6 Tips for Driving Long Distances With Kids

Are you wondering how to survive a long-distance drive with your kids? Road trips with your kids are a great way to bond with your family and create memories. However, they can be a test of your sanity without proper preparation. Read on for six tips to make driving with kids for long distances less hectic.

1. Drive at night

Keeping your kids occupied during a long drive can be challenging, especially if they’re toddlers. You should consider traveling at night, as your kids are likely to be asleep through the night. You are more likely to reach your destination faster as there are no road works or traffic jams. However, ensure you get enough rest during the day or have a partner to drive in shifts to ensure your loved one’s safety.

2. Invest in quality car seats and restraints

Did you know that car seats and restraints reduce the chances of injuries by 71% to 82%? The back of a baby’s car seat cradles their neck, head, and torso in case of a crash, ensuring your child’s safety. When shopping for car seats from suppliers like Diono, consider your baby’s weight, age, and height. You should also ascertain that you can efficiently operate the seat and that it fits perfectly in your van and has appropriate safety restraints.

3. Stock up on car-friendly healthy snacks

Few things can be more frustrating when long-distance traveling than a hungry child stuck in their car seats, so ensure that you pack enough healthy food for your journey. 

You can stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, and baked bread. Avoid snacks with sugar as they give your kids more energy, making it difficult to remain calm throughout the road trip. You should also stay clear of sticky snacks such as yogurt, chips, and crips that could leave a mess in your car. However, eating while driving could result in choking, so always have a partner to keep an eye on your kids as you drive.

4. Create a reward system

Developing a reward system is an effective way to encourage good behavior when driving long distances with your kids. For instance, you could offer a piece of chocolate or entrust the responsibility of picking a place to have lunch with your baby. This gives them something to occupy their minds and look forward to, taking the pressure off you.

5. Give up your wingman

Having your spouse or friend in the passenger seat is excellent for company and navigation. However, it is best to have an adult in the back, especially when you have a baby still using a car seat that faces backward to ensure their safety. Having an adult at the back also makes chatting and playing games with your kids easier.

6. Plan rest stops

Sitting in the vehicle is exhausting and difficult for you and your children. Plan short stops to allow your babies to move and relax. Use a map to identify ideal resting stops with essential amenities like playgrounds, restaurants, fuel refills, picnic benches, coffee machines, showers, washrooms with a baby changing section, phone charging facilities, and a water station. 


Long-distance drives with your kids open doors to new adventures and fun family moments. Implement the above strategy on your next family road trip to survive the long drive.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels