and then to avoid any boredom that your regular cafe or lounge would bring. 

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