6 Reasons to Pack Your Bag and Book a Flight to Kuwait

If you are considering touring the Middle East, then Kuwait City is one of the exciting destinations to consider. The best season to visit the region is during autumn and spring when the temperatures are friendly. There is a lot to explore in Kuwait, ranging from beautiful coastal beaches to archaeological sites. Here are our top reasons why we recommend you visit Kuwait. 

Numerous Attraction Sites

Kuwait is a metropolitan city that is rich in heritage and magnificent site-seeing options. To start off, the mesmerizing skyline of the city, which outlooks the Pristine Arabian Gulf, is one you don’t want to miss. For a better view, you can take a lift up the Kuwait Towers. 

The beauty of the streets is magical at night under the neon lights creating a serene environment. The Grand Mosque is another incredible destination to explore; it is the 8th largest Mosque in the world. The diversity of the architectural designs of the Mosque will definitely blow your mind off.    You can take a camel ride through the Arabian Desert if you have more time in your itinerary. Some of the fun desert activities include quad biking, dune bashing, and sunset watching. 

Friendly and Accommodating Locals and Entertainment

The Kuwaiti people are friendly and welcoming and don’t be surprised if locals happen to invite you to their home. If you get lost or need directions, the locals are always happy to show visitors around. Moreover, the country is safe, and there are fewer cases of pick-pocketing or theft. The hotel staff is equally accommodating, and you will surely leave the country with beautiful memories. The best places to interact with the locals are in the hotels and local restaurants.

Unfortunately, there are no entertainment joints such as ‘nightclubs’ or land-based casinos in Kuwait. However, if you prefer playing your favorite casino games while on vacation, you can play online casinos in Kuwait. As long have you have internet access, you can use a VPN and sign up at a betting site that accepts Middle East players. 

The House of Mirrors

The Mirror House by Lidia Qatan is a sight to behold. Lidia single-handedly transformed her home into a fantastic work of art from 1966 until its completion in 2006. The exterior walls of the house are built with murals of mirror mosaic. The interior is also covered in mirrors from wall to wall. This is the only mirror house in the world with themed rooms. Lidia will give you a tour of the house, and you will get to learn more about her creation. If you wish to visit this glorious house, be sure to book an appointment in advance. 

Incredible Shopping Experience

The Middle East is known for the low prices on most of their clothing, Jewellery, perfumes, and Arabic antiques. Usually, there is no value-added tax on their products hence the low pricing. In Kuwait, The Avenues is one of the largest and most popular shopping centers where you’ll find everything under one roof, including designer clothing and perfumes. There are also award-winning restaurants that serve authentic Arabic, Persian, and Indian food.  

Mouth-Watering Local Kuwait Cuisine

Kuwait is positioned at the top of the Arabian Gulf, attracting various traders, which is reflected in the country’s cuisines. Some of the food varieties to try out include Arabian, Perisian, Mediterranean, and Indian. The machboos dakkus is one of the popular dishes to try out. It comprises sweet and crunchy saffron rice served with chickpeas, raisins, and chicken legs. Lebanese cuisine is another popular option that you are likely to find at most restaurants.


If you prefer the cool and relaxing coastal atmosphere, then you will be spoilt for choice in Kuwait. Messilah Beach and Egaila Beach Park are among the most enchanting beaches to consider. Messilah Beach is in the city’s southern region, and since it is privately owned, it is never crowded. There are separate pools designed for adults and kids; you can enjoy water sports for a delightful experience.

The Egaila is recommendable if you are traveling as a family since there are gardens, refreshment outlets, and play areas for your children. Marina Beach is another pure bliss giving you a glamorous view of Kuwait’s skyscrapers as the backdrop. There are beautiful palms that create a beautiful view, and the fascinating marketplace nearby allows you to show for some of the best souvenirs. 

Photo by Ahmad Mohammed on Unsplash