6 Cheap Worldwide Travel Destinations To Consider for 2022

If you want to compensate for the lost traveling time to the pandemic but don’t have enough means to afford a dreamy destination – you’re not alone. 

Any traveler who’s seen half the world with a backpack claims that there is no such place that’s too expensive. And after a few hours of research on the market, it turns out it’s true; there are new and cheap offers. 

We’ve collected the best travel destinations you can visit on a budget. Let’s get more insights into how accommodation, food, and transport prices vary from country to country.

Top Destinations To Travel on a Budget

Before we begin with the list, go and check your traveling documents. Is your passport still valid? If not, don’t feel discouraged because you can accelerate the process online. 

Once your passport is all set, you may need a visa photo on perfectpassportphotos.com

But first, you’ll have to decide which place you will visit next. 


The Thai islands appear almost unrealistic in the movies or photos on Instagram, but to our surprise, Thailand is one of the destinations anyone can afford. 

With a flight ticket (depending on where you depart) booked a few months earlier, you can experience Thailand on a budget. 

And unlike the southern part, the opposite pole is quite affordable. If you only want to experience Thai culture life, that’s nothing lux; you can find dorms for $5 or less per night. 

Street food is also affordable, and so is sightseeing. You can go hiking, stroll around the city, or visit the famous White Temple for dirt money.

The locals here are super friendly and happy to help or keep you company.

South Africa

If you’re a fan of wildlife, then South Africa should be on top of your list. 

Although it seems luxurious, the prices in South Africa are pretty affordable. You can find a safari and share a sunset with wild animals for a low price. Besides safari, you can go hiking, too. 

Cape Town has terrific nightlife you mustn’t miss, and being one of the most affordable is the best part of the story.

You can find decent apartments for meager prices, such as $9 on Booking or Airbnb. 


India, the country with one of the most favored cuisines in the world, also belongs to the countries you can visit on a budget list. 

You can find rooms for only $3, but expect to shower with buckets or alternatives. However, you can find some decent rooms for a fair price, or if you’re traveling with friends, you can split the bill and get a fully furnished apartment.

One of the best ways to explore India on a budget is to prearrange everything yourself – no agents, no guides. 

You can find decent accommodations just by walking down the streets – owners offer accommodations at all times, so you cannot miss them. The same goes for city tours or excursions – you can get even half the quote in person, unlike booking online.

The northern area is more affordable than the southern area, but you shouldn’t miss the beaches in the south. You can get a train, or rent a car to see the beaches. 


For all medieval and goth fans, Romania is one of the most affordable destinations to visit that should already be on your list. Even though you may know the country for Dracula, the medieval villages and architecture have such an inviting charm that it’s hard to overlook them.

You can land good deals on Booking or Airbnb or by going around the city to look for accommodations in person. Some hostels begin with $10 a night, or around $15, but include breakfast. 

If there’s one thing you should know about tourism in Romania – the food is always tasty, whether you eat street food, restaurant or hostel food. 

It’s also advisable to find a room with a kitchen where you can cook lunch and dinner because the groceries are cheaper than in most countries. 

Apart from the hostels, public transportation is also very cheap, and you can explore the cities for 60 cents per 90-minute ride.


If you want to experience the European spirit, then Georgia is one of the countries you can visit on a budget. 

Here, you can eat for less than $3 and get a minibus for less than $1, which is impressive on a tourism note. 

But, what’s even more exciting are the tickets to museums or historical sights, as you can only learn more about the country at prices starting at $2. 

Plus, if you want to explore the city, the locals are utterly hospitable and ready to take in every tourist they meet. You can even hike or tour the town with the locals.


As a country with cost-effective offers, tasting authentic Mexican food on a budget makes the entire meal tastier. Mexico has rich culture and nature that must be seen and experienced.

If you’re a fan of tacos, tortillas, or quesadillas in Mexico, you can find them on the streets for $3 or less. And they taste amazing. 

Moreover, you can visit the beaches for free and steal a sunset or two while enjoying your favorite taco. 

However, the accommodation cost varies in Mexico. You might have to look deeper to find a decent room or apartment for a low price, but you will find it. 

Just don’t settle for meager prices because, most of the time, those are scams. On that note, read the reviews before booking a room/apartment.

Final Say

Many passionate travelers get stuck between their tight budget and a bucket list of favorite trips. But not every destination in the world requires thousands of dollars in savings.

So, to all wanderlusts – your trip is always a good plan and a conscious arrangement away.

Photo by Sumit Chinchane on Unsplash