6 Tips to Make Your Cocktails Taste Better

Whether you’re having a small party or going all out for an event, a surefire way to create a memorable night is by serving the best cocktails. Cocktails are fancy mixed drinks; they are a combination of liquors, bitters, sweeteners, and ice. These drinks are always loved by people who are into these kinds of beverages. Let your visitors taste these mouth-watering cocktails and enjoy every minute of the occasion! 

Making these drinks on your own might not be as easy and good as the ones you get in a bar. However, it’s still possible to do it if you have the right ingredients, tools, and equipment, such as a cocktail smoker, shaker, and shot glass. Hence, here are a few tips on how to make your cocktails taste better.

1. Chill your glassware

One of the most significant parts of creating a delicious cocktail is minimizing dilution. Chill your glassware beforehand in the fridge for about 15 minutes or so. You can also try a quicker method by filling the glass with ice or ice water and letting it sit for a minute while you get ready for the drink. 

Chilled glass contributes to the excellence and enjoyment of cocktails. It keeps your cocktail cold longer without diluting your ingredients and lends an attractive frost to the glass. Thus, don’t forget to do this when preparing this beverage.

2. Measure ingredients

Use a stainless steel jigger to ensure that you’re making better cocktails. It is to measure the ingredients of your drinks properly and consistently. You’ll be able to get the same cocktail every time you serve it to your visitors. Failure to do so will make your cocktails taste differently, and people might complain about the inconsistency of the taste. Once you measure correctly and use the right technique, everyone will enjoy your cocktail.

3. Use fresh ice

When it comes to making cocktails, ice matters. After chilling a cocktail, serve it over fresh ice to maintain the desired flavor. You have to use ice cubes that measure at least one inch per side. The crescent-shaped ice that comes out of ice machines and the mini cubes are not recommended. However, the ones from your ice trays that make large chunky ice cubes are the best to use. Also, it’s a good idea to have a container that you can put ice cubes into from your tray. This lets you prepare plenty of ice cubes when preparing your cocktails. Adding a lot of ice makes your cocktail colder, and the ice lasts longer, so there will be less dilution, giving you a more pleasurable experience.

4. Prepare the cocktail garnish

Details always matter, even in making cocktails. Make your cocktails look and taste good with a beautiful garnish. It can add a bit of flavor to the drinks, although its primary purpose is ornamental. Depending on the recipe you’re making, take this opportunity to get creative. You can add a sprinkle of spice, plump cherry, a sprig of mint, lemon slice, or orange wedge. The garnish is a necessary part of a nicely presented cocktail, so be sure to prepare it beforehand and execute it to your cocktail well.

5. Learn some shaking and stirring techniques

Almost every cocktail is made by either shaking them with ice in a cocktail shaker or stirring the contents over ice in a mixing glass. Shaking is the recommended mixing technique for non-carbonated drinks. It is also done when a drink contains dairy, citrus, and other ingredients that require shaking vigorously. Thus, you need to invest in a cocktail shaker. On the other hand, some drinks simply need to be stirred. You can stir a cocktail with an extra-long bar spoon or a swizzle stick. This technique is used for beverages composed of nothing more than alcohol. Indeed, the proper way to mix a cocktail depends on its ingredients. 

6. Practice more

As they say, practice makes perfect. Don’t be disappointed or feel down when you don’t get the right taste of cocktails on your first try. Keep practicing and know that every beverage goes towards improving your mixing skills. You just have to be patient and take your time in learning all the techniques properly. 


Cocktails are one of the most preferred drinks by many. It makes an event more lively and happier whenever there are cocktails served. If you want to learn how to make your cocktails taste better, apply these helpful tips specified above. Your drinks will instantly improve, and you will learn various proper techniques. It takes a lot of practice, though, but you’ll get the hang of it, and you are going to make it perfect. So, shake up the best cocktails for your next gathering and show off some of your mixing skills!

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash