5 Tips for Starting a TV Show

TV is one of the most dominant media platforms. Although social media has become very popular in recent years, TV still has a large viewership. Adults in the U.S. spend at least four hours every day watching TV. Popular shows on platforms such as Netflix get more than 70 million views every month. So, if you are an aspiring TV producer, take advantage of these numbers and create a TV show. Don’t know how to go about it? Here are some tips to get you started.

Have a Great Idea

Before investing any money in the TV show, you need to come up with a great idea. Do you want to shoot a reality show or a drama series? Pick one genre and stick to it. When working on your idea, carry out market research to see what people are drawn to so you can create a unique show. You should have a target audience in mind long before you start producing the TV show.

Structure the Show

Once you’ve come up with an idea, it’s time to structure the show. If it’s a reality show, you need to develop the structure based on whether it will be shot in a studio or in another setting. Planning is crucial because it helps you allocate personnel, finances, and other resources to the show. Your show needs a theme, and this can be split between episodes if you’re making a series. A good show structure will save you time and money because you know exactly what you need.

Hire a Team of Experts

A TV show needs scriptwriters, actors, camera operators, directors, producers, assistants, and a lot of support staff. The motion picture and sound recording industry in the U.S. employs around 257,000 people. You probably don’t know everything about creating a TV show, that’s why you need to hire experts.

The Good Patch, a company that sells its hangover patch to many actors and celebrities, says it’s important to set working hours from the start. Your crew might need to work extra hours on some days, so be sure to compensate them well. They might also have to attend late-night industry events and premieres to promote the show.

Get Financing 

To create a TV show, you need financing. You can borrow money from different investors, your family, or start a crowdfunding campaign. You need to craft a good pitch that can convince investors to finance your idea. Depending on the network and content, budgets for reality shows can range between $100,000 and  $500,000 per episode, so borrow a lot of money because you’ll need it.

Have a Marketing Strategy

Before the TV show goes on the air, market it so people know it exists. You’ll spend a lot of money producing it, and marketing can ensure you get a good return on your investment. Allocate a marketing budget and utilize different marketing mediums to promote your TV show. That way, you’ll increase viewership and make money.

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