6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Having Fish

Fish is usually most of the time being advised by doctors to be consumed by almost everyone. Indeed, fish is healthy food and must be taken by those concerning about their health. But as said, not everything suits everybody, some may have their own infections, allergies, issues with the immune system or any other malfunction that permits them to eat fish. The reason could be many do not eat fish and that is normal. 

This is because it is not only the case with fish but several other healthy food items are also being avoided by many people due to various reasons. Such as milk, one of the most wholesome and often touted as the complete food is advised by doctors not to be consumed by people suffering from constipation or gastro ailments. 

Despite the fact that milk is beneficial for strengthening the body by providing sufficient proteins, fats and multiple Vitamins. The same theory applies to fish, despite being a healthy choice some people should avoid it or be ready to take Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100. In this feature, we are going to talk about the 6 reasons why one must not eat fish. 


Now, people can have personal issues with any food such as being allergic to it. For example, many people have allergic reactions like itching, inflammation and head pain after eating brinjal or eggplant. This does not make eggplant a non-consumable food because for someone else eggplant may be his/her favourite dish. But like said immune system and allergies are characteristics that are specific to a person. A person may develop an allergy to fish, such as whenever he or she eats fish they develop red rashes all over the body, feel uneasy and experience moderate to high intense itching. 

Now, this may sound outrageous and unbelievable to many but actually, it is true. Like in the earlier example it was eggplant, such reactions are true for many people in the case of chicken. So, it depends. In case when you know about the allergy due to fish, it’s better to avoid it. 

Bad smell

Many people have issues with the smell fishes emit. Mostly the smell is emitted when the fish is raw, after cooking and frying the smell is gone. But then also the smell of fish frying with oil or smell of raw fish is not liked by many people. Like in the earlier case people were allergic to the taste, here it is not an allergy but unlikeness is developed due to the smell of the fish. Some people have this problem to the extent that they are even faint on smelling or develop insane behaviours on smelling fish. Avoid fish in such circumstances as it can lead to aggravated effects.  

Bad experience with bones

Now liking and disliking a product depends on various issues like any previous experience. If you had a bad experience with something then you try to avoid that thing for the rest of your life. With fish one of the main reasons people develop a negative image is due to its bones. Unlike chicken or other meats where bones are less but large in size, in fish, there are innumerable bones and several of them are minute that is not easy to find. Hence, someone who is not used to picking out bones may intake a bone causing discomfort in the throat. 

Not easy to prepare

A fish may seem easy but it is not so easy to prepare depending on what your preference is. If you like to eat it semi-raw like in sushi then it might be an easy preparation journey. But Indian-style fish curry can be a little tricky if you are not well-versed with the flavours. A slightly higher or lower composition of turmeric or black pepper can make or break the dish. For western cuisine, there is not much involvement of spices just boiled fish with black pepper and salads. 

Try another source for omega-3

Fish is advised by doctors and dieticians as it is a good source of omega-3. But fish is not the lone source of omega-3, one can go for chia seeds, flax seeds, rapeseed or omega-3 rich eggs etc. Hence, if fish is not one of your favourites, then no need of becoming deficient in omega-3 you can still get it from various other sources that are also easily available. 

Fish may cause lead to water-borne diseases

We all know the extent to which our oceans, rivers, lakes and other water bodies are contaminated. Hence, not it is possible that the fish you eat came from a contaminated water body that may cause life-threatening disorders like typhoid, jaundice etc. And the fish sellers due to profit reduction don’t even tell such news to the customers. Hence, it is better to avoid fish and find other sources to fulfil the nutrients rather than using Vidalista 60 and Cenforce 200 from Powpills.