5 Tips to Remember When Choosing What to Wear for A Long Haul Flight

When going on vacation, many people carefully plan what clothes to pack based on what will suit the weather at their destination and the activities they’ll be engaging in. It’s also equally important to plan what to wear on the plane, especially if it’s a long-haul flight.

Putting together an outfit for a long-haul flight means considering factors that will contribute to your comfort. You’ll want to be warm enough in the aircraft cabin but not be too bundled up for your tropical destination. And while flying for too long can be tiring, you don’t want to look disheveled when you disembark from your flight. Striking this balance between looking stylish and staying comfortable can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are some things you can take note of to help you successfully pull off the perfect airplane outfit. Here are some tips to remember when choosing what to wear on a long-haul flight. 

Look for Pants with Elastic Waistbands

Since the aircraft cabin has lower air pressure and humidity, it can be dehydrating. This leads to your body retaining more water and swelling. So, it’s a good idea to pick bottoms that will keep you warm and have an elastic waistband that can comfortably adjust to any bloating you might experience. This is why yoga pants and leggings are staple airport pieces, because they are easy to wear and offer a lot of stretch. Also, these bottoms are very versatile and will match most tops and footwear. You can get black leggings for women and pair them with a plain white shirt and sneakers or boots. 

When shopping for the perfect pair of leggings, make sure to check the thickness of the garment by looking at the denier. The higher the denier, the thicker and more opaque the leggings will be. A thick pair of leggings is best for wearing on the plane, as the cozy fabric will keep your legs from freezing in the cold passenger cabin.

Alternatively, jeggings appear chic as well as comfortable. These stretchy pants provide the same comfort as your reliable leggings but with the classic look of denim. They’re also comfy enough for overnight flights and go well with many different tops.

Check the Clothes’ Materials

When selecting your airport outfit, consider the fabric or material of the garment, as this can contribute to your comfort while in flight. For example, cotton shirts are great pieces because they’re breathable and very comfortable to wear. They don’t feel too hot or restrictive on your skin, even if you sit for hours. Cotton shirts also come in a variety of colors and styles. You can pick one that will suit your bottoms and choose between short sleeves or long sleeves. 

On the other hand, linen garments are light and breathable, so you won’t sweat as much if it gets hot. While they are more prone to wrinkles, the creases contribute to their charm, so you don’t need to worry about looking disheveled.

Additionally, if you want to wear items that have a bit of stretch in them, look for Lycra, spandex, or elastane on the clothes’ labels. These are the common names for the same synthetic fiber, made of polymer-polyurethane rubber.

Choose Garments You Can Layer

If there’s one thing you need to prepare for during a long-haul flight, it’s the cold temperature in the cabin. So, make sure you wear or bring garments you can easily layer over your outfit. For instance, a long cardigan can elevate your shirt and leggings ensemble and shield you from the cold cabin air throughout your flight. Make sure to pick something cozy you can snuggle with or turn into a blanket. 

Alternatively, a knit cape looks elegant and does a great job of keeping you warm overnight. Similar to a long cardigan, this garment is quite versatile when it comes to styling. You can pair the cape with your jeggings and shirt. The best part about this outerwear is that you can easily shed it when you arrive at your tropical destination.

In addition to outerwear, accessories like pashminas and scarves provide extra comfort and don’t add much weight to your carry-on. You can use them as a blanket, or roll them up to become a neck pillow so you can have a more restful sleep in your seat.

Get Wrinkle-Resistant Pieces

You can expect to move around a lot in your seat as your body adjusts to find a comfortable sleeping position. All this movement can turn your clothes into a wrinkled mess. If you want to look presentable once you arrive at your destination, wear garments constructed from wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as nylon and polyester.

Another option is to wear knitted clothes. Since knit fabrics are very elastic, they can easily spring back into shape without any visible creases. They’re also soft to the touch, so they feel good to have on, even for an extended period.

Apart from wrinkle-resistant items, you can pick clothing designs that already feature beautiful creases. For example, tops and blouses with ruffles have natural folds to begin with. As such, they won’t look too sloppy even if a few more creases appear.

Opt for Comfy Shoes

Since you’ll be sitting for long hours, wearing soft and breathable footwear like canvas sneakers will keep your feet comfortable. They also have a classic look that makes them go well with many outfits. In addition to their fashionable appearance, these shoes have adjustable laces. Being seated for a long time causes blood to pool around your feet and ankles, so if you experience some swelling, simply loosen your shoelaces to keep them from feeling too tight. 

As an additional precaution, pack some compression socks that you can change into during the flight. They apply gentle pressure on the legs to improve blood circulation, which can lower the chances of swelling. It also reduces the risk of superficial veins expanding, flowing backward, and causing congestion. If any of these things happen, your veins can become inflamed or develop blood clots.

It can be quite challenging to pick out the perfect airplane ensemble for a long-haul flight. While it’s important to prioritize your comfort, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being stylish. Make sure to check out these tips when choosing what to wear on your trips. By carefully selecting pieces that go well with each other and still look good after hours of sitting, you can easily put together a trendy outfit you’ll feel comfortable wearing.