5 Ways to Use Instagram as a Business

Instagram provides businesses with the opportunity to engage with their followers in an informal and fun way, which makes it a great tool for brands and businesses. Users can post a variety of different content, from pictures of themselves to products they have on offer, to things that make them happy. Instagram is more personal than Twitter and Facebook because you can post pictures with text on top of it which gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts in a more visual and creative way. This platform is beneficial for people who are not good at writing long posts because Instagram allows people to express themselves with images alone. If your business is new to Instagram then you might not know what to do so here is how you can use the platform to market your business. 

Use hashtags correctly

Hashtags are the driving force of Instagram content and you should definitely use them but make sure that you use them correctly. You should never just post any random hashtag, always make sure that the hashtag you want to use relates to your picture or video. Doing some research is necessary. You want to use popular hashtags but you also want to avoid hashtags that are saturated because using saturated hashtags puts your post at risk of getting lost in a sea of other posts with the same hashtag. You also want to make sure not to use too many hashtags, this will come across as spammy. Experts suggest using between 3-5 hashtags per post. 

Advertising and services

One great thing about Instagram is that they offer advertising to business profiles. How it works is you pay Instagram to post sponsored content on the platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. You can determine how much money you want to spend and how many people you want to reach. There are many types of advertising including:

  • Photo ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Guided ads
  • Story ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Carousel ads

There are also services such as Growthoid which is a leading service that helps you to get Instagram followers organically by engaging with users on your behalf, and managing your account. The benefits of Growthoid is that you generate a larger following without having to do any of the work. The followers are also real and not bots which is fantastic. 

User generated content

User generated content is something that should be used because it boosts social media reach and growth and you get to gain audience insights and increase personalization. User generated content is any content that has been uploaded by a social media user for a brand so you can spend some time on social media looking for content that is entertaining and has a lot of engagement and interactions and once you’ve found content, you can share it on your profile. 

Competitions and giveaways

People love competitions so a good idea is to host them. You can have a competition that requires users to tag their friends and/or answer questions. This will have your brand or business on everyone’s lips. Competitions boost engagement, interaction as well as reach while also boosting brand awareness. Another option is to do giveaways and have coupons. This will drive traffic and boost brand awareness and bring in more engagement as well. 


Instagram is home to the influencer and there are many influencers in the different niches on the app. Influencers are popular people on social media with a large following and they specialize in a certain niche. They are in the business of collaborating and promoting brands and business for a fee. There are 500,000 active influencers on Instagram and by collaborating with them you boost your followers, brand awareness, increase engagement and expand your reach to a wider audience. All you have to do is approach an influencer in your niche that aligns with your brand and values and then pay them to market or collaborate with your brand or business. If you still struggle to get your target audience, you may try to buy real Instagram followers.

Instagram should definitely be part of your business’s marketing strategy. Remember to be consistent, use hashtags, use advertising and services, make use of user generated content, have giveaways and competitions and use popular influencers in your niche. 

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash